Flying Delta With a Baby: All Information in One Place! (2022 Updates)

We've collected all crucial information when flying Delta with a baby. These include multiple regulations, such as:

- Pregnancy policies

- Infant/children fares

- Stroller and car seat policies

- Baggage allowance

- Other child restraint devices

- Child meals, bassinets & other onboard services

- Entertainment.

Let's take a close look.


What You Should Know When Flying Delta With a Baby: A Complete Guide for All Parents

Delta Air Lines has specific rules for passengers traveling with children. It would help to inspect the policies before your trip. If you still haven't done so, refer to the guide below.

delta rules on flying pregnant

Delta Airlines pregnancy policy

Delta Air Lines doesn't restrict pregnant women from flying and won't require a medical certificate for the journey. However, the airline urges all pregnant women to check with their doctors whether they are fit to travel after their eighth month of pregnancy. In addition, you cannot waive ticket change fees for pregnancy.

Delta Air Lines & flying with babies (Infants under two years of age)

When traveling with your infant under two, you have two possibilities:

- Traveling as a lap child (infant-in-arms)

- Traveling in an FAA-approved car seat. You must purchase a ticket to use the FAA-approved child safety seat to have a reserved seat.

Find more information in the following table:


Delta flights within the U.S. (domestic flights)

Delta flights outside the U.S. (international flights)

Lap child (infant-in-arms)

Free within the USA, but you must inform Delta Air Lines to add your infant or child under two to your ticket

Ten percent of the adult fare, plus international taxes or fees, but you must notify Delta Airlines to list your child in the ticket

Seated child (in separate car seats)

Must pay for adult fare ticket, and bring an FAA-approved child safety seat for a domestic Delta flight

Must pay for adult fare ticket and bring an FAA-approved car seat for an international Delta flight

When must I purchase a ticket for my child?

You must buy a ticket for your child when you:

flying delta with an infant
  • Have a kid that is two years old and older
  • Travel with a child that turns two during the journey
  • Already have a kid sitting on your lap, regardless of their age
  • Prefer the child sitting in a seat within an FAA-approved car seat
  • Travel between countries, regardless of whether or not your child will use the seat
  • Want your kid to earn miles for their SkyMiles account

Delta airlines & traveling with more than one infant

One adult passenger can travel with only one lap child, according to the FAA rules. If an adult passenger travels with two infants, they must purchase a separate seat for the additional infant. Infants using a seat on domestic flights must pay a ticket and applicable fare.

Delta Air Lines & flying with other children (Aged two & older)

Find the eligible fare types for children during travel. The policies also refer to infants who become older children during the trip.

Age at the time of travel

Tickets and fees within the U.S. (domestic flight)

Tickets and fees outside the U.S. (international flight)

Travel requirements

Less than two years old - lap child

Ticket requested

Ticket required; generally at ten percent of the adult fare. Fees are country-specific

Cannot travel alone; must be accompanied by an adult passenger, at least eighteen years old

Less than two years old - in their own seat

Ticket requested

Ticket required; country-specific discounted child fares

Cannot travel alone; must be accompanied by an adult passenger, at least eighteen years old

Two to four years old children

Ticket requested

Ticket required; country-specific discounts can apply

Cannot travel alone; must be accompanied by an adult passenger, at least eighteen years old

Five to fourteen years old children

Ticket requested

Ticket required; country-specific discounts might apply

Can travel alone on nonstop flights, as Unaccompanied Minors

Fifteen years old and older children

Ticket requested

Ticket required; country-specific discounted fares could apply

Can travel alone

Child & infant age restrictions

Not all children can travel with Delta Airlines. There are specific restrictions on certain ages or special requirements. Please, refer to the table below.

Children ages at the time of unaccompanied travel

Travel permitted/not permitted

Newborns under seven days

Cannot travel unless accompanied by an approval letter from a physician permitting newborn to fly

Infants zero to two years old

Can travel with a parent, accompanying adult, or legal guarding eighteen years and older on adult’s lap (lap infants), or in their own seat

Delta Airlines & child's baggage allowance

The fare paid for the travel will partly determine the baggage allowance. Look at the guidelines below for a better understanding: unticketed infant/child & ticketed infant/child.

1. Unticketed Infant/Child

If children travel for free, they don't have a baggage allowance. Any baggage for the child counts as a part of the adult's baggage allowance.

2. Ticketed Infant/Child

  • Children traveling on international flights have an international ticket that is ten percent of the adult fare. These children are allowed one checked bag up to twenty pounds (nine kilograms), not exceeding 45 inches (L+W+H), and one checked fully collapsible stroller/push-chair.
  • Lap children (infants-in-arms) on a Transatlantic Basic Economy Fare (TATL) are not eligible for a free baggage allowance.
  • Children traveling on a ticket that is fifty percent and more of the adult fare have a standard baggage allowance. The standard baggage allowance includes two checked bags under fifty pounds (23 kilograms), one personal item, and one free carry-on bag. Proportions should not exceed the maximum outside dimension of 62 inches (L+W+H). You can even count your baggage allowance here.

Delta Airlines & other carry-on infant items

In addition to the one-bag carry-on allowance, parents can bring additional infant gear onboard as extra free baby items. The gear includes:

- Baby's bassinet

- Booster seat/infant seat

- Breast pump with a corresponding cooler bag

Bassinets and similar child restraint devices that are part of the carry-on baggage must be properly secured by the seat belt to be used on an aircraft seat. However, the items must meet the required carry-on size restrictions.

Delta Airlines stroller policy

You can check strollers and car seats free of charge, as they are not part of the standard baggage allowance. You can check the baby items at the gate, ticket counter, or curbside.

Delta Airlines child restraint system policy

Delta Airlines won't charge you for traveling with child restraint devices - FAA-approved seats, strollers, and booster seats. The units are not part of your or your kid's baggage allowance. You can check them at the gate or before you go through security.

flying with a child delta airlines

Seating rules with the child restraints

Delta Airlines recommends the window seat as the best position for a suitable child restraint device. However, the airline accepts other locations, as long as you don't install the child restraint system between the aisle seats and other passengers. If you place a seat in the middle seat, you must take the window seat.

In addition, an accompanying adult must sit next to the kid. The airline accepts more than one infant seat in the same section and row of seats. According to FAA regulations, children under two cannot sit in a child restraint device equipped with an airbag seat belt system.

The FAA seats must have labels that they are allowed for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. In addition, the labels have a circle surrounding the letter "e" followed by the distinguishing number approving, indicating the seat's category and mass group. To use the seats on Delta flights, they must also have a foreign government's approval and meet the United Nations' standards.

When using a child restraint device, please do not select:

- Emergency exit rows

- Aisle seats

- Bulkhead seats when the child restraint device is a combination car seat and stroller

- Any seat one row back/one row forward the emergency exit row

- Flatbed seats in the Delta One area on the following aircraft: Boeing 747, 767, 777; Airbus A330-200, A330-300 aircraft*

*Delta Airlines prohibits child restraints in this aircraft area, as the airbag seat belt cannot be turned off.

Other child restraint device policies

You can bring child restraints onboard if there is a vacant aircraft seat in your row or if you bought a seat for your kid. In that case, you must use the seat during the takeoff and landing. When the seat next to you is not vacant, you must give the seat to a Delta Representative to check it at the gate.

You cannot bring any seats, such as booster seats. Firstly, the FAA prohibits their use on the aircraft, and secondly, you must know in advance if the seats fit a particular plane. You can check Delta Airlines aircraft here to provide a specific seat's category.

The flight attendant will check if your child is tightly secured in the aircraft seats. However, you have certain responsibilities when flying with a baby:

  • Ensure the seat follows the FAA guidelines
  • Make sure it restraints your baby according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Ensure the child doesn't exceed weight and size limits
  • The seat is not damaged and functions properly
  • You can secure the seat properly with the aircraft seat's seat belt 

Delta Airlines bassinet policy

Delta Airlines offers bassinets for kids on international flights. They're ideal for babies up to 26 inches/66 cm and 20 pounds/9 kg.

Bassinets are known as SkyCots and are available in select seats on international flights. You can reserve them in advance in the "Reservations" part before coming to the airport. Next, you will inform Delta Air Lines agents at the boarding gate that you request bassinets. However, due to weight restrictions, they cannot guarantee the item as bassinets are limited - only one or two on a flight.

Baby & child meals on Delta

Delta Airlines provides baby and child meals, but only if you require them 24 hours in advance. Baby food comes in jars, suitable for kids less than one. On the other hand, meals are ideal for kids between two and twelve, with food recommended for children.

However, Delta offers various meals for specific passengers, such as low-sodium, vegetarian, diabetic, and low-cholesterol, following special dietary requirements. You must pre-order them 24 hours in advance via MyTrips. You can also call 1-800221-1212 or visit the "Special Service Requests" part to request your meal.

"Special meals" requests are not available on the flights from:

- Albuquerque

- El Paso

- Tucson

Kosher meals are not available on flights from:

- Bogota

- Quito

- Lima

- Cartagena

Other Delta services for parents

how to fly with a baby on delta


Delta Airlines support women breastfeeding kids either onboard or in their facilities. The airline allows breast pumps onboard. You can also find lactation rooms for privacy. Ask staff to help you locate a room if needed.

Family seating policy

Delta strives to seat families together upon request. If you cannot reserve seats on the official website or the Delta app, contact Reservations to make a request.

Children's entertainment

Children can enjoy more than 1000+ hours with twelve channels on live T.V., along with premium channels, T.V. shows, movies, cartoons, playlists, games, music, etc.


Does Delta Airlines require birth certificates for infants?

No, Delta Airlines doesn't require birth certificates for infants. But, it requires a passport or other government-issued I.D. with a good picture.

Is a diaper bag considered a carry-on Delta?

No, a diaper is not considered a carry-on when flying with Delta.

Are car seats and strollers free on Delta?

Yes, seats and strollers are free to check on Delta Airlines.

Does Delta let you sit with your child?

Yes, Delta enables you to sit with your child if required for the family seating. The airline requires you to sit with your children when they're on an adult's lap or bring your seats. You must accompany your children until they are unaccompanied minors.

Final Thoughts

We hope we answered all your questions regarding Delta Airlines and baby policies.

Follow the guidelines, and inform the agents in advance if you travel with lap children or older, as the fares are not the same on all Delta flights. And bring a proper child restraint device to meet the rules for a successful family journey.

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