Best Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Reviews 2022: All You Need to Know

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Are you on-the-go parents looking for a travel system that delivers in safety, budget, and convenience?

Well, you're at the right place!

Today, you're going to find out about the extraordinary Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system with SafeMax car seat!

At present, the Evenflo travel system has become more and more popular among parents. But why?

Well, stay tuned and find out!

Quick Summary

The Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System is a three-in-one stroller that grows with your baby, offering maximum versatility and flexibility.

- Flexible infant travel system: 5/5 (comes as a stroller and car seat combo)

- Comfortable: 5/5 (ergonomic handle and design for less pressure)

- Flexibility: 5/5 (six modes of use and convenience)

- Safety features: 5/5 (side-impact protection, and FMVSS and tests)

What we like
  • extensive safety features
  • versatility with six different using modes
  • massive storage basket
  • comfortable
What we don't like
  • tricky snapping seat process
  • stroller combo featuring different quality standards compared to the seat

Bottom line: Overall, the Evenflo Pivot modular travel stroller combo is an excellent travel system that delivers safety, budget, and comfort.

The car seats used are FMVSS tests, as well for the structural integrity, so they offer maximum safety features for your little one.

In addition, the stroller is lightweight, compact, and portable, so it's convenient for a car trip.

But, it's a single, not a double stroller as the newer generation, so this might be a drawback.

However, if you want a practical travel system, the Pivot travel system can be yours for a very reasonable price (less than $300), so the price matches the quality and performance.

So, you can find the BEST DEAL HERE!

So, What's So Unique About the Evenflo?

evenflo pivot modular travel system ratings

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1. Design and Versatility Mechanism

As you will notice, the Evenflo Pivot modular travel system shows maximum versatility and flexibility for your little one.

I personally like it since it offers six different seating modes. Thus, you can stroll with your kids in the rear-facing or forward-facing infant car seat or toddler seat.

So, the reversible mode permits parents to choose the best option for their little ones. My kids like both methods.

In addition, the Evenflo pivot modular travel system also includes converting the toddler seat into a bassinet mode or switching from the carriage mode to the toddler seat.

So, whatever manner you choose, your child will have maximum stability features and comfort.

Now, the Evenflo pivot modular travel system has a new generation - the Evenflo Pivot Xpand travel system, with 22 travel and seating modes, so if you prefer more comfort, you should go for it.

2. About the Safemax Infant Car Seat

We cannot move on unless we explain the SafeMax infant car seat that creates a perfect stroller combo with the Evenflo unit.

The SafeMax infant car seat is an ideal car seat for your newborn baby.

The infant car seat supports your baby boy or baby girl between 4 and 35 pounds. And, you can install it in your vehicle, thanks to the stay-in-car base, in a rear-facing manner.

The SafeZone car seat base is exceptionally convenient and flexible for more extended use and offers exceptional safety benefits.

In addition, unlike other infant car seats, the SafeMax provides increased stability.

The stay-in-car base contains energy-absorbing materials and content and arranges the pressure, external forces, and energy during the car collision.

Also, it benefits an anti-rebound bar that also absorbs the pressure, keeping your baby stable.

However, the anti-rebound bar also prevents forward motion and keeps the SafeMax infant car seat and your child immovable, fixed, and stable in the back seat of your vehicle.

So, the anti-rebound bar significantly contributes to your kiddo's security.

Of course, both the infant car seat and stroller combo meet and exceed the Federal crash test standard and other regulations and rules necessary for the smoother ride and maximum safety on the road.

In addition, the infant car seat is effortless to install in your vehicle, thanks to the car seat base. And, you can quickly remove it with a single click and transfer it back to the stroller.

So, the Evenflo Pivot modular travel system is a fantastic reversible stroller that quickly adjusts to your needs.

However, the Evenflo Pivot Xpand has more advanced features regarding the infant car seat and toddler seat, so it would be a better alternative if you want a double stroller.

Still, if you want a smooth ride with the infant car seat and a singular stroller, you can snap it into the stroller frame in a forward and rear-facing manner.

In addition, the infant and toddler stroller doesn't require any car seat adapter, making it effortless for you to switch between the stroller and car, as you don't have to wake your baby.

So, you can use it as a regular stroller or a travel system.

Moreover, I like the SafeMax car seat since it comes with a full-coverage canopy, is suitable for weather elements, and has extra protection.

My daughter loves a cool and calming atmosphere, so I always extend it to cover her from the sun or wind. However, I like a peek-a-boo window, as I can better keep an eye on her without pauses.

So, overall, the peek-a-boo window is extremely helpful and valuable.

You don't have to worry about your kid's comfort, as the infant car seat benefits from a cushion for both back and head support with a soft cloth for better head control, more support, and better stability of your kiddo.

It will also fit their delicate skin. As your baby grows, you can remove it and provide more room.

Also, the upfront harness adjustment is possible due to rethreading, allowing your baby more comfort and better security.

The 5-point harness will significantly protect them from slipping away and severe injuries.

Parents can quickly move the car seat around without pressure on their hands with an ergonomic handlebar since the infant seat weighs only 8 pounds.

Thus, it won't add more load when you place a baby inside. So, I find it very practical for my kiddo.

evenflo pivot xpand modular travel system reviews

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3. Carriage Mode Benefits

As previously mentioned, the Evenflo pivot modular reversible stroller helps you convert the stroller into a carriage manner.

If you're wondering how to do so, relax - the process is pretty simple, and you don't need a bassinet in the package.

Firstly, you need to remove the seat from the frame stroller; you flip it over and find a buckle at the bottom part and unfasten it.

Then, you have to pull out the strap that hangs at the back and recline the car seat fully.

Next, click the car seat into the stroller frame, recline it all the way down, and there you go - you have a stroller with the bassinet.

The same can happen when you attach the car seat to the stroller frame.

When you use the stroller in the carriage mode, the canopy will cover your baby. But, in my opinion, it's best to use a bassinet for strolling with your infant since you don't need head or neck control.

And, since the stroller combo features a two-in-one design, then you will get more space.

However, it's crucial to remember that you can use the bassinet when you attach it to the stroller frame; otherwise, it will collapse.

So, if you want a stable stroller with a removable bassinet, you can check our site to find an alternative.

4. Toddler Mode Benefits

When your baby is old and strong enough to sit in the stroller seat without head and neck support, then you can use toddler seats without the carriage.

The toddler stroller seat is effortless to recline and lift, with two adjustable positions:

- lower, or raising the whole car seat

- reclining car seat back via a strap

In these modes, the Pivot modular single stroller offers the seat to go all the way down so that your kiddo can nap during the strolling session.

However, I find a full recline very helpful when changing the diaper.

Still, the car seat is suitable due to the belly bar that you can use as a handle or your child can hold on to.

Also, you will see a removable child tray with a cup holder, clicking into the bumper bar.

So, you can place their favorite snacks and drinks in the snack tray and keep them comfortable. Then, you can remove them with two clicks.

The child tray doesn't swing away, and you can easily remove it.

Also, you will find it helpful to see that the seat has a soft fabric, easy to clean and maintain. So, it offers more coziness, and you don't have to worry the material will be destroyed.

So, the stroller and seat are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Since the seat contains an adjustable 5-point harness system, your baby will have additional protection and stability.

But, it will support your kids up to 50 pounds for more security and safety while in the car seat and modular frame.

As you might notice, parents buy travel systems as their primary strollers since they don't need to use car seat adapters, and the travel systems serve them until the kids are old enough to walk alone or even use a convertible seat or a booster.

Additionally, unlike most strollers, travel systems are more affordable, so if you think the Evenflo Pivot modular travel system is the right stroller, you can obtain it now.

5. Sun Canopy

As you have already seen, the sun canopy contains a 3-panel design, so it fully covers your baby.

Simultaneously, it offers complete protection from all-weather elements, but it still provides enough airflow and circulation.

Therefore, your baby will be relaxed, cool, and calm for an extended period.

And, the peek-a-boo window offers more comfort and insight into their actions.

6. Wheel System

Now, it's essential to remember that the stroller has two smaller front wheels and two bigger rear wheels, with Cruiser tires.

In addition, the travel system has a front-wheel swivel system, so you don't have to worry about flat tires.

However, the travel is not a jogging stroller, and the Cruiser tires are not for all terrains. So, if you want to jog with your baby, you may try jogging alternatives.

However, the travel system stroller is an excellent model for flat surfaces, park paths, uneven terrains, and other sidewalks.

So, it's suitable for the urban lifestyle, like mine, for instance.

7. Brakes System

Your travel system stroller will be highly safe, stable, and secure for more robust use.

Namely, the travel system includes double action brakes located on the rear wheels.

Honestly, I don't think it's such a big issue to lock the wheels independently; however, it will be more convenient to have a single action brake for wheels.

So, I think there's still room for improvement.

However, if you're a busy mom wearing high heels, or sandals, it will be effortless for you to step on the brakes since they're easily adjustable and effortless to lift and press.

8. Comfort for Parents

My dear parents, the Evenflo travel system stroller has an ergonomically designed handle, suitable for our hands since it doesn't cause additional pressure and discomfort.

But, you need to know that the handlebar is not flexible but fixed, and you have to adjust to it at 40 inches of height.

So, it will be perfect for shorter parents, but for taller parents, it's not the best stroller.

evenflo pivot xpand modular travel system safety ratings

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9. Extra Features - Storage Basket

Regarding this benefit, the stroller includes an extra-large storage basket beneath the car seat.

Thus in the oversized storage basket, you can place the baby gear, valuable items, and other necessities needed for the smoothest travel experience or stroll around.

Also, you can place a diaper bag and other critical essentials that might be valuable for your ride. And, the basket is easily accessible from both sides - back and front.

10. Proportions and Folding Options

As you will notice, the Evenflo stroller weighs 20 pounds, which is exceptionally convenient since this is a full-size stroller.

You can have the stroller folded in no time, thanks to the easy-folding mechanism.

So, you will find two levers on both sides of the handlebar, and you have to lift them and then fold them down.

However, you don't have to bend over, and this is a piece of excellent news for all parents with back pain.

After you fold it, you can lock the stroller when pressing a button, so it will stand on its own and remain closed.

In addition, due to its small and compact design, the stroller will be effortless to store away and transport even in minor car trunks.

The only drawback might be its unfolding process - you have to use both of your hands, which makes me nervous and stressed, but it's the exact mechanism with numerous strollers, so in the end, it's not such a big deal, although I wouldn't say I like it.

reviews on evenflo pivot xpand modular travel system

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11. The Installation Process

Since the Evenflo stroller has a folding, small and compact design and mechanism, the stroller will be effortless and quick to install.

It might seem too tiring and challenging the first time you try, but after a couple of attempts, it will be a piece of cake.

You will quickly attach the seat, handlebar, and wheels, so it's highly convenient for a stroll.

12. Additional Accessories

Of course, the stroller won't come alone, but with a few accessories to make your rides smoother.

So, you will find the child tray for snacks and drink to keep your little ones comfortable and relaxed in the stroller.

For parents, there is a cup holder suitable for your coffee or other beverage to make you relaxed and enjoy your rides more.

Both accessories are effortless to attach or detach for quick cleaning and maintaining process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your child fit the Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system?

The stroller and travel system are convenient for infants and toddlers.

The minimum weight limit for the rear-facing mode is four, and the maximum is 35 pounds. For the toddler mode, the maximum weight limit is 50 pounds.

So, when you measure your kiddo, you will see if they fit the stroller.

Also, check the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations to see whether the stroller fits your kiddo's needs.

Is the Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system easy to setup and install?

evenflo pivot xpand modular travel system safety reviews

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Yes, it is. You will need only a few moments to attach the seat to the stroller frame, click all parts together, and find the best posture for your kid.

And, you can check numerous videos to help you attach everything step by step.

How safe is the Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system for your child?

The stroller is exceptionally safe and secure.

The seat has a 5-point harness for extra stability and safety for your kid, not to slip away. The attachments are solid and reliable for more robust uses on uneven terrains.

In addition, the wheels and brakes add more stability and security when you park the stroller, so it cannot move around or stroll away if you're not around.

But, the stroller also meets and exceeds numerous FMVSS and other standards, so it verifies its safety and security benefits.

What are the alternative options?

As with other strollers, the Evenflo model also has numerous alternatives that might show better benefits if it lacks some.

So, you can try the following models:

Evenflo Pivot Xpand travel system, as the more advanced and brand-new generation of the Evenflo strollers

Chicco Bravo Trio travel system

However, both options have similar benefits as our stroller, and both have room for improvement.

It's just little details that make them stand out on the market.

Personal Experience

I know how parents can be picky and not trust all they read. However, when you have a shared experience with other parents, things are different.

So, let's see what other parents say about this Evenflo model.

According to Tania, a seven-month-pregnant future mom, her first experience was unforgettable since, as she states, it was effortless to assemble the stroller.

But, as she further says, she's satisfied with the benefits, especially the vast canopy and reversible seat.

Amanda is happy with the stroller since it's elementary to use and adjust to her needs.

In addition, the frame is lightweight and easy to operate, stylish, and easy to store away. So, she finds it compact and easily portable.

And Ilse is happy as the car stroller is NHTSA approved, showing maximum safety and security features.

Therefore, as she claims, it's perfect for long distances and even car travel.

Final Thoughts

And, here we are! It's time to say goodbye!

I hope you liked the reviews and learned numerous exciting info and facts regarding the Evenflo stroller.

If you think this is the best solution for your needs, I suggest you hurry up and purchase it now.

Trust me; you won't find any similar model that delivers comfort for babies and parents, provides exceptional safety and security, and offers compact and easy to operate design.

Therefore, don't miss this chance while you still have time!

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