Pedaling Adventures With the Best Baby Bike Seat Your Kiddo Will Adore

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How many parents are tired of spending the entire day at home?

You take a look outside and see that it's a beautiful day to take that bike of yours from the storage compartment and take your little one for a ride around the neighborhood.

To do that, you are going to need proper equipment and we are here to help you find the absolute best baby bike seat for your kiddo.

Below, you will find the top 12 picks we selected.

There are some affordable ones and some more expensive ones.

Nonetheless, these are one of the top-rated seats that offer both safety and comfort to our youngest passengers.

Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
Schwinn Deluxe Bike Child Carrier, Rear Mounted Bike Seat for Adult Bike, Quick-Release Harness, Leg...*
Thule Yepp Mini Bicycle Child Seat, Orange*
Best Selling
Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit, Orange, Universal*
Price not available
Best Feature
The Most Secure Rides
Best Bike Compatibility
Best For Night Drives
Customer's Rating
Editor's Choices
Schwinn Deluxe Bike Child Carrier, Rear Mounted Bike Seat for Adult Bike, Quick-Release Harness, Leg...*
Best Feature
The Most Secure Rides
Customer's Rating
Thule Yepp Mini Bicycle Child Seat, Orange*
Best Feature
Best Bike Compatibility
Customer's Rating
Best Selling
Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit, Orange, Universal*
Price not available
Best Feature
Best For Night Drives
Customer's Rating

Best Front Frame-Mounted Baby Bike Seats

Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat - Best Bike Compatibility

If you loved its big sis, you are going to adore the mini version of the Thule Yepp Mini toddler bike seat.

The Thule Yepp Mini model is flexible and brightly colored for all of your cycling adventures. The seat is smaller than the Maxi model and it offers a lower weight limit to its youngest passenger.

The first feature we were impressed by was the easy installation. The child seat is easily installed while being compatible with most of the bike models.

Since safety is in every parent's interest you will be pleased to know that it contains a 5 point harness. The child seat also has a child-proof safety buckle.

We have all been in situations when the kids try to unbuckle their harness. Well, this front-mounted seat does not allow such a thing.

We cannot speak volumes about comfort.

The plastic seat is comfortable as it gets and there is no further logic behind it. However, we can praise the shock-absorbent layer that offers maximum safety.

The Thule Yepp Mini has an age range. It's recommended for the age range of 9 months to 3 years old.

Although it does not have the life expectancy as some of the other bike seats, it can still serve as a replacement seat.

We also have to admit it comes with a steep price.

For parents who don't want to invest in a seat that will not last them for a long time, you might want to look for those who have a longer lifespan.

The mini version of the front-mounted child seat comes with an integrated handlebar. While riding in the back, kids can rest their hands on the bar while the parents enjoy the front view.

  • Handlebar
  • 5 point harness
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with most bikes
  • Amazing quality
  • Pricy
  • Not as comfortable

iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat - Follows Your Child's Growth

What's so special about the iBert baby bike seat?

Firstly, the baby bike seat offers a front mounting; hence, your kiddo gets to see the ride in the same way as you. Thus, you can wrap your hands around your little one and follow their actions.

But bear in mind that the seat comes from the USA, adjustable and comfortable for more extended use.

The 3-point harness keeps your little one safe, secure, and snug during the ride. They will be immovable and fixed for better stability and security. So, the seat is easy to use and easily adjusted to your growing children.

The seat padding is comfortable, soft, wipeable, and water-resistant for more extended use.

Thanks to the padded steering wheel, your kids can place their little hands on the rotating dashboard and pretend that they are riding.

So, they will be thrilled for an extended period, and after they're too tired, they can place their head after a long ride. 

Also, the kids will be comfortable and soft for a more prolonged period, and they won't feel pressure while sitting in the front.

With the adjustable foot cups, the iBert child bike seat offers five different positions of these units. Therefore, you can adjust them effortlessly and manage to fit their needs.

Thus, the bike seat grows with your children, and they will have enough space for trouble and pressure-free rides.

You can remove the seat easily when you don't need it. However, you can easily install the seat once again if you need it for a ride with your little passenger due to the attachment points.

Also, the mounting system works with almost all bicycles. However, there are inevitable drop or odd-shaped items, including road-style handlebars, so that this style won't work.

  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Legroom
  • Not so safe

Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Bike Seat - Balance Superiority

Peg Perego solves all your installation worries! With the innovative front-mounted frame installations, your kid will never feel out of balance.

Okay, so let's see what's so innovative about the bracket system.

Firstly, the system allows quick installation on any type of bicycle seat tube. I speak for myself when I say that this type of system helped out with the balance issue I had with the previous seat.

Since it attaches easily, it prevents the seat from being thrown out of balance while parents keep an eye out on the road.

The second characteristic that amazed me is the compatibility.

The unique bracket design allows for the seat to be mounted on most of the bikes. Installation is possible on bike frames from 32mm to 52mm, as well as electrical bikes! How amazing is that?!

I bet you thought that's what installation has to offer. Well, let's just say that Peg Perego has a lot more to offer.

With one-click installation, attaching and detaching the seat is quick and effortless. Whenever you are in a hurry, you can rest sure knowing that the seat won't cause a problem.

One of my favorite benefits this front-mounted child seat offers is the suspension system.

The system offers a safe ride. It minimizes bumps on uneven terrain while the thermoformed seat is there to ensure comfy rides. Plus, it's easy to clean and waterproof.

One disadvantage of the baby bike seat is the age range as well as maximum weight capacity.

The front-mounted bike seat is suitable for children between 12 months old to 33 pounds of weight. Plus, the 3 point harness is not as secure as a 5 point one.

  • Adjustable footrest straps
  • Easy to install on the seat tube
  • Easy to attaching and detaching
  • Waterproof seat
  • 3-point harness
  • Insufficient maximum weight capacity

CyclingDeal Baby Seat Bike - Best Safety In Front Mounted Installation

A real treat for your everyday rides comes from the Cycling Deal. If you are looking for a safe and trustworthy baby seat, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Now, let's cover the technical parts of this seat.

The first thing you should know is that this is a front-mounted seat.

The manufacturers advise you to think very carefully when you make this purchase. Installing a seat in the front is not everyone's cup of tea. Therefore, it's important to know what a front-mounted seat offers, both the pros and cons.

One of my favorite features of this best child bike seat is that it's extremely safe!

You will find a special safety buckle belt that little ones cannot undo by themselves. A lot of parents have commented that this very feature offers them a sound mind while they enjoy the bike ride.

A baby helmet is not included in the purchase, so please use one on your cycling adventures.

Now, it's only fair to know all you should about the seat's compatibility.

This CyclingDeal child seat has a universal quick release bracket which allows easy installation. Hence, it can mount or dismount on the bike waiting moments and it's compatible with most of the bike frames on the market.

We would not recommend you use this front-mounted seat on smaller bikes. It can sometimes happen that the seat touches the tire and you certainly do not want that.

Lastly, you need to know that this front-row seat is suitable for babies from nine months old to three-years olds.

All of the accessories are included in the purchase while you experience the stress-free installation.

  • Easy to install
  • All accessories included
  • Compatible with most bikes
  • Impeccable safety
  • Not for smaller bikes

Best Rear Frame Mounted Baby Bike Seats

Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Baby Bike Seat - The Most Secure Rides

If you wondered if the price of Schwinn Deluxe kids bike seats is worth it, let's just say this. The review won't leave you indifferent since this is one of those kids' bike seats that simply has it all!

The rear-mounted Schwinn Deluxe bike seat is easy to install, lightweight, and most of all safe.

Why is this exactly the most secure seat on our list? Well, let's take a look at the qualities and benefits the rear child seat has to offer.

This child carrier/bike seat features a 3 point safety harness which keeps your little one in place and secures throughout the bumpy rides.

I especially love the child-proof safety harness system. As little as their hands are, they simply cannot figure out a way to unbuckle the harness and wiggle out of the seat.

Next is the padded crossbar.

Schwinn Deluxe includes a safe crossbar that forbids any tilting action. It does not let the kiddo fall over the seat or hurt themselves in any way.

The maximum seat weight capacity of the Schwinn Deluxe is 40 pounds. It's best to use the bike seat on kids who are one year old or up.

When you take a look at other bike seats on the market, this one offers a whopping weight range without disturbing the bike's balance.

The material used for the rear-mounted bike seat is polypropylene. This makes the seat lightweight but durable at the same time.

Your little one will definitely be comfortable in this seat! Why is that? Due to the added headrest and air-cushioned lined padding, they will absolutely love their new seat.

Plus, the seat is comfortable for summer use thanks to the air vents on the back that promote air circulation.

  • Comfortable padding
  • Secure
  • Easy installation
  • Air vents for drainage and circulation
  • Non-adjustable foot cups

Thule RideAlong Child Seat - Best Suspension System

We have prepared another special review from the one and only Thule. This time, the famous Thule RideAlong is there to accompany your every adventure while your little one is snug and safe in the back.

The Thule RideAlong bike seat is a rear seat that has a recommended age range of 9 months to 6 years. It's safe to say that this one will be in your service for a long time. There isn't a cycling adventure that this one can't keep up with.

Moreover, one of the most notable features of this rear-mounted seat is the quick-release bracket. While some of the bike seats may cause you trouble and moments of headache due to fussy installation, this one will not.

It's a specially designed bracket made for easy installations. It can be attacked or dismounted from the bike s frame in seconds.

The Thule RideAlong offers maximum security via a 3-point safety harness, suspension system, and protection wings.

The nifty straps stay in one place, while you can easily adjust the footrest and the straps with one hand. That's just how RideAlong is convenient.

As far as comfort goes, all we can say is bravo! The bike seat has all-around comfort+security with the deep and durable plastic construction.

Another valuable feature we mentioned in the suspension system. The sturdy design of the system is there to provide maximum support when you ride over uneven terrain.

However, this model has a major setback for some. It cannot be mounted on some of the women's bike frames or to the models with rear derailleur cables. So, there you go

Think before you add the bike seat into your cart to avoid any kind of compatibility issues.

  • Shock-absorbant
  • Large age range
  • Suitable for uneven terrain
  • Not compatible with most of the women’s bike frame

Burley Dash Child Bike Seat - The Best Content

The Burley Dash baby bike seat is an ideal model for you since it offers an easily adjustable Frame Mount connection.

The connection effortlessly installs on the bike frames, and it fits all oval or round tubes. Thus, you will be versatile and flexible for more robust uses.

Moreover, the baby bike seat includes additional clearance for all bicycles with small frames or larger tires. Therefore, you can easily adjust it to your needs, install and reinstall it as you like.

The adjustable baby bike seat will follow your kid's demands and offer more comfort for their growing needs.

As the harness padding and the seat, in general, have hand-washable and water-resistant content, the cleaning, and maintenance process will be effortless, and you can easily keep them fresh, clean, and ready for more extended uses.

But, the essential benefit is that the Burley baby bike seat offers a 5-point harness system.

Thus, it will ensure your baby has maximum stability and safety features, as it fits their growing needs and locks to prevent slipping away.

Also, it will support all children up to 40 pounds and offer them more comfort.

However, you will also love it since the baby bike seat includes:

  • A rear storage compartment.
  • Allowing you to keep your smaller gear.
  • Baby gear.
  • Valuable items.
  • Other necessities inside the box.

Don't worry; you won't add extra load to your bike with these units, and you can still freely steer the wheel.

In addition to this benefit, the baby bike seat comes exceptionally lightweight and portable; therefore, you can easily manage it and get a more comfortable and more leisurely ride.

Also, when you place your little one inside, it won't create extra weight and make your ride challenging.

  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Lightweight
  • It doesn’t fit all bikes

Thule Yepp Maxi Bike Seat - Best For Night Drives

Thule Yepp does not stop to amaze us! The rear child bike seat we are going to review is the well-known Thule Yepp Maxi seat.

The whole design is quite a tradition, where you would think"Well, what's so special about this seat?" Let me tell you, Thule Yepp Maxi has a lot up its sleeve.

First of all, let's talk about safety.

The seat offers a padded seat and a 5 point safety harness. You have comfort combined with security. What more could you ask for?

The padded seat also contains the shock-absorbing layer. It basically means that when you go over rocky roads, your little one will not feel the impact of those bumps. They will ride snugly in their new baby seat.

Next, the rear-mounted Yepp Maxi offers a great age range as well as seat weight capacity. Exactly, the seat is recommended at an age range of 9 months to 6 years of age.

Like with the previous seat we reviewed, this one can as well serve you for years until it's time for a replacement.

For those extra-secure rides, the rear-mounted Yepp Maxi seat is made out of molded foam and a sturdy steel frame. It delivers comfortable but safe rides which are in everyone's interest when looking for a new baby seat.

Another feature that absolutely amazed me is security.

The Yepp Maxi has an impeccable security lock which allows you to leave the seat while you go to the store or a restaurant. You won't have to worry about seat snatchers! Yours is tightly in its place all the time.

Driving at night can be dangerous and here is where Yepp Maxi outdid themselves. The seat comes with a built-in reflector which improves visibility in the nighttime.

  • Built-in reflector
  • Durable construction
  • Tricky installation
  • Shoulder straps tend to slide

Best Rear-Rack Frame Mounted Baby Bike Seats

Thule Yepp Maxi Rack Mount Baby Seat - Waterproof Design

Combined with the top-notch durability and design, the Thule Yepp Maxi rack-mount baby seat is going to be your best purchase this year!

We previously talked about the frame-mounted baby seat, but now let's pay attention to the rear rack-mounted one.

This seat option offers great air circulation.

When the wind comes around, the air holes on the seat will offer a great perfect cooling system for hotter climates. If you were wondering what would be the best child seat for hotter weather, let's spare you the trouble and say that this is the one.

When you purchase this seat for the bike, you can notice that it's fully assembled!

The whole installation process requires minimal effort. The rack-mounted version of the seat can be directly mounted on the rack which has an Easy Fit window.

If your bike does not have one, you will have to purchase an EasyFit adapter and install the seat properly.

The seat is easy to maintain even during rainy days! The entire design is waterproof and cleaning requires only a dry cloth.

The rack seat is designed to support little ones from 9 months old to 6 years old. Like all Thule products, you will have long service.

Another feature we mentioned in the frame-mounted option, is the built-in reflector. It turns the terrifying night rides into stress-free adventures.

As for the safety system, the Yepp Maxi is equipped with padded shoulder straps. I would personally always opt for padded ones since they are much more comfortable on a baby's soft skin.

For a "cocooning" experience, the seat's side wings offer a snug feel even to the little ones. Not only is it comforting, but the design prevents the kids' hands from getting pinched when the parent leans back.

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Easy rack installation
  • The adapter is a must-buy

Topeak Baby Seat - The Most Comfortable

Next, let's take a look at the Topeak Baby Seat rack mounted bicycle seat.

The TopPeak baby seat has an immense weight limit of 48.5 lbs and is designed to withstand bumpy roads.

You know those situations when you take the little one for a ride and you accidentally go over the rocky road? What happens next? Unstoppable crying session.

Well, consider this problem done!

The Topeak baby seat comes with an impressive suspension system that prevents the child from feeling the impact of the bumps on the road. Along with this, the cocooned designed seat will keep the child comfortable and snug throughout the ride.

The rack-mounted seat has a slide lock mechanism.

In a nutshell, it makes attaching and detaching the seat much more manageable. You can remove it from the bike's rack by pressing a button and sliding the lock.

Along with an adjustable harness, the shoulder harness is also suitable for height adjustments. Not only this, but you can set the desired seat height as well as foot straps to your child's liking.

A feature that impressed me the most by far is the removable padding.

We all know that little ones can get messy. Whether it's in their car seats or baby bike seats, easy maintenance is a must! So, the next time you feel like the seat needs a deep clean, take out the padding, and scrub it.

I do have to mention a few drawbacks.

This baby seat won't be compatible with most of the smaller bikes on the market. With other types of bikes such as mountain bikes, you will need to raise the seat and the rack a bit to accommodate it.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable settings
  • Great suspension system
  • Not compatible with smaller bikes

Hamax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat - Best for the Frame Mount System

The penultimate baby bike seat comes with a rear-facing riding position and supports little passengers up to 48.5 pounds and at least nine months of age.

Besides, all flexible features effortlessly adjust and are created to fit a single-hand operation for better safety, stability, and security of your little ones while sitting in the front.

In addition, the Hamax baby bike seat contains a unique Rack Mount option. You can see all the possibilities on the Frame Mount listing; however, you will have to get it separately.

Still, the unit comes with the ultra shock and energy-absorbing dual-bar suspension adapter that easily attaches to the bike's carrier rack, luggage, or cargo area.

But to properly fit racks, the proportions must be between 120 and 180 mm vast, with 10-20 mm diameter tubes.

The Hamax baby bike seat is also a potent option for your child's needs since the unit meets and exceeds all ASTM safety standards and regulations, won a Scandinavian award for safety features, and also meets multiple uncompromising European safety and security rules and standards.

So, you don't need to worry about your kid's safety.

However, one of the best benefits the baby bike seat offers are the multi-recline positions for your little passenger.

Namely, the seat reclines from zero to twenty degrees; therefore, it ensures your baby can sleep without any issues. In addition, the comfortable design offers enough space for the helmet as well.

Regarding the helmet, it's durable, with the sleek and solid double-shell construction in the recessed area. Hence, the child's head will sit comfortably without any pushing.

Also, to protect your baby from tricky rides, the Frame Mount system offers a dual-bar suspension system, and the dual springs provide the smoothest rides.

  • Two attachment options
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Security issues

Bellelli Bicycle Baby Carrier - Lightweight Pick

When you don't feel like spending too much on the best child bike seats, the Bellelli is there to offer its best pick.

The Bellelli bicycle baby carrier is designed for rack-mounted installations while the lightweight will simply amaze you!

This rack seat weight is a whopping 7.25 lbs. If you know your child's seats by now, you would know that this maximum weight is nothing compared to the models on the market.

As for the installation, this seat for the bike requires you to have a bike rack.

You do need to purchase one if you already don't own it. After that, the installation is a piece of cake. It will take you a few minutes and then you and your little one are ready for cycling.

Another installation benefit to pay attention to is the double layering. For extra security, the seat has a front strap that keeps the child bicycle safe.

Now, I know a feature that a lot of parents will love. The seat is made from a non-toxic plastic and it's waterproof.

We can all benefit from a childproof security system.

When you are riding the bike, knowing that your baby is safe in the back is priceless. That's why the harness system deserves all the price. Once you hear the click sound, you will know that the harness is securely attached and you are ready to go.

Additional comfort in the seat is provided by the ergonomic shoulder support. Not only that but once you install the rack-seat on the bikes' frame, you can also adjust the footrest as well.

One potential drawback of the seat is the lack of a handlebar which means your child will have nothing to hold on to during the ride.

  • Affordable
  • Large weight limit
  • No handlebar

Buyer's Guide

1. How to Choose the Absolute Best Bike Seat?

best baby bike seat 2020

Now, I understand that you have carefully read the review, but I bet there are a few out there still unsure what type of seats they should go for.

Let's see what's the difference between the seats we reviewed:

a. Front Mounted Bike Seats

These types of baby seats are suitable for our younger passengers.

They can be used for babies of nine months old until they turn three years old or 33 pounds. However, APP strongly advises you to start using seats on the bikes for babies who are one year old and up.

An infant bike seat is mounted below the handlebar but it can cause an issue for some. These types of bike seats are best used when riding upright.

Although installing a front seat sounds appealing since it means you get to keep an eye out on the baby, it does have some cons.

Like I mentioned above in the FAQs , kids are known to interfere with steering and cause quite the trouble.

b. Rear Frame-Mounted Bike Seats

These bike seats are perfect for longer rides and taller babies. Manufacturers recommend them for babies of nine months old to 6 years old ones or until they reach 48 pounds.

Rear-mounted bike seats are installed on the frame of the bike, minimizing the bounce when you go over uneven terrain.

c. Rear-Rack Mounted Seats

These bike seats are installed on the bike's rack and over the rear tire.

Like rear-mounted ones, these are as well suitable for longer rides due to the impeccable suspension system.

2. Does Your Little One Need a Bike Helmet?

best baby bike seat for beach cruiser

All of the U.S. states have a bike helmet law that obliges kids younger than 18 to wear a helmet while cycling.

Babies and younger children can suffer major trauma from the bounce of the bike or the weather you fall overriding it.

Parents are advised to supply an appropriate helmet whenever they take the baby for a ride.

When purchasing a new helmet, make sure you get the one that's appropriate for the child's head.

Also, try getting a lighter one so you don't mess with the weight limit and overburden the child.

3. Is the Design of the Seat That Important?

Absolutely! If you want your baby to be the most comfortable and secure in their seat, you need to pay attention to the design.

You will find some seats on the market that have low or high back or the ones that don't have back at all.

Also, you can notice in the lists above that there are seats with open ventilation holes that offer better air circulation and reduce wind drag.

Moreover, some seats are made from lightweight plastic such as polypropylene that offers durability.

So, parents, when choosing child seats really wonder if comfort and security would satisfy your needs first.

4. What's the Deal With Suspension?

All praise goes to suspension! Why?

Well, because the suspension is responsible for reducing the impact of the bumps when you go on uneven terrain.

It cushions the impact and offers an overall comfortable ride to the little ones.

If your street is not paved properly or you plan cycling on dirt roads, I suggest you invest in a seat that includes a suspension system.

5. Safety Features

best child seat bike attachment

Best child bike seats are composed out of few nifty safety features. I advise you to pay attention to the following features & accessories:

  • Safety harness: Some of the child bike seats come with a 3-point harness while some are secured via 5-point ones. Obviously, if you are planning on taking a 1-year old on a ride, it's recommended you secure them with a 5-point harness.
  • Footrests and foot straps: Oh how I love these! Not only do they keep the child's legs secure, but it does not allow them to interfere with parents driving. They also vary in size and adjustment as well as functionality.
  • Shoulder straps: If you loved using car seat shoulder straps, you will also benefit from the child bike seats straps. They keep the little ones safe throughout the ride and they can adjust to keep up with the child's growth.


Are baby bike seats safe?

Baby bike seats have their pros and cons. On one hand, front-mounted seats can be safe if you use them right at an appropriate child's age and weight.

However, they risk distorting the bike's balance. Plus, they increase the risk of the child interfering with the steering.

Which is safer: a bike seat or trailer?

A bike trailer is a safer option since it includes a safety flag for better visibility. Also, the kid will have more space and more comfort in the trailer.

The highest risk when you place your kid in the bike seat is when you get on or off the bike since the height of fall is too dangerous.

Is a front or rear child bike seat safer?

best child bike seat on the market

Well, both options have pros and cons since neither of them is ideal.

So, you need to follow the regulations and check all the benefits and drawbacks when deciding which one would be best for you.

But, it might be slightly better to pick a rear-facing seat since they can recline and offer your kid more comfort when sleeping.

Also, it's easier to get on and off the bike with these seats.

What age can babies ride in bike seats?

American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend babies younger than 12 months to ride in a rear bicycle seat.

What is the safest bike seat for a baby?

The safest bike seat for a baby on our review is the Thule Yepp Mini Child Seat.

If you are looking for a 5-point harness safety system, childproof buckle, and a shock-absorbing design, look no further than the Thule Mini.

What is the best baby bike seat?

The best baby bike seat is the Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Baby Bike Seat.

This baby seat is designed for rear-mounted installations and offers maximum support and safety for your little one.

Can a baby bike seat go on any bike?

Generally, baby bike seats fit the majority of the bikes. However, there are a few types they are not compatible with. Those are:

  • Mountain bikes with suspension
  • Road bikes
  • Bikes with disc brakes
  • Smaller frame women's bikes
  • Drop bars bikes

You also need to check what type of handlebar you have; whether it's a Threaded/Quill or Threadless/Ahead?

Based on that, you can determine whether the front-mounted seats are compatible with your bike.

How to put a baby seat on a bike?

Depending on whether you choose front, rear or rear-rack mounted seats, here are a few helpful videos on installation:

Final Words

Taking a child on one of your cycling adventures can be a true joy! As long as you are safe, of course.

In this helpful list, I would select the Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Baby Bike Seat as my top pick of the best baby bike seat and the favorite of many parents.

You can check out the full review under the "Best Rear Frame Mounted Bike Seats" section and see why this is one of the top-selling picks of the year.

Schwinn Deluxe Bike Child Carrier, Rear Mounted Bike Seat for Adult Bike, Quick-Release Harness, Leg...*
  • Rack is compatible with seat post diameters from 25 to 32mm, designed to be mounted on the frame that can be easily installed on most adult bicycles using a Phillips screwdriver and adjustable wrench
  • Accommodating a single child, recommended for children age 1 year and up and weight limit up to 40 lbs.
  • Quick release 3 point harness, leg restraints, and padded cross bar offer added safety, while the adjustable footwells and removable headrest provide custom fit as your little rider grows
  • Vented to prevent wind drag, custom comfort padding that supports their back and the air cushioned pad that lines the seat
  • Enjoy safe, family-bonding bicycle rides with this deluxe child seat made with lightweight, polypropylene construction
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