Flying With Baby: Qatar Airways for All Parents! (The Best 2022 Guide)

Flying with a baby on Qatar Airways has many advantages. It’s a baby-friendly airline, but with specific rules for:

- Child airfares

- Baggage allowance for lap infants 

- Car seats and other child restraint devices

- Stroller policies

- Child meals and bassinet seats

- Other child services onboard and on the ground. 

So, whether you're traveling with the airline for the first time or already have an experience, here are certain factors to consider when flying with babies on Qatar Airways.


All You Need to Know When Flying With a Baby on Qatar Airways

You can board with your child after going through all the checking procedures. But have you checked all the policies, eligibility, and similar requirements? If not, take a quick look below!

Can I fly with my newborn baby?

Yes, you can fly on Qatar Airways with your newborn. Infants less than eight days old might be accepted to travel, given the following circumstances:

is baby stroller allowed in qatar airways
  • On compassionate grounds. When traveling on compassionate grounds, a mother must provide a Certificate obtained from a suitable pediatrician. The certificate must indicate that the newborn is fit to travel. Also, the child's required travel documents must be available (passport, visa types, proof of vaccination, or CPR/ Quick Antigen tests). Based on your travel status (vaccinated and recovered from COVID-19, you can find more information here.
  • On medical grounds. When traveling on Medical Grounds, parents must get the Qatar Airways Medical Center approval by using a MEDIF.
    MEDIF is a special approval used for providing confidential information to passengers requesting special assistance. The paper enables Qatar Airways Medical Center to assess the fitness of passengers for air travel. It also determines the use of required medical equipment during the travel, such as a ventilator, incubator, stretcher, etc.

Fare type eligibility on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways fares for infants and children depend on the child's age at the date of departure. There are three types of infant or child fares on the airline:

  • Infant fare - from 8 days until their second birthday (at the time of departure for each flight during your journey)
  • Child fare - from 2 to 5 years
  • Adult fare - from 5 to 12 years and older

Please refer to the tables below to find the applicable fare type depending on your child's age.

Infants less than two years old.

Your child is eligible for infant age during the period between eight days and two years old.

Number of infants

Additional acceptance criteria

Fare type eligibility

One infant and one adult

No additional acceptance criteria.

Infant fare if the child travels on a parent's lap.

Child fare if a child travels in a separate seat or car seat**

Two infants and one adult

The second infant should be older than 12 months and able to sit on a seat with a seat belt.

If both infants are under 12 months old, they must be accompanied by a second adult passenger (at least 16 years old).

Child fare if the second infant is older than 12 months and travels in a separate seat or car seat

Three infants and two adults***

The third infant should be over 12 months old and able to sit on a seat with a seat belt.

If all three infants are under 12 months of age, they must be accompanied by a third adult passenger (at least 16 years old).

Child fare if the third infant is older than 12 months and travels in a separate seat or car seat.

** Car seats are approved for infants and children aged between 6 months and 36 months only.

*** When flying with three and more infants:

- Every adult shall be responsible for one infant during the entire flight.

- Any additional infant (four infants and three adults) must be accompanied by an additional passenger (at least 16 years old). You must provide all booking details of the accompanying passengers at the time of reservation.

Children aged 2 years & older

Age range

Acceptance criteria

Fare type eligibility

2 - 5 years

Should be accompanied by an adult over 16 years old when traveling.

Child fare

5 to 12 years

Can travel as unaccompanied minors.

Adult fare

12 years and older

Can travel alone on an adult fare.

Adult fare

Can I travel with my kids in the different/same cabin?

Parents and kids may travel in different cabins on the same flight for multiple reasons (not enough vacant seats in the Business or the First Class cabin, traveling with friends/cousins/colleagues in a particular cabin, etc.).

The policy states that kids between 5 and 11 can travel in a different cabin on the same flight as their parent/guardian. However, all children under five should travel with someone 16 and older in the same cabin on the plane.

Qatar Airways baggage allowance

Qatar Airways provides two types of checked baggage allowance:

- Infant fare baggage allowance

- Child fare baggage allowance

Infant fare baggage allowance

do babies fly free internationally qatar airways

For the infants, the airline allows you to bring:

- One piece of baggage concept (23kg/50 pounds) in all travel classes

- 10 kilograms of weight concept (22 pounds) in all travel classes

In addition, the airline accepts one stroller, pushchair, or carrycot per infant, free of charge.

Child fare baggage allowance

Baggage allowances can vary depending on the cabin class and your route. So please, examine the precise baggage details printed on your plane ticket.

The following information will help you determine the weight and number of baggage pieces you are allowed to carry during your flight with Qatar Airways.

For the Economy class, you're allowed to take:

- To/from all destinations: one piece 25kg/55 pounds 

- To/from Africa and the Americas: two pieces (23kg/ 50 pounds each)

- Hand luggage: one piece (7 kg/15 pounds) 50x37x25cm (20x15x10inches)

You can find the exact requirements for the Business and First Class here.

Additional baggage guidelines

  • The length, width, and height should not exceed 158 cm/62 inches by piece and 300cm/118 inches by weight
  • A single piece of checked-in baggage should not exceed 32kg/70 pounds
  • Excess baggage - additional charges will apply if you exceed the maximum weight allowance written on your plane ticket

Children and infants traveling on a child fare are entitled to the same baggage allowance as passengers traveling on an adult fare.

Car seats and child restraint devices

does qatar airways allowed hand luggage

Parents traveling with Qatar Airlines can bring either a personal car seat or use a child restraint device - CRD. The passengers always bring car seats, while the restraint devices are provided by Qatar Airlines.

A child restraint device refers to a specific seat that Qatar Airways uses to shelter your infant on the plane better. You must reserve this seat, as it must fit the regular aircraft seat. Qatar Airways must provide the CRD with no extra charge if the passenger requires it a minimum of 48 hours before the flight departure.

The child restraint device is designed for infants between 20 and 40 pounds/9 and 18kg and 40 inches/101.6cm tall. However, even infants under two can use these devices if the conditions allow.

The airline allows car seats for infants between 3 and 36 months sharply. The seats must be FAA, JAA, or Transport Canada approved. They also must meet and exceed FMVSS 213, UN ECE R, 44-03, EASA, and Canadian CMVSS 213 regulations.

Qatar Airways stroller policy

You can bring baby strollers on the planes. The airport official will count them in addition to your baggage allowance. You can take baby strollers on Qatar Airways free of charge.

Complimentary strollers

Qatar Airways provides baby strollers at Hamad International Airport, as your strollers are no longer delivered at the aircraft door. The officials also provide disposable covers to ensure the strollers are neat and clean. The service is free of charge.

You can request strollers for your infants and children in need in the following way:

- Request a baby stroller during the check-in when departing from Hamad International Airport.

- Find a baby stroller at the arrival hall when arriving or transferring at Hamad International Airport.

Doha Airport also used to provide strollers for families in transit. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, they are no longer disposable to parents. Therefore, strollers haven't been available even in April 2022 at Doha Airport, but Hamad International Airport still provides strollers for flying families.

Hamad International Airport is also quite convenient for limitless fun for kids and parents. Kids can slide on multiple bronze sculptures and play in the Oryx Kids Club while waiting for the flight. In addition, both parents and children can relax and enjoy the comfort, privacy, and pool in the Oryx Airport Hotel while waiting for connecting flights.

Onboard services for quality family time

Qatar Airways provides priority boarding and check-in to parents traveling with infants. Priority boarding is given to all families with infants and children younger than two. The airline offers you:

- a possibility to reserve a baby bassinet seat

- a special kit, including plush toys, soft toys, baby food jars, diapers, and a bottle.

Bassinet seats

Please contact your nearest Qatar Airways Office to reserve a baby bassinet seat. The infant's age should not exceed 24 months, and the maximum body weight should not exceed 11kg/24 pounds.

The infant must fit within the dimensions of the bassinet seats. The seat’s dimensions are 76.8cm x 29.8cm x 15.8cm/30.23 x 11.73 x 6.22 inches.

In addition, refer to the nearest Qatar Airways Office to check the availability of the bassinet seats within a separate cabin on a specific aircraft. For example, the bassinets are not available in the First Class cabin on board the Airbus 380.

Special kits

Soft toys are available for infants, as well as activity packs. The creative and educational kits contain stickers, crayons, and activity books with fun facts, puzzles, and coloring pages.

Qatar Airlines provides a lunch box since your kids can get hungry after a few hours of flight. So please, pre-order the baby food while booking your tickets. The package contains a nutritious, fresh, tasty meal, fruit juice, and fun treats. Once the flight attendant serves the baby meal, you don't have to return it.

However, it would be best to bring your baby formula when traveling with an infant. Flight attendants will get a minimal amount in an emergency, but you should bring enough of your own.

Extra tricks for parents and infants traveling internationally

are babies allowed to fly business class

It's always better to have a backup plan if something goes wrong (your baby feels uncomfortable, gets sick, is nervous, or you prolong your vacation.) Here's what you can do:

  • It helps if you have a bottle for infants or gum for older kiddos, as they can experience pain in their ears, especially during the loading phase. These baby items will help reduce the pressure, and your kids won't cry too much. You can also ask crew members for assistance.
  • Request bassinet seats in advance that your baby needs a long and quality nap. They can stretch and fully relax for superior comfort.
  • Contact pediatricians or health clinics if you decide to stay longer in a foreign country to familiarize the doctors with your child's vaccination/immunization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Qatar Airways baby friendly?

Yes, Qatar Airways is baby friendly. You can request bassinet seats if needed, and your kids can play during the light, thanks to the multiple activity kits the crew members provide. They can also eat during the flight, so the aircraft is very comfortable.

Is a diaper bag allowed on Qatar Airways?

Yes, a diaper bag is allowed on Qatar Airways, and it won't count as carry-on luggage.

Final thoughts

We hope the guide about flying with baby on Qatar Airways answers all your dilemmas so that you can prepare for your flight in advance. There are various benefits Qatar Airways offers, and it is also baby-friendly, so don't miss its convenience.

When in doubt, find the contact details of the nearest Qatar Airways office, and ask for additional information until you solve your dilemmas.

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