Cybex Sirona S vs Evenflo 360: Who’s Better? A Quick 2023 Guide

Do you need a convertible car seat for your little one? Of course, do you want to take your game to the next level? No probs!

We have reviewed and compared two convertible car seats, but they are nothing similar to the regular versions.

We present the best rotating car seats: Cybex Sirona S vs Evenflo 360.

But, what are their similarities & differences? And, who's better? Let's see below.


Cybex Sirona S vs Evenflo 360: The Clash of Giants!

1. Design and configurations

When it comes to convertible car seats, the Cybex Sirona S is a game-changer. The innovative rotating car seat is one of the best car seats you can find on the market.

And numerous car seat experts confirm its popularity. It's the first car seat with 360-degree rotating technology, suitable for multiple fits and vehicles.

The same goes with the Evenflo Gold 360. It's also a convertible car seat with exclusive functions.

The Evenflo Gold is another rotating seat with a 360-degree rotating feature to fit your children and motor vehicle.

However, being convertible seats, the two competitors share the same modes:

- rear-facing infant car seat for kids 4-50 pounds of weight limit

- forward-facing position for kids 22-65 pounds of weight limit

However, our Evenflo Gold goes a step further, offering a booster mode as well.

The Cybex Sirona doesn't have a booster seat, while the Evenflo Gold provides a high-back booster seat, supporting kids up to 120 pounds of maximum weight.

However, the Cybex Sirona S offers an extended rear-facing mode for children up to 50 pounds. The Evenflo Gold doesn't have this benefit, supporting up to 40 pounds of kiddos.

As the safety experts at the NHTSA and the AAP suggest, you should keep your kids rear-facing in the infant seat as long as possible; the Cybex Sirona S meets these standards.

Although it doesn't offer a booster mode, I still vote for Cybex.

In addition, the Cybex Sirona S offers the following measures: 25.3 x 20 x 25.5 inches and weighs 30.4 pounds.

On the other hand, the Evenflo Gold 360 ‎has proportions of 21 x 19.8 x 25.9 inches and weighs less - 29.6 pounds.

It also offers a higher height range of 57 inches, whereas the Cybex Sirona S offers 49 inches.

In terms of design and configurations, the Evenflo Gold 360 might be slightly advanced as it weighs less and fits your car better.

And the Cybex Sirona S requires batteries for optimal performance. So, I would go for Evenflo.

But, since it doesn't have the extended rear-facing use, it's pretty hard to pick the winner.

evenflo revolve 360 vs cybex sirona s

Source: Amazon

2. Safety features

Both car seats meet and exceed all Federal Safety Standards, undergo rigorous crash tests, and prove their safety benefits.

The Cybex Sirona S uses the SensorSafe system on the chest clip, so the app instantly notifies you if the child unbuckles.

The SensorSafe system is also beneficial for letting you know if the car seat is too warm or too cold, if the driver left the child behind accidentally, or if the kid was seated for too long.

No other convertible car seat - or general has such a function, so Cybex is above all models.

Of course, the seat has supreme protection. It's linear side-impact protection, with 25% more protection in a collision than in traditional side-impact defense.

So, the extended system only increases better security. And the energy-absorbing foam keeps children safe and sound.

The convertible car seat also features an anti-rebound design protecting your little one in frontal, rear, and side impacts. So, the external forces and pressure won't hurt them.

Concerning the Evenflo Gold 360, the convertible car seat comes with a steel frame and the tether anchor and strap, ensuring better stability and security when a child uses the seat.

The tether anchor and strap keep the child stable both in rear-facing and forward-facing positions.

Of course, the anti-rebound base reduces and limits external forces, impacts, and pressure in frontal crashes if the child is rear-facing.

The EPS energy-absorbing foam collects and redirects the forces to prevent children's harm.

And the seat belt-tensioning "LockStrong" bar offers increased fixation and stability of the seat.

Another similarity is that both car seats offer the five-point harness system for added security, covering crucial body parts, and keeping your kiddo optimal in the car.

However, you must place the harness correctly and check the outermost slot for the buckle to see if everything fits perfectly.

So, both seats offer extraordinary safety benefits, keeping your little one safe and sound.

However, Cybex uses the advanced SensorSafe technology that no other car seat has, so we must praise it.

But, other than that, it's really hard to tell which car seat is better. Even the Consumer Reports and their experts rank the two-car seat higher on the list.

Choose as you like; what can I say more.

3. Installation process

cybex sirona s vs evenflo 360 all in one

Source: Amazon

Once you pick the correct car seat method - rear-facing, forward-facing, or booster mode, you can install your car seat in the back seat of your vehicle.

The safest place for the seat is the central position, but if you cannot install it there, you can place it behind the driver or the passenger.

Never install your car seat in the front seat, but if you must, turn off the airbag system. Otherwise, the pressure and forces will smash your little one's body.

Now, Cybex offers a secure EasyLock bar. The bar reduces the force needed up to four times for a fast and safe installation process.

Besides, the dual-level indicators will show you the correct angle indicator and the proper angle of installation. Plus, the load leg reduces rotation in crashes by up to 30%.

But, to install and use the car seat correctly, you will use the vehicle seat belt system.

Thread the vehicle seat belt through the belt path, tighten the straps, and shake the seat to verify its stability.

The Evenflo 360 uses both the vehicle seat belt and the LATCH system for the installation process.

However, the booster mode is only possible with the lower anchors, without the seat belt possibility.

But, the Evenflo 360 has a separate seat and car seat base installation for ease and convenience. The base is smooth enough not to harm your vehicle seat.

Thus, the seat offers only one belt path, meaning you can only use lower anchors or the seat belt system. And, it's the same as Cybex.

So, many parents look for these seats, thanks to all-in-one installation, for as long as the children are accommodated.

It also features a dual-zone indicator for the rear-facing method.

If you're a newbie, the setup with lower anchors might be a bit tricky, as you must match all parts correctly. So, the experts recommend a seat belt as the preferred method.

And, as both car seats offer pretty simple and effective installation, it's still tough to pick the best solution. This is going to be a fierce battle.

4. Comfort benefits and ease of use

Your kids' comfort always comes after safety, so every parent always wants premium comfort features and the most straightforward uses for optimal performance.

As you can see, the Sirona S has twelve different headrest positions to offer multiple recline positions.

Of course, the no-rethread harness covers all crucial children's body parts, and you can adjust the straps for the child's maximum comfort as they grow and develop.

And the high-quality materials keep your little ones optimal and relaxed in the seat for an extended period.

The Evenflo 360 offers more reclined position points - fourteen, which is more advanced than the Sirona S. Additionally, the Evenflo 360 uses four recline rear-facing options.

The on-the-go recline system will provide supreme coziness without needing to install and re-install the seat and disturb your little one.

Of course, the leg room will provide enough space for optimal usage and increased comfort.

The crotch buckle has three positions, so you can move the harness straps and adjust them to your kids' needs and development.

The crotch buckle on the Sirona S is the SensorSafe buckle, but you can still adjust the harness straps in both rear and forward-facing options.

But one point that both seats have is the harness strap pads. The harness strap pad prevents scratches and bruises and eliminates injuries and itching.

So, your kids won't suffer from the harness system at all. And you can adjust the harness cover to fit their height and weight range.

This time, we pick the Evenflo 360 as our winner, offering better comfort features than the Sirona S. And, due to the tether anchor and strap, it will be more fixed and stable than the Cybex model.

Besides, it features the booster mode that the Sirona S lacks, once again proving its reliability. Plus, it's narrower for the design even at its widest point, so it will easily fit most vehicles.

5. Extra features

cybex sirona differences

Source: Amazon

While Cybex uses only one cup holder, Evenflo features two cup holders. They are removable and easy to clean and maintain.

The units are dishwasher-safe, and you can quickly wash them if your kids get too dirty.

The Sirona S offers the exact mechanism but with only one cup holder. So, Evenflo beats in this round as well.

In addition, the Evenflo 360 has the storage location for the tether anchor, harness, crotch buckle, chest clip, and other similar parts on the seat. They'll be easily accessible for convenient use.

But, the Evenflo 360 also features a specific QR code for all must-have following seat equipment, instructions, and installation videos if you're not sure how to install it correctly.

I suggest you contact your verified safety technician to help you with the process to avoid delays and complications.

6. Maintenance process

Both the Cybex Sirona S and the Evenflo Gold 360 offer machine-washable content. Thus, the two seats save your time and energy and keep your kids fresh for subsequent use.

However, the Evenflo Gold 360 includes soft goods that can be machine washed in cold water during the delicate cycle.

It's an exclusive benefit if you're going to use the seat ten to fifteen minutes after drying on low heat.

Besides, you can store the seat easily - you just have to line the red arrow on the cover to meet the white arrow on the base. And once the arrows are lined up, the shell will gradually lift off the base.

So, both versions are efficient and convenient for extended use and quick cleaning and maintaining processes.

7. Travel-friendly Seats: Yes or No?

Although Evenflo weighs less than Cybex, both seats are bulky and impractical for traveling.

You can use them for everyday activities and running errands, but moving the seats between the vehicles will be complex.

In addition, you must check if they fit multiple seats in the back vehicle's seat. So, they are not the best travel buddies, and you have lighter versions for long distances and more adventures.

But what if you plan on traveling across the ocean?

Unfortunately, none of the seats are FAA verified. In addition, none of the models contains the FAA label, so you cannot use them on the plane.

Evenflo is too heavy to even place on the plane seat in the forward-facing method, so it's impossible to install it correctly.

However, the Canadian version of the Cybex Sirona S is FAA approved, so you may try that one.

But, I recommend you check the airline guidelines first to avoid further delays and complications.

8. Budget-friendly: Pass or Fail?

Evenflo costs around $400 while its opponent Cybex costs approximately $500. Both models are available on Amazon, and Cybex even has a discount, or else its price would be higher.

So, I think it would be better to choose the all-in-one version for less money, to save your budget.

But, if you want a higher-end seat with all the necessary factors, then feel free to choose the Cybex model.

However, you must obtain a proper booster after your kids overgrow the seat. The Evenflo's price seems a bit steep, but you get a ton of convenient benefits.

So, pick according to your preferences and budget.

Cybex Sirona S: Pros and Cons


- Maximum safety benefits with the innovative sensorsafe system

- Innovative rotating system

- Quick setup with the seat belt

- Two modes of use

- Extended rear-facing method

- Rigorous crash test with preemie doll models for better performance

- Multiple reclining positions

- Adjusting harness

- Comfortable


- Too expensive

- Less adjustable than Evenflo

- Bulkier and more robust than Evenflo

- No FAA approval

Evenflo Gold 360: Pros and Cons


- Effortless installation with LATCH or seat belt

- Maximum safety standards

- Swiveling seat for more fit and matching options

- More reclining options than Cybex

- More adjusting options than Cybex

- Cozy

- No-rethread harness

- Less expensive than Cybex


- Heavy and massive for quick movement

- No FAA approval

- No advanced system technology for safety as in Cybex

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Evenflo own Cybex?

No. Both the Evenflo and the Cybex car seat brands are independent of the two.

However, both are the subsidiary companies of the leading corporation - Goodbaby International. So, Goodbaby International owns both brands.

But, they also own gb, Happy Dino, Rollplay, CBX, Urbini, and similar kids' children's companies and products.

What is the difference between Cybex and Sirona?

cybex sirona s vs evenflo 360 advanced

Source: Amazon

The main difference between the Sirona and 360 models is that the Sirona is only rear and forward-facing seat, while the 360 is an all-in-one seat with the included booster method.

It supports the higher weight and height range of its users.

Is the Cybex Sirona S FAA approved?

No, the Cybex Sirona S car seat is not approved by the FAA. However, the FAA supports the Canadian version of the same seat.

But, you must check the rules before the final journey and airport control.

What is the difference between Evenflo 360 and 360 Gold?

The Gold version is advanced, offering more safety features, premium fabrics, cushioning, and finishes to fit your kids, making them cozier and more relaxed while in the seat.

Does Evenflo revolve 360 have SensorSafe?

Yes, some 360 models do have the SensorSafe system, just like the Cybex Sirona S model.

What is the difference between Cybex S and S2?

The brand-new 2021 S2 model provides a newly improved Preset Side Protection System for Error-Free installation.

Yet, it takes all the other features of the original Sirona S model to make an easy use but safe and secure car seat for your child.

What age do swivel car seats go up to?

Swivel car seats should be up to four years old, but you must remember they must be used in the rear-facing method for at least two-year-old kids.

So, Cybex Sirona S vs Evenflo 360: What's Your Best Seat?

Dear parents, as you can see, this was an intense battle. It's pretty hard to pick a better seat, as both models offer extraordinary benefits and advantages.

This time we will let you choose for yourself.

If you want to combine well, you should go for the Evenflo 360. But, if you want a higher security system, you should choose the Sirona S.

So, I want to hear from you, so let me know once you choose your best pick. Let's share our experiences.


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