What’s the Best Dog Car Barrier 2022? – What You Must Know

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Naturally, you want your dogs as the ultimate travel-buddies wherever you go! That's the dream of all pet owners!

Of course, they don't have innate manners when in motor vehicles, and sometimes things might get unexpected.

While some dogs are excellent in the car, others might need extra support to keep themselves and other passengers safe and protected during the ride.

While there are various ways to keep your dogs safe and secure in the cars - carriers, crates, harness, etc., this article will specifically review the best dog car barrier to keep your pets safe.

Naturally, the barriers will help you keep them stable and prevent them from jumping in the front seat.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned!

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rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Adjustable Large Pet Car Gate, Universal-Fit Divider Cargo Area,...*
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Maximum Safety Standards
Deluxe Dog Barrier 56" Wide Ideal for Trucks Large SUVs Full Sized Sedans Pet Restraint Car Backseat...*
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Best For Ventilation System
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Pawple Dog Car Barrier for SUV's, Cars, Vehicles, & Trucks, Adjustable Large Pet Divider, Heavy-Duty...*
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What Are Dog Car Barriers?

Dog car barriers are helpful devices installed in the back seats and cargo area in your motor vehicles that help you retain your dogs in the back to focus on driving better.

Wherever you travel - on longer or shorter trips, you can apply these safety products and maintain passengers' security in your vehicles.

What Are the Benefits of the Dog Car Barriers?
best pet car barrier
  • Injury prevention: your dogs may jump into the front seats and endanger your driving and life since they can stay in your lap or touch the pedals.
  • Keeping your car clean: since the dog car barrier serves as a car seat cover, it helps to keep your car clean, primarily if a dog car barrier acts as a hammock. It prevents your dog from falling off the back seat in the car or into the floor when you press the brake.
  • Better organization: a dog barrier can provide storage space for the necessities you need to store away, meanwhile offering more space for your dog to ride comfortably.
  • Lessens the impact of other motor vehicles: your dog may be afraid of people, sidewalks, and other vehicles, so the car barrier prevents his view on the outside and keeps him calm.
What Are the Dog Car Barrier Options?

There are 3 types of dog car barriers:

  • Net car barriers: serve as cage barriers, except they contain mesh or cloth. These options are tear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
  • Cage car barriers: these options are metal and connect to the back of the front seats. You install them between the front seats and prevent your dog from limping. Some options may not apply grids but bars and allow small dogs to go through.
  • Hammocks: when you choose the hammock options, you prevent your dog from falling into the back or limp into the front when you press brake. Most of these options are water-resistant and washable, so they're excellent for dogs who quickly get muddy.

Best Dog Car Barriers Money Can Buy: My Top 10 Favorites

rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Van, Vehicles - Maximum Safety Standards

This dog car barrier is an excellent option to keep your pet from the front seat.

As you can see, this dog barrier will hold your dog in the back and allow you to better focus on the road, meanwhile protecting all other passengers, including the dog included.

The rabbitgoo dog barrier has a universal fit, fits all vans, SUVs, cars, and other vehicles due to its proportions.

Thus, the dimensions measure 35.8 x 15.9 of the main panel, plus two side panels that measure 16.5 x 11.8 inches; however, you can extend the dog barrier up to 61.4 inches.

As you might observe, the car dog barrier is adjustable, so you can install it into the cargo area and keep your dog in the back seat.

There's the updated design for additional security features.

Contrary to common dog car barriers, this car dog barrier has an advanced technique for more safety. You can attach the two side panels to the main one with two sets of screws, nuts, or fixed plates.

For additional protection and safety, pet owners will find hook-and-loop fasteners. Besides, the design contains see-through properties; therefore, it eliminates all blind spots for the driver.

Moreover, the design contains a strong mesh made of premium-quality steel that can endure your dog's force and paws' strength.

The installation is easy since the package includes all the necessary parts; hence, you don't need additional tools to moderate it.

  • Sturdy
  • Security features
  • Affordable
  • The installation process requires two people

Bushwhacker Deluxe Dog Barrier - Best For Ventilation System

Why is the following dog barrier impressive? Hmm, let's find out.

Pet owners love this product since the barrier is made of tear and scratch-resistant pet screens. However, you need to know that although the content is durable enough, it still allows air ventilation.

As you may notice, the strong yet breathable mesh allows rear heater or AC ventilation to circulate and flow through the dog barrier. Thus, there won't be any heat or additional pressure either for you or your dog.

How does the dog barrier work? Well, there's an aluminum tubing weighing only half an inch, yet it will keep your dog out of the front seat.

Namely, the mesh barrier shape prevents your dog from squeezing and jumping under, over, or around the net barrier.

You can quickly install and remove the mesh barrier since it easily adjusts to the front seat headrest, car seat frame, or seat belt mount. Thus, you won't need to spend much time on the setup process since you can do it in seconds.

Of course, the Bushwhacker barrier attaches to various vehicles; however, check the proportions before obtaining it.

The dog barrier is 56 inches wide, and if it doesn't fit your vehicle, consider a smaller option of 50 inches.

You can use the size chart and measure both the front seat and headrest to obtain the right match. So, check it out before you place it in your vehicle.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable
  • Storing away issues
  • Dimensions issues

Pawple Dog Car Barrier for SUV's, Cars & Vehicles, Trucks - Premium-quality Material

What is so particular about this dog barrier? It contains various benefits!

First of all, this Pawple dog barrier will keep all the passengers in the vehicle safe.

It is tear-resistant; therefore, it will keep your dog in the back seat and prevent him from jumping on the front seat and jeopardize passengers' security.

Furthermore, the dog barrier contains the universal fit; thus, it is an excellent option for most cars, vans, SUVs, or any other motor vehicle you may have.

Due to its adjustable features, you can quickly install the dog barrier and place it in the back of your vehicle. You won't need to apply any extra tools for the setup process.

Another great plus is, of course, the material.

As you will observe, this Pawple pet barrier provides a fantastic frame - made out for the superior steel wire construction; therefore, it's sturdy and durable enough to withstand all external forces and keep passengers safe.

The package contains the three panels - the main one, which measures 35.5 x 16.5 inches, and the two side panels - supportive options that measure 12 x 10.5 inches. However, please pay attention to the size to see whether it fits your vehicle.

Finally, the producer offers a lifetime warranty period, and you can replace the pet barrier if you don't like it or something turns wrong.

You can also contact customer support for all questions and dilemmas.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Universal fit 
  • Not so adjustable

C CASIMR Heavy-Duty Dog Barrier - Budget pick

Next off, we have this great pet barrier. Pet owners highly recommend it for multiple benefits.

One of them is undoubtedly the construction.

The C CASIMR pet barrier is made of a high-quality steel wire frame along with the smooth and glib design technology that will protect your car's interior from scratches of the wire system.

The following benefit is the safety system.

As you might notice, the barrier prevents your dog from jumping to the front seat and endangers the passengers in the vehicle. It will also prevent smaller dogs or medium and large dogs in the cargo area and keep them calm while in the vehicle.

Concerning the installation process, let me tell you that the pet barrier is easy to install

It offers the already attached hardware system; therefore, you don't need to use any extra tools for the setup process.

You'll find the C CASIMR pet barrier entirely adjustable for most motor vehicles - cars, SUVs, vans, and other vehicles since the proportions measure 35-½ inches x 48 inches. However, you might need to check the measures before you obtain this barrier to make sure it will fit.

The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty period if you're not satisfied with the pet barrier; however, I highly doubt it.

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Stretchable
  • Not a heavy-duty barrier 

DYKESON Dog Car Net Barrier - Excellent Storage Space

If your dog is a restless one, this DYKESON car barrier is an ideal option to keep him calm and protect all other passengers in your car while driving.

As you will find, you can use the car net barrier to store away the kids' toys and other necessities since there's a double-layer of the mesh; thus, it creates a great storage space for putting away the things you may/may not need.

The content contains lightweight yet thick and durable polyester and a dual-mesh design; hence, your dog won't be able to crush or break it when in the back seat of the vehicle.

Regarding dimensions, they are the following: 11.7 x 11.7 inches wide if you don't stretch the barrier.

However, you can pull it to find the proper fit for your motor vehicle, and the barrier will remain resilient, reliable, and durable. Thus, you can use it in most cars, vans, SUVs, and other motor vehicles.

If you want an easy installation yet a safe one, you can apply the safety hooks. There are four and all buckle front seat and the headrest at the top and bottom of the seat. Thus, the installation process finishes instantly without any drilling, tape, or hammering.

When you set off on a journey, the DYKESON barrier serves as extra storage space since you can place your favorite snacks, food, and water there.

  • Stretchable
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Sheer
  • Affordable
  • Not for middle seats

Vetoes Car SUV Dog Barrier - Best Universal Pick

Coming up next, we have another Vetoos dog barrier. If you liked our best pick product, the chances are you are going to love this one as well!

The Vetoos dog barrier is extendable for starters, so it fits most SUVs, trucks, vans, jeeps, and even hatchbacks. What's fantastic about it is that it comes with one main barrier and two side ones.

Just like the top pick, this Vetoos car dog barrier is fully adjustable and foldable to save you as much space as possible.

When you fold the barrier down, you can store it in a carrying case you get with the purchase. By keeping it in your car in this way, you are always ready to bring your furry friend along!

Now, let's talk about stability.

The dog barrier features two bungee cords as well as two adjustable firm straps that have metal grips. In this way, the straps hold on to the barrier tightly up to the headrests.

Moreover, the dog barrier is constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel that holds down even the most aggressive dogs.

Plus, it has more coverage than some of the other models on the market, so it makes sure the dog's paws don't peek through.

The last feature I need to mention is the straightforward assembly! It requires absolutely no tools and can be done in under five minutes!

  • No-tool assembly
  • Offers extensive coverage
  • Heavy-duty
  • Foldable design
  • Not suitable for split car seats

Zookeeper Pet Barrier - Best for Rental Cars

The Zookeeper pet barrier has one of the most fantastic designs!

It shares a unique but effective shape that keeps the dog away from your personal space when you are driving. Let's see how it performs on the road.

To begin with, this is a metal pet gate that has wide spacing between bars for better visibility while driving. While keeping your dog safe in the back also prevents him from jumping on the driver and distracting the ride.

As with every dog gate barrier, you want to make sure it's highly adjustable.

Like this one, for example, it measures 28.75" high and can be adjusted between 42" and 61" in width. It's not exactly a universal fit, but it will fit most vehicles. Just make sure you get proper measurements before ordering.

The installation has got to be my favorite part of this dog barrier!

If you own a rental or are not installing the barrier in your vehicle, it's crucial to find a barrier that does not damage the car's interior.

For this reason, the Zookeeper dog barrier requires no tools or drilling!

Instead, it's easy to install with flexible cords that wrap around the headrests. Also, you can remove it in no time when you are not taking the dog for a ride.

Lastly, the Zookeeper dog barrier for cars will work for SUVs, trucks, wagons, and extended cabs.

  • Easy no-tool installation
  • Will work on most vehicles
  • Metal design
  • Easy to remove
  • Not so sturdy for aggressive dogs

#8. Perropaw Dog Car Barriers for SUV - Best Pet Barrier for SUVs

Perropaw Dog Car Barriers for SUV - Best Pet Barrier for SUVs

I want to review one more spectacular item to share my next pick of the dog car barriers!

This is the Perropaw barrier for SUVs! It's super affordable considering the quality, so you know what to do if you are an SUV owner.

Before I list all the things you need to know about this barrier, let's first discuss who it is suitable for?

With this kind of design and construction, the Perropaw dog car barrier is best suited for smaller breeds, although some of the bigger ones will also be a good candidate.

It's great if you own a Golden Retriever, Corgi, Dalmatian, or other breeds that are not aggressive.

The Perropaw dog barrier is exceptionally sturdy, but it does lack coverage at the bottom.

With some vehicles, your dog can stick his paws up or even his head. You have to be careful with this one; although it's adjustable, it's best to check the measurements beforehand.

As some of the main features, the dog barrier for the car is excellent in preventing claw marks, scratches, and muddy paws.

It's also easy to install as it does not require any tools for installation.

If you hate tricky set-ups, then you will like this barrier. It just needs adjustment, and you can attach the cords to the headrests.

After that, you and your furry buddy are ready for a road trip.

  • No-tool assembly
  • Adjustable
  • Scratch and claw-mark resistant
  • Great for SUV’s
  • Suitable for small and large breeds
  • It lacks coverage at the bottom, so it’s easy for a dog to stick his paws or head out

PetSafe Happy Ride Metal Dog Barrier - Best For Design

The penultimate car dog barrier presents terrific benefits! So, shall we sort them out?

The PetSafe barrier contains a sturdy metal frame, a heavy-duty one, and it allows you to look at the back seat of your motor vehicle.

Simultaneously, the sturdy metal barrier will prevent your dog from jumping onto the front seat and threaten your passenger's security.

Regarding the setup process, you don't have to apply additional tools to install this tear-resistant barrier. The package contains everything you need, and you can place it at the back of your car effortlessly.

Moreover, the tension secures and keeps the PetSafe barrier in place, and there are also rubber caps that prevent slipping when using it. The design is a rattle-free one, and the metal barrier decreases noise when on road trips.

Of course, you can quickly fold the barrier when you don't use it and save the space you need when you don't apply it. Thus, the barrier offers impressive storage space in seconds, and the folding process is effortless.

You can easily place the barrier in your cargo area, vans, SUVs, etc., due to the proportions. These are 32-49 inches in height and 33-57 inches wide.

Naturally, the manufacturer provides the warranty period so that you could replace the barrier or get your money refund if eventually, you're not satisfied.

And customer support provides all answers to your potential questions.

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Thick
  • Durable
  • Leaving marks
  • Threads cut issues

High Road Dog Car Barrier with Full View Mesh Cover and Padded Steel Frame - Best For Durability

The ultimate option and barrier from the list is this excellent barrier!

The sturdy metal barrier with the chew-resistant coated wire mesh panel offers you full visibility at the back seat of your car and provides you focus better on driving.

The wire mesh content and barrier frame retain your dog out of the front seat in your vehicle and keep the child passenger safety on the highest level.

Speaking of the frame, the High Road barrier contains the protective foam bumpers that hold the dog gate stable, secure, and upright.

The durable and reliable coated polyester mesh provides the full top to the bottom cover of the net barrier.

Additionally, the car's net barrier provides unique proportions to medium and large dogs, and they measure 37 inches in height x 32.5 inches in width. It doesn't cover the door and seat area where small dogs can go out or pass through.

You can position the barrier higher or lower in the back seat.

Namely, the High Road barrier includes four adjustable straps that you can position two-ways on the frame, along with the bottom cable that you can attach to the seat base for safe cover.

Of course, you can apply the lower position of the barrier if the higher bar blocks the mirror's rearview.

You'll get the instruction manual for the installation part, and you can disassemble the barrier for more storage space and take it away when you don't enforce it.

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Not for small dogs 

What to Consider When Choosing Dog Car Barriers?

1. Content

If your dogs are strong enough to break or harm the barriers, you need those metal with metal tubing that is strong and durable to endure their pressure and force.

Of course, these barriers are water and scratch-resistant, so your dogs cannot harm them easily.

2. Proportions

best dog car gate

Naturally, one of the critical factors to consider is the dimensions. You cannot obtain barriers for your dogs and vehicles if they don't match.

So, measure the space between the front seats, the headrests at their top and bottom parts.

Moreover, you might come across various adjustable barriers for dogs that may still fit. Of course, since they are adjustable, the barriers are stretchable.

They will cover the cargo area, an area between the seats and headrests, and the top and bottom area even if the primary measures might be smaller or more significant than the recommended.

So, pay attention to that factor too.

3. Quick Setup and Removal Process

If you don't plan to travel with your dogs and apply the barriers regularly, search for the barrier option that quickly installs and removes.

Otherwise, it will be tiresome for you to place or remove the barrier regularly.

However, some barriers are easy to set up or remove even though they are better for travel with your dogs.

So, research before you obtain the right barriers for your dogs.

4. Storage Options

When you're looking for storage properties, such as compartments, pockets, and other features, focus more on the barriers for dogs that have all of these.

That way, you can store away their necessities and get them quickly if dogs need them.

5. Anything Else? Yes!

You must know that barriers for dogs are NOT safety-tested as dog crates, carriers, or harnesses in car crashes.

Now, I know that all pet owners like to place their dogs into safety systems; however, barriers are good if you cannot afford crates.

Additionally, hyperactive dogs are better at applying crates and harnesses than barriers since they might hurt themselves, but barriers will prevent them as much as possible.


What is the best car dog barrier?

The best dog barrier is the top choice - rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Van, Vehicles, thanks to its security standards and overall benefits.

What is the best way to restrain a dog in a car?

best car pet gate
  • Place your dog into the seat belt system
  • Connect your dog with a zipline harness system
  • Place a dog in a car crate
  • Get a dog a small push carry box
  • Fit a dog in the guard in the trunk or boot
  • Arrange a back seat hammock
  • Install a dog car barrier

Is it illegal to have your dog unrestrained in your car?

There aren't laws concerning this issue; however, experts state you need to restrain dogs in cars properly; otherwise, they might be hurt.

You won't pay penalties for that violation, but you will pay for improper control of your vehicle.

What is the best pet barrier for an SUV?

The best pet barrier for an SUV is the rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Van, Vehicles.

As you might observe, the dog car barrier contains the ultimate security benefits and is convenient not only for SUVs but also for other motor vehicles.

What is the best car for carrying dogs?

best dog car barriers
  • Subaru Outback
  • Mini Countryman
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Land Rover Discovery


To conclude, let's quickly revise.

It would be perfect if you had various barriers to make your dogs calm in the vehicles' back seats and prevent them from causing accidents.

You saw various benefits they provide and how to install them.

However, the winner takes it all, and the best dog car barrier is the rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Van, Vehicles for the best features and benefits overall, so check it now!

Your dogs will love it!

rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier for SUVs, Adjustable Large Pet Car Gate, Universal-Fit Divider Cargo Area,...*
  • Keep Everyone Safe in Car: Safety Matters! This large vehicle dog barrier safely keeps your dog from jumping into the front seat, allow the driver to drive without distractions, keep your pet and all...
  • Universal Fit, Fully Adjustable: 1x Main Panel measures Length 35.8” and Height 15.7” + 2x side panels measures Length 16.5” and Height 11.8” = Can be extended to a full length of 60.6"....
  • Upgraded Designed for Added Security: Unlike the common knob design which can break easily, we improve the design for a more secured result – you can attach the side-panels onto the large main panel...
  • Tool-Less Installation: Simply mount the barrier tightly to the back headrests using 2 thick Nylon Straps with Metal Grips, without any tool necessary. Adjust freely to fit your backseat area. Quick...
  • Reliable Wire Net for Large Dogs: Tired of other flimsy dog barriers that keep falling down when dogs push? This sturdy dog mesh barrier is constructed out of premium-quality steel which can hold up...
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