Meet the Tandem Style of Your Dreams! The Best Sit and Stand Stroller of 2022

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"Mommy, mommy, I wanna ride in the stroller again; I'm getting tired from the walk!"

Sounds familiar? Good, because you are in the right place.

If you are a parent of two children with a year or two age gap, you need a sit and stand stroller!

Your toddler might be getting independent and will want to walk beside you while you push the stroller, but what happens once they get tired?

They will want to sit down and take a rest, but you can't make pit stops every few minutes, can you?

This is why sit and stand strollers are a good purchase as they will allow the toddler to ride in the bench platform all while your baby sleeps away in the infant seat.

But let's see which top models you can choose from and whether there are any drawbacks.

Our Favorite Sit and Stand Strollers

$Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller ~ 26 pounds

An upgraded version of the older model with a lightweight design, car seat compatibility, and a removable rear seat for a more accessible bench use-not great for all-terrain.

Suitable for: kids older than six months and 5-year olds.

$Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double ~ 32.5 pounds

A lightweight model that will follow the growth of your little one, excellent for twins, budget-friendly, and easy to maneuver-a bit challenging to install.

Suitable for: Kids less than 36 months.

$ — Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller ~ 22 pounds

A highly maneuverable model that offers a harness in the front and the bench seat, easy to close and affordable-does not stand alone once folded.

Suitable for: kids less than 36 months.

$$ — Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller ~ 29 pounds

A versatile sit and stand stroller compatible with all Chicco infant car seats, comfortable and high-quality design-cumbersome with minimal recline.

Suitable for: infants to four-year-olds.

$ — Baby Trend Sit N Stand 5 in 1 ~ 25.8 pounds

Ample storage basket space specifically made for mommas on the go, parent-friendly features with a great car seat compatibility-difficult to fold, especially if you are holding the baby.

Suitable for: 2.5+ years.

$$ — Baby Trend Sit N Stand Lightweight Travel Double ~ 35 pounds

Great travel system that allows for two infant car seats, ideal for twins, and offers multiple adjustment positions-can't fit in small vehicles.

Suitable for: infants and four-year-olds.

$ — Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller ~ 27.5 pounds

A lightweight option for parents with kids in a bigger age gap, follows the growth of your older child-no parent tray organizer.

Suitable for: kids less than 36 months.

Best Sit and Stand Strollers: My Go-to 7 Models

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller - Best For Kiddoes With A Big Age Gap
  • Manufacturer: Graco
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 50 lb in the front seat and 40 lbs in the rear seat
  • Item Weight: 26 pounds
  • Harness Type: 5-point harness in the rear seat and a 3-point harness in the bench seat
  • Age Restriction: From 6 months to 50 pounds
  • Greatest Benefit: Follows the growth of your kiddos

We should probably start the list with one of the most trustworthy brands on the market regarding baby gear.

The Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 double stroller is a newer version of their classic model so let's check it out and see how they compare.

If you like the tandem stroller instead of the side-by-side double stroller, this one is a good pick. It will allow you to pay attention to the kiddies while they enjoy the ride.

One of the best features is compatibility.

If you already own a Click+Connect infant car seat by Graco, this stroller will work wonders for the attachment.

You should know about the previous version of the stroller because it's not all-terrain suitable.

They made slight improvements on the 2.0 model, but it's still wobbly if you try to go over gravel and sand.

You will appreciate the spacious full-size canopies on both of the seats for parents who live in sunny areas.

As far as the bench seat goes, it will allow your toddler to ride in it independently!

However, you have to remember that you can't use the bench seat and the rear seat simultaneously.

This Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 double stroller is designed to hold two children, so be careful about the weight limit.

But, if you don't need the rear seat anymore, you can simply take it off and allow your toddler to take advantage of the bench fully!

  • Affordable price
  • Includes cup holders
  • The bench seat can pull up
  • Easy to fold
  • Not suitable for all-terrain
  • The rear seat doesn’t recline

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double - The Best Car Seat Compatibility
  • Manufacturer: Baby Trend
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 80 pounds in total
  • Item Weight: 32.5 pounds
  • Harness Type: Five-point harness in both seats
  • Age Restriction: Less than 36 months
  • Greatest Benefit: Car seat compatibility

Baby Trend car seats and strollers are known for their terrific price and outstanding quality! This one retails for a bit under $200, and it's one of the best budget deals on our list.

By now, you would know that double strollers are notorious for being cumbersome, especially if your toddler plans on riding in the bench seat.

However, this one is not that heavy.

Of course, you can always find lighter options, such as Graco Ready2Grow one, but this is a great weight range for the design.

So, who is this Baby Trend sit and stand stroller best suitable for?

I find that it works fantastic for parents who want a convenient travel system with their current car seat, as well as the chance for their kiddos to use the stroller further down the line.

There is no point in spending a generous amount of money if your three-year-old can't use the stroller along with their little brother or sister.

In addition, if you can't use the bench seat just yet, this is a perfect stroller for the twins as it accommodates two infant seats.

Oh, and talk about convenience! The Baby Trend sit and stand stroller duo does not require you to take anything apart!

All there is to do is click to fold the child tray down, and it will instantly turn into the car seat base.

Many parents who have tried out the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller are pretty pleased with the car seat compatibility. You can use it with Britax, Graco, Evenflo, and several other brands.

The bench seat is perfect for your older child as it allows them to rest on the standing platform.

  • Large storage basket
  • Two infant car seats
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Tricky to install
  • Non-padded harness

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller - Best Lightweight Sit And Stand Stroller
  • Manufacturer: Joovy Store
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 90 pounds
  • Item Weight: 22.00 lbs
  • Harness Type: Five-point harness in the front seat and a three-point harness in the bench seat
  • Age Restriction: Less than 36 months
  • Greatest Benefit: The most lightweight sit and stand stroller

The Joovy brand never stops impressing me! Unlike the other sit and stand strollers I had the chance to test, this one is unique.

For example, while the front seat includes a 5-point harness for your youngest one, the toddler can ride in the bench seat with a seat belt or a three-point harness.

This is a system you don't often see in sit and stand strollers as most of them will assume that the child is old enough and can independently ride in the bench seat.

However, for parents who want a safe ride, this type of design is perfect.

One option for the toddler is to stand on the standing platform or sit on a bench as we know the long walks can often tire them down.

Oh, and the cool thing is that this stroller includes a universal car seat adapter so that you can use it with the infant car seat.

Now, you can notice how lightweight this Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite is.

The problem is that many of the parents will not consider it as lightweight strollers often lack essential features.

But, I am here to announce that Joovy Caboose Ultralight is a pick you shouldn't miss!

It comes with all the crucial features, such as a large canopy, reclining front seat, storage basket, and a child tray.

But, of course, you would usually have to pay extra for some of these features, so it's nice to know that the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite stroller already includes them.

  • Includes a parent organizer
  • Large storage basket
  • Lightweight
  • It consists of a car seat adapter
  • Reclining seat
  • The toddler can only stand up when the front seat is reclined

Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller - Best For Uneven Surfaces
  • Manufacturer: Chicco
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 30 pounds
  • Item Weight: 29 pounds
  • Harness Type: Three-point harness
  • Age Restriction: Infants to four-year-olds
  • Greatest Benefit: Great for all-terrain

This is another excellent high-end stroller you cannot go wrong with.

First of all, it comes from a trustworthy brand, so you know what you can expect. Second, it's highly maneuverable and compatible with all Chicco infant car seats!

Now, I do have a bit of bone to pick with this Chicco BravoFor2 double stroller. For this type of price, I expected a bit more features to it.

However, it still does not disappoint.

If you want more features for a lower price, I recommend giving the Joovy Caboose another look.

I had my fair share of sit and stand double strollers to note that rarely any of them has the adjustable handlebar.

Most of them stick to a certain height due to the bench seat, but not this one.

The Chicco BravoFor2 stroller accommodates parents of varying sizes so that you can manage the stroller much more effortlessly.

Another critical feature I need to mention is the wheels!

Although they may seem irrelevant to some parents, let's face it, you won't be punching the stroller only on smooth surfaces.

In addition, these ones have great air suspensions, so they are suitable as an all-terrain stroller.

However, I would not recommend this Chicco BravoFor2 sit and stand stroller to those looking for a lightweight and compact option because it is certainly not it.

Also, the front seat reclines, but not enough.

Once your youngest grows out of it and can take advantage of the recline option, it will not offer a deep angle.

This is my biggest concern for this stroller; although it's excellent quality, it should still include basic features such as deep cup holders and a full recline.

  • An older child can sit comfortably
  • Compatible with Chicco infant seat
  • Great storage space
  • Maneuverable
  • Cumbersome
  • It does not recline fully

Baby Trend Sit N Stand 5 in 1 - Best Parent-Friendly Design
  • Manufacturer: Baby Trend
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 100 pounds
  • Item Weight: 25.8 pounds
  • Harness Type: Three-point harness and a five-point harness
  • Age Restriction: 2.5+ year olds
  • Greatest Benefit: Large storage basket

Are there any shopaholic mommas out there? Listen up; this Baby Trend sit n stand double stroller is made for you!

It got its name for the enormous storage basket, which will allow you to fit all of your necessities, groceries, and a few shopping bags.

If you loved the previous Chicco Bravo For2 stroller but need the recline option, this is a better pick.

It has multiple adjustment patterns so your youngest one can relax and take a nap during the walk.

I recommend this stroller to anyone who is looking for a parent-friendly design.

Long walks can take the best of you, and you need a bit of space for your necessities.

Therefore, you will appreciate that the Baby Trend sit n stand double stroller includes a parent organizer with a cup holder so you can enjoy your cold brew on the walk.

It even includes a phone holder so you can be at your Zoom meetings while taking your little ones for a stroll. No one will ever underestimate your multitasking!

If you live in a warmer area climate, the stroller includes a UPF 50+ protection canopy to protect your kiddoes from the dangerous UV rays.

Your toddler can ride on the rear bench facing you or the front!

With the five different modes, both your youngest and the older child will enjoy the ride.

Plus, the seat is padded for added comfort so that you won't be hearing any complaints in this department.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Compatible with other infant car seats
  • Parent tray with the organizer
  • Five adjustability modes
  • Great storage space
  • Large canopy
  • Difficult to hand fold

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Lightweight Travel Double - Best Travel System
  • Manufacturer: Baby Trend
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 35 pounds
  • Item Weight: Not stated
  • Harness Type: Five-point harness
  • Age Restriction: Infants and four-year-olds
  • Greatest Benefit: Suitable for twins

If you were looking for an excellent travel duo system, check out this Baby Trend sit n stand stroller!

I know parents who prefer the tandem stroller design instead of the face-to-face or side-by-side one, so if you are one of them, this stroller is just the right pick for you.

Both your infant and the toddler will get a chance to enjoy the stroll down the block!

I prefer this stroller the most because it has multiple adjustment positions, allowing the child to ride in the stroller comfortably.

And let's face it, as a parent of two, you will be relieved to know your little ones are tucked away safely in their double stroller.

This Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller is best for parents with twins or a newborn and a toddler.

As it fits two infant car seats, you will have no trouble taking your youngest on the walk.

And, once they get older, one can ride on the rear bench and the other in the car seat as it is compatible with multiple brands.

Although it has multiple benefits such as cup holders, parent console, standing, sitting, and recline options, it has one major drawback!

If you own a small-sized SUV, I would not recommend you get this sit and stand stroller.

It's a nightmare trying to get it in, and if you manage to do so, you can say goodbye to the passenger seat.

Since this is a double stroller design, it's rather cumbersome.

If you are looking for a bit more convenience in foldability, I would recommend Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller.

  • Easy to manoeuver
  • It fits two infant car seats
  • Suitable weight limit
  • Includes a parent tray
  • The seat in the front reclines
  • Not suitable for smaller cars

Joovy Caboose Graphite Stroller - Best Convertible Double Stroller
  • Manufacturer: Joovy
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 90 pounds
  • Item Weight: 27.5 pounds
  • Harness Type: Five-point harness
  • Age Restriction: Less than 36 months
  • Greatest Benefit: Large weight limit

For the last item, I have decided to present another Joovy Caboose stroller sit and stand model!

Why? You are about to find out just what makes it unique.

If you did your search online, you would notice that this model used to be quite different than what it is today.

It didn't have much of the benefits that made it special, so many parents didn't find this an exceptional pick.

Luckily, Joovy took the task seriously, and they added the option for an additional rear seat, parking brake, and a unique four-wheel suspension system. So, what does this all mean?

It means that now you can use this Joovy Caboose double stroller on all terrains, steer safely and add another car seat if you have twins.

Also, it will allow your older child to sit in the car seat until they are old enough to stand on the platform.

Plus, it's a great travel system as it includes a car seat adapter for the seat in the front!

Furthermore, they also increased the size of the canopy, which was one of the most significant drawbacks of the previous model.

However, they still have some features to work on.

For instance, this Joovy Caboose model does not have a parent tray with cup holders.

I know! Long walks sure can be fun, but if you need your coffee break, you won't have a tray where you can put the cup, and for some parents, this is a big turn-off.

In addition, the older child will have to stand if you fully recline the front seat.

Also, the handlebar is not adjustable, so it's not the best pick for most heights.

  • Affordable price
  • Reclining seat
  • Easy hand fold
  • Large canopy
  • Large weight limit
  • No parent tray

Buyer's Guide

The Benefits of Sit and Stand Strollers

1. Hurray! Your oldest is a toddler!

best sit and stand stroller

Learning to compromise was one of the biggest challenges we face as parents.

A significant reason parents opt for sit and stand strollers is to offer their little toddle the independence they need!

I cannot name enough times when our toddler got cranky from the walk and wanted to hop in the stroller with his sibling.

But guess what? He overgrew the car seat and needed an option like sit and stand strollers!

This will allow them to walk with you and get the stroller's benefits once they get tired. It's a win-win combo for the whole family!

2. More space!

A benefit that double strollers usually offer is the generous space capacity!

Unlike single stroller designs, these ones do not have an added car seat (but you can add two car seats to specific models).

Therefore, you will get more space in the storage basket for all toys, baby wipes, diapers, or any other type of necessary you need.

3. Functionality

Do you often pass by narrow streets and sidewalks? Then sit and stand double strollers are a good choice!

Unfortunately, although regular double strollers are a good choice, these ones are often cumbersome and broader.

Sit and stand models are designed to be a lot more narrow as they fit one car seat (or two) and a standing platform in the back.

The tandem style is perfect if you want to easily maneuver the stroller.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Unfortunately, YES.

Like any other baby gear product, you have pros and cons, so let's see some of the drawbacks of the sit and stand strollers.

1. Not suitable for all-terrain

best buy sit and stand stroller

Many of these sit and stand models are great for smooth surfaces, but you will not always walk on one.

In addition, they are notorious for having wheels that simply cannot handle rough terrain due to suspension.

We were fortunate enough to find a pick with four suspension wheels that can get you safely over uneven ground, and that is the Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller.

2. Comfortability is questionable

Although these models are comfortable for the younger child, they are not cozy for the older child.

In addition, toddlers will be using a standing platform either for sitting or standing, which will prevent them from the snug rides they were once used to.

Safety First

Before you get your sit and stand model, please make sure you read the weight requirements.

Don't rush in and purchase a model that does not support infants, and you just had your baby a few weeks ago.

You can accommodate the infant car seat in some of the models and recline it entirely for a nap.

But, this will mean that the older child has to stand all the time as they cannot sit down once the infant seat is reclined.


Should I buy a double stroller or a sit and stand?

If you want your older child to get the same benefits as the youngest one does, you better get a sit and stand stroller.

It will allow the toddler to use the standing platform as your little nugget takes a nap in the car seat.

Also, these strollers are known for their narrow design, so they are easier to maneuver and fit in the car.

But, if you have twins or children close in age, getting a plain double stroller is also a good idea.

Sit and stand double strollers are a better choice for parents with kids with a more significant age gap.

What are the differences between double strollers and sit and stand strollers?

best lightweight sit and stand stroller

Although they may look similar, let's not get them confused.

Sit and stand double strollers are usually tandem designs that accommodate one car seat for the younger child in the front and rear and the second seat or a standing platform in the back for the toddler.

With these strollers, you can often add one more infant car seat and create a double stroller.

As we mentioned, sit and stand strollers are suitable for two children with a more significant age gap.

On the other hand, double strollers are great if you are twins or kids similar in age. Practically, they resemble the sit and stand strollers but lack the platform in the back.

Can you bring a sit and stand stroller to Disney World?

You can bring the sit and stand strollers to Disney World as long as it meets their requirements.

However, you cannot bring strollers bigger than 36" and 31'' in width and 52" in length, stroller wagons, and the use of escalators for the strollers are forbidden.

Make sure you learn everything you need to know before your trip to Disney World on this link.

Is Baby Trend sit and stand compatible with Graco?

The Baby Trend Sit and Stand strollers are compatible with Graco Snugride 30 and the Infant Car Seat 35.

However, these infant car seats will only fit in the rear seat, so make sure you keep that in your mind.

Can you put a car seat in a sit and stand stroller?

best sit and stand double stroller

Many parents mistake thinking that you can put absolutely every car seat in the sit and stand strollers. Sadly, this is not the case.

You can only put an infant car seat in the sit and stand strollers, but you need to search which ones are compatible with the stroller.

Unfortunately, most strollers are simply not compatible with some brands, so make sure you do your research before splurging the money.

How much weight can a sit and stand stroller hold?

The weight limit of sitting and stand strollers will depend on the stroller's design, brand, and building.

Unfortunately, we cannot specify the exact weight limit as different manufacturers have various weight capacities in their stroller designs.

For example, a sit-and-stand double stroller like Baby Trend Sit N Stand 5 in 1 will hold 50 lbs in each seat, while the maximum weight limit for Chicco Bravo For2 Standing/Sitting Double Stroller is only 30 pounds.

What is the best sit and stand stroller?

Now it's time to reveal our ultimate choice regarding the sit and stand double strollers! The best pick title goes out to the Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller!

I know many of you are not surprised this is our best pick as it sure is one of the most prestigious strollers on the market!

Your toddler will love riding along in this stroller as it will make them feel like a true big brother or sister while their younger sibling is dozing off in the infant seat!

The stroller is relatively lightweight, so you will have no trouble maneuvering it through narrow sidewalks.

Plus, it has most of the features you will usually have to pay extra for!

Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller Features Bench Seat and Standing Platform Options, Clark*
  • Added body support cushion
  • Small-folding stroller rides like a double, but folds like a single stroller, making transport and storage easy
  • Includes two stroller seats, a bench seat, and a standing platform for multiple options as your family grows
  • Close-to-you rear seat makes connecting with baby easier
  • Compatible with all Graco SnugRide infant car seats, and accepts two at once, making it a great twin stroller (stroller is not compatible with convertible, 3-in-1, or 4-in-1 car seats)

Final Words

And it's a wrap!

I have shown you both the positive and the opposing sides of getting a sit-and-stand double stroller, but it's up to you what you'll decide.

All 7 options are fantastic models, so you cannot go wrong with either of them.

However, I advise you to consider them wisely and look at them once more to see whether they will fit your kids' standards and needs.

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