Best Peg Perego Car Seat Reviews: Selected With Your Needs in Mind!

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Peg Perego, one of the industry's hidden gems, is, unfortunately, a brand that not every family knows about.

A high price tag could be one reason why buyers avoid the shelves with these car seats. But, whatever your financial status is, I can assure you they are worth every penny.

Designed with the topmost care for your child's comfort and safety, these seats will smooth your path for unforgettable experiences and precious family moments.

Unmatched safety, ease of use, and innovative design are some of the fantastic benefits these seats offer.

This article will provide 9 best Peg Perego car seat reviews, including the Per Perego Primo Viaggio line, with up-to-date information and an unbiased brand overview.

So, make a cup of coffee, and get ready to meet Peg Perego!

Top 3 Recommendations

Glance at these 3 market sensations before you move on to our extensive reviews with details about the popular Primo Viaggio car seats.

You can find the customer ratings, price, and most salient features displayed.

The Best Peg Perego Infant Car Seats & Travel System

Now we proceed to the detailed reviews about the most popular Peg Perego car seats with unbiased comments about the quality, safety, weight, and many additional features.

Primo Viaggio 4/35 - The Best Infant Car Seat

Primo Viaggio 4/35 is the best and most popular Peg Perego infant car seat.

Unlike other infant car seats on the market, this Primo Perego model weighs barely 9.5 pounds, while the base adds an additional 7.4 lbs.

As the name suggests, Primo Viaggio 4/35 is an infant car seat used for children between four and thirty-five pounds in weight.

This seat is the master of safety.

It includes a sturdy base, stable construction, an anti-rebound bar, and soft, plush cushions. The bar makes sure the seat doesn't move in the case of an accident, while the dual-stage cushions perfectly align with your baby's body, making sure the head and neck are supported.

This infant car seat is very straightforward to install and can be used as a carrier without the base.

It has a right tight system that securely locks the seat in the base. The right tight system allows installation either with a LATCH or seat belt.

Side impact protection is adjustable between six positions, and energy-absorbing Expanded Poly Styrene foam protects your child's torso and head in crashes.

Another convenient addition is the removable hood that protects your baby from the sun, being UV-treated for maximum resistance.

  • Ease of use
  • Carrier without the base
  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Installation without effort
  • Supreme Safety
  • Sun Protection
  • Lightweight
  • Hard to clean

Peg Perego 4/35 Nido Car Seat - Best Protection and Stability

Why should you go for the Nido infant car seat? Let's see.

Well, the infant car seat contains maximum stability and security features for your baby. As you will see, the infant car seat includes an adjustable SIP headrest with six different adjustable positions, ensuring the safest and the best fit.

Moreover, the energy-absorbing EPS foam through the shell and head panel offers supreme protection for your little one since it keeps their heads and torso safe and secure, keeping them stable and protected from external forces, pressure, and other external impacts.

In addition, the infant car seat contains ten different positions, and it has an energy management foot, absorbing impacts, forces, and energy from crumpling upon impact.

But, the seat also has a built-in anti-rebound bar attached to the base, providing superior protection from any collision type. So, it gives your baby more security and stability.

Also, you will find an extendable pagoda hood with an easy-to-use zipper allowing it to extend forward and protect your baby fully from all weather conditions and elements.

So, the canopy contains the USP 50+, suitable for all-weather types.

Your growing kiddo will have the ultimate comfort and softness since the car seat has dual-stage cushions, with stage one for infants from four pounds and additional neck and bottom support.

But, it also has breathable and soft fresco jersey fabric for more comfort and keeping the baby's head properly.

  • Durable
  • Dual design
  • Comfortable
  • Not visible flaws

Peg Perego YPSI Travel System - The Best Peg Perego Travel Set

As the cherry on top, we saved a fantastic Peg Perego Travel System, consisting of a stroller and the Peg Perego 4/35.

This travel system is surprisingly easy to use and allows you to transform your infant car seat into a stroller, saving money and space.

I already talked about Primo Viaggio on 4/35.

I genuinely find it one of the highest quality car seats on the market, with impressively low weight and fantastic features. It can be used in an airplane, as well.

So, even though it costs a loss, it pays off.

The stroller that comes in the set is the YPSI stroller, very sturdy and durable. It includes an extendable telescopic handle and a hand-sewn eco-leather bar. It is very easy to maneuver and perfectly compatible with Peg Perego infant car seat.

The infant car seat can be tilted in three different positions, and the hood is adjustable. What is more, the system comes with an integrated footrest for maximum pleasure.

What makes this system unique is that the car seat can be folded right onto the chassis, while the stroller converts to a double with some handy adapters.

When we take all these handy additions into considerations, this system is perfect for traveling due to its portable design.

Finally, the system is very straightforward to use and install, and it even exhibits a fashionable, sleek design, being a perfect representation of Italian craftsmanship.

  • Easy to use
  • Safe
  • UV-protection
  • Sturdy
  • Foldable
  • Single and Double

The Best Peg Perego Convertible & All-in-One Car Seats

Peg Perego Viaggio Convertible - Safe and Comfortable

Here we have another superior Peg Perego car seat with advanced safety features and impressive design.

Unlike the Viaggio Flex, Primo Viaggio convertible seat can be used in a rear-facing and forward-facing mode to comfortably accommodate children from five to sixty-five pounds.

I think it's a shame that the first thing buyers notice about this seat is the high price. Don't let it distract you because the superior quality of this seat is unmatched.

First of all, I am amazed by the materials.

Starting from the core, the structure incorporates contoured steel plates and pins that reduce the stress in crashes. Then, throughout the entire shell, you can find high-quality energy-absorbing foam that additionally protects your child.

And finally, on top of everything, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio includes a superior Fresco Jersey fabric.

As for the safety features, the side impact protection can be adjusted between ten positions, and there is a unique shock-absorbing device below the shell that crumples to absorb the shock in crashes. These innovations provide an admirably high level of protection.

Handy additions you'll love about this seat are a no-rethread harness, LATCH system, harness retainers, removable pad, and a top tether hook with storage space.

With these advancements, installing the seat is a piece of cake, while safety is guaranteed with every ride.

On top of everything, the seat has ten height positions and a convenient recliner so that you can find a perfect fit for your child every time.

  • Unmatched safety
  • Rear-facing and forward-facing
  • Excellent weight range
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive

Peg Perego Kinetic - Extended Rear-Facing Use

Here I included one super-advanced convertible car seat with intelligent safety features and prolonged rear-facing use, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Kinetic.

This Peg Perego car seat can be installed in two different modes, a rear-facing (from five to forty-five pounds) and a forward-facing mode (from twenty-two to sixty-five pounds).

You can use it for your newborn straight out of the hospital since it includes the three-stage cushion system, with a special infant insert that supports your baby's head and neck.

If I could focus on one feature that makes Primo Viaggio Kinetic unique, it would be the anti-rebound bar. Not just that it prevents movement in the case of a collision, but it also extends the legroom for two inches, allowing a longer rear-facing ride.

The entire seat features only the highest quality materials.

The shell includes the EPS foam, while the "cobblestone" webbing features a premium polyester thread that is durable and resistant.

When it comes to safety, it includes adjustable side impact protection and unique kinetic pods that guard your child against side crashes.

Installation won't be a problem with the super-tight LATCH system and functional harness. You can also recline the seat to achieve the most comfortable position for your little one.

  • Anti-rebound bar
  • Safe
  • Adjustable
  • Longer rear-facing use
  • Easy installation
  • Kinetic pods
  • A bit heavy
  • Costly

The Best Peg Perego Booster Car Seats

Peg Perego Viaggio Flex - Super-Adjustable Car Seat

The Peg Perego Viaggio Flex is a perfect travel system for securing your little rascal, at least three years old and up to twelve years.

As your children grow, this car seat adapts to their needs with its super-adjustable design that allows height and width optimization without compromising safety.

While most parents prefer a domestic brand produced in the United States, I am sure you'll be impressed with the intelligent design of this champion of Italian craftsmanship.

This forward-facing car seat weighs barely 14.8 lbs and folds up to 10 x 17.25 x 23.75 inches, being thus the perfect companion for your trips and vacations.

It incorporates an aluminum reinforced backrest, while the seat is composed of EPS foam. In this way, the seat remains stable and sturdy in crushes, while comfortable seating absorbs the impact keeping your little one snuggly cradled.

Safety is additionally enhanced with unique, adjustable side impact protection and innovative kinetic pods that push the forces away from your child in case of crashes.

Due to the integrated LATCH, VIaggio Flex is easy to install. Additionally, the SureFix Base stabilizes the cornering while BlindLock System prevents accidental release.

The seat can be adjusted to four independent positions on top of everything, moving the side impact protection, headrest, and backrest.

Plus, you can find two retractable cup holders on the sides where your child can have his/her drinks and snacks at hand.

  • Highly Adjustable
  • Safe
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Adjustable side wings
  • Only forward-facing

Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle Plus 120 - Best for the Improved 3D Design

Next off, you can protect your little one with the two-in-one Viaggio Shuttle Plus car seat. The car seat is highly flexible and versatile to fit your child perfectly.

It quickly transforms from an all-around adjustable booster to a backless booster seat and grows fully with your little one!

Push the button, and the backless booster will be removed entirely.

The 3D design - the headrest, upper backrest, and side wings work well with the integrated and updated LATCH connectors for an effortless installation and stability. The LATCH also tucks into the seat when you don't use it.

But, the SIP all-side impact protection will keep kids' spine, neck, and head protected and stable. And, the wide curving headrest, road backrest, and flexible side wings help in protection from car crashes.

Due to the aluminum reinforced backrest, the car seat will provide extra security, protection, and safety against the whiplash in the case of a front-end car crash and extra protection in the rear-end crash.

But, when your kiddo is ready for the backless booster car seat, you can push the button and transform the seat into the backless model.

Of course, your kid will have a more convenient and comfortable ride, as the car seat has a cup holder, and they can place the snacks or drinks in it and be hydrated during the ride.

So, they will never be hungry or thirsty. And, you can easily clean it.

  • Easy to install and clean
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • Safe
  • Quality issues

Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle - Best for the Blind Lock Attaching System

The following Peg Perego is an excellent option for your growing kiddos.

Namely, the set has a rigid LATCH system for LATCH connectors and placement in the motor vehicle.

However, if your car doesn't have LATCH attachment points, you can push it back to the booster seat and make it simple for any car. Thus, the LATCH system offers extreme stability, whether a passenger uses it or not.

Of course, the car seat has a brand-new, advanced blind lock attaching system, preventing the shuttle from accidentally releasing another passenger. Therefore, it will add more stability and security for your little one.

The car seat is exceptionally convenient with double comfort layers, thanks to the double layers of expandable materials.

Thus, you will find the EPS foam for maximum side-impact protection, and the second layer is full of expanded polyurethane, ergonomically designed, and softer to offer supreme comfort, even during the longest car rides.

Prior to comfort and convenience, the unit has one clip-on cup holder. Thus, you can easily attach it to either side of the car seat and make it more suitable and comfortable for your little ones.

The innovative and upgraded microfiber will provide maximum ventilation, absorbing moisture and sweat thanks to the premium fabrics and materials. So, it will keep the child cool, calm, comfortable, and relaxed in the seat.

And, you can select numerous colors and designs to add more elegance to all MVs.

  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • No padding and falls short

Peg Perego Viaggio HBB 120 - Excellent Booster Seat

HBB 120 is the latest model in the Viaggio line, exhibiting high class and ultra-functionality.

It is another forward-facing only car seat, but with admirable weight range and fantastic design.

You can use this seat to accommodate children between forty and one hundred and twenty pounds in weight. It can be installed as a high-back booster and a backless booster as well.

Like other car seats in the Viaggio line, HBB 120 features only the highest-quality materials, providing ultimate comfort combined with uncompromised safety.

The seat incorporates a rigid structure and energy-absorbing EPS foam, so the installation is very stable while your child is protected.

Children usually approve of this booster for its plush padding that offers ultra-comfortable seating.

Moving on to the installation, the seat features a LATCH system and a no-rethread harness, so you'll set it up effortlessly. The head panel can also be adjusted between six positions, while the removable backrest reclines for the perfect fit.

All the Peg Perego seats, including HBB 120, have an adjustable side impact protection that moves to protect your child's head and neck and absorb the impact in the case of an accident.

Being made in Italy, this seat stands out with its stylish, elegant design that radiates class. But besides being attractive, the fabrics are also durable and resistant.

  • High weight limit
  • Safe
  • Fashionable
  • Multifunctional
  • Adjustable
  • EPS foam
  • Expensive

Peg Perego 101: The Brand

peg perego car seat cover review

Peg Perego has been an Italian brand manufacturing products for kids ever since 1949. Their main base is in Italy, but they now have offices in Canada, the United States, and Brazil.

Parents mainly recognize Peg Perego car seats for their smoking prices, yet there's so much more to it.

All of the Peg Perego products are manufactured with intelligence and care to provide flawless performance and unmatched safety.

Their offer includes car seats, strollers, high chairs, and riding toys.

All of the products are made of the highest-quality materials, which is the main reason why these seats are residing on the high end of the market.

I love these seats because they are honestly functional and easy to use.

One unique feature that differentiates these seats from the competition is the adjustable side impact protection.

This is very impressive because, with these seats as your child grows, you can move the side protection as well, to make sure it is adequately shielded at any moment.

Their infant seats come with an anti-rebound bar that allows a longer rear-facing ride, while the harness height can be adjusted without rethreading.

I would compare this brand to Britax because of its design and features. Yet, these seats are way lighter than Britax. In fact, they are among the lightest car seats on the market.

Peg Perego child restraint systems passed the European Federal Safety Standards, which are even more strict than the American safety standards. With that in mind, you can buckle your child up with a peaceful mind.

All in all, I really like the Peg Perego car seats. They exhibit elegant, fashionable design yet sturdy construction with a whole list of protective features.

I like how adaptable the seats are, how well they fit children of different ages and weights.

As for the negative sides, besides the high cost, I don't particularly appreciate that they don't have an all-encompassing car seat that would include at least three different riding modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peg Perego overall a good brand?

Yes! With all essential aspects in mind, I can say that Peg Perego is an honestly high-quality brand, producing sage and durable car seats that comply with safety standards.

Where are Peg Perego car seats made?

Peg Perego's car seats, strollers, and other baby gear equipment are made in Italy. This was the original location of where the company started in the first place.

What's impressive the most about the manufacturing process is that the entire line, from start to finish, is made by Peg Perego only!

The company is also known for designing ride-on toys. But, on the contrary, the toys have been made only in the USA, ever since 1968.

Are Peg Perego car seats FAA-approved?

Like with every other brand, only the car seats that are used with an internal harness can be used in an airplane; boosters and any other seat without a harness are not approved.

For more information, you can contact Peg Perego customer service.

What accessories does the Peg Perego car seat come with?

Peg Perego offers you the chance to combine your favorite car seat with accessories. Most of them are purchased separately.

With that, you can get the car seat cup holder, Clima cover, Igloo cover, ISOFIX base, car kit for the bassinet, memo clip, memo pad, car seat adapter, breathable canopy, rain cover, and a travel bag.

How much does the Peg Perego car seat weigh?

Well, due to numerous designs and base options, you will find the countless weight of these car seats.

However, the Primo Viaggio 4/35, for example, weighs 21 pounds, while the Viaggio Flex 120 weighs only 14.8 pounds.

So, the weight depends on the overall design, size, and materials.

How long are Peg Perego car seats good for?

Generally, pretty much all Peg Perego car seats manufactured before 2015 have an expiration date of around 7 years, while those produced afterward last for around 10 years.

How long do you use the infant insert in the Peg Perego car seat?

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido infant car seat is one of the most popular models by this brand that uses two sets of infant inserts.

They are marked as Stage 1 and Stage 2.

The Stage 1 infant insert can be used as long as needed. However, it's recommended until your baby is at least 8 pounds heavy.

Stage 2 does not have a specified weight limit, but it does go under the baby's bottom with a generous padding design.

Can I wash the Peg Perego car seat?

peg perego car seat cover review

Yes, you can.

The procedure includes cleaning it with a damp cloth. Then, you can remove the cover, wash it and dry it safely for more convenience.

And ensure the adjuster at the seat's bottom doesn't have any crumbs inside.

Is the Peg Perego car seat washable?

The Peg Perego car seat is washable, but only manually!

Some parents even tried washing the Peg Perego covers in the washing machine, but you should always check with the car seat manual first.

Some Peg Perego car seats will allow their covers to be machine-wash friendly, so you don't have to worry about damage.

However, others are too gentle and only need a cold water manual wash!

Do you need a base for the Peg Perego car seat?

Without the car seat base, you can install a few of the Peg Perego car seats, like the Primo Viaggio. In this case, installation is made possible with the European seat belt path.

This is an excellent alternative, especially if you take public transport often and want to install the car seat quickly and securely.

Without the base, the mechanism allows you to install the car seat with the anti-rebound bar while using the handlebar instead.

Are Peg Perego car seat bases interchangeable?

The Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido base is compatible with the other Peg Perego infant car seats. This car seat base features a load leg and up to 10 positions you can adjust to your liking.

It's built with an anti-rebound bar which keeps the car seat in place on the occasion of a collision.

The base also features Energy Management Foot which absorbs all the crash energy.

How to loosen Peg Perego car seat straps?

The Peg Perego car seats come with extremely easy adjustment features.

For example, to loosen the straps, you must hold the adjustment button on the bottom slot and pull the harness.

This will allow it to loosen up to your liking. Make sure you tighten all the straps before securing the baby in the car seat.

How do you recline a Peg Perego convertible car seat?

The Peg Perego convertible car seat offers a simple adjustment mechanism from which you can achieve the perfect recline angle.

Start by pulling the handle below the seat's shell. Lift the car seat slightly and tilt it to find the perfect position.

Once you recline the seat, you should hear an audible click that ensures the seat is reclined to a proper position.

Diono vs. Peg Perego car seat: Who is the winner?

Diono car seats are known for their slim profile, so you can install many of them in three installations.

Peg Perego car seats, on the other hand, boast of their safety features and terrific parent-friendly design. In terms of installation and design, Peg Perego is a clear winner.

It's a far more reliable choice; however, don't skip on Diono either! Their steel frame allows these car seats to endure a large force while keeping your little one safe.

What car seats are compatible with the Peg Perego system for traveling?

Only the Peg Perego infant car seats can be combined with a stroller. Therefore, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 models are great options to go.

Additional Information

For additional information about the Peg Perego child restraint systems, visit their official website, or contact their customer service.

If you're having trouble to install one of their models, here are the installation videos I found that could be helpful:

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido Installation

Viaggio HBB 120 by Peg Perego

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat

If you are not exactly sure what sort of restraint system you should be using for your child, check out the official recommendations on the NHTSA's page.

Final Thoughts

There we go, folks! I hope you find the best Peg Perego car seat reviews I shared today helpful and informative.

As you can conclude, some expensive brands are honestly worth the price.

If you can afford a high-end car seat, my advice is: Go for it! These seats carry the ambitious price tag for a reason.

For example, Peg Perego car seats incorporate only the highest-quality materials, safe for your baby, and durable.

As for today's star, I would single out Primo Viaggio 4/35 as their best representative.

This seat is safe, easy to install, and durable. It can become a carrier and adapts to your child to provide a perfect fit every time.

What else do you need?

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 - Rear Facing Infant Car Seat - for Babies 4 to 35 lbs - Made in Italy...*
  • Made In Italy. Rear facing infant car seat for babies 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall; Includes a base with an integrated anti-rebound bar
  • Dual stage cushion system-first stage for 4 pound and up offers extra support on baby's neck and bottom, second stage correctly supports growing baby, both help to keep baby's head properly positioned...
  • Car seat dimensions: 25.9 x 17.0 x 23.9 inches and base dimensions: 21.6 x 14.6x 11.5 inches . Side impact protection adjusts to six different positions with no rethreading required, protecting baby's...
  • Patent handle and seat design have color coded belt paths to help in belt routing if base is not in use, short compact handle makes it easy to move seat in and out of the car
  • Innovative shell design optimizes baby's safety and comfort, the well fitted upholstery features the best of Italian textile and tailoring tradition
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