Graco Affix vs TurboBooster: Pick Your Favorite With Ease!

Honestly, what would we do without Graco?

They continue to deliver high-quality car seats and boosters for parents worldwide, while the price vs. quality standard is unmatched!

Your kiddo might have grown out of their Graco Admiral 65 convertible car seat, so logically you are looking for the next best thing: a booster seat! Luckily, Graco offers a variety of booster seats, while two hold a tight competition.

We will be reviewing Graco Affix vs TurboBooster and determine once and for all which one is the better booster seat! But, I warn you, the choice won't be that easy!


General Specifications


Graco Affix

Graco TurboBooster

Weight Limit

40-100 pounds

40-100 pounds

Weight of the Item

9.8 pounds

8.42 pounds


15.5 x 16.5 x 26.75 inches

15 x 16.5 x 26.5 inches

Modes of Use

high-back mode and backless booster

high-back booster seat and a backless booster

Graco Affix vs TurboBooster: A Quick Overview

The Graco Affix is a 2-in-1 booster seat that converts from a high-back mode to a backless booster. It uses a lower LATCH system with two straps you can easily pull and tighten to get the perfect installation each time.

Compared to the TurboBooster seat, the Affix booster does offer a wider seat depth design that is perfect for bigger kids. The 6-position headrest is easily adjusted according to the child's height, while the wider design does not allow it to be installed in three across fittings.

On the other hand, the Graco TurboBooster is the older model of the popular LX booster seat. However, this booster shares similar features with the Affix one in the seat depth, LATCH system, and price difference.

This booster is much more narrow, so it's great if you have triplets or tend to be in charge of carpooling! The higher price is not that drastic, so that you will be investing in a trustworthy car seat.

graco affix vs turbobooster lx backless

1. Safety standards

With Graco, you don't have to worry about one thing: safety! The Affix and the TurboBooster have been designed to meet and follow all of the US safety standards and have been crash-tested.

One of the best features of these booster seats is the side impact protection and the EPS energy-absorbing foam. Not only does it add a bit of comfort to the kiddo, but it also keeps the safety to the maximum!

But, how do you know for a fact which one is better when both are crash tested and use the same features in safety? Easy!

The TurboBooster has been rated the "Best Bet Booster" seat by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. However, although this prestigious award makes the TurboBooster look more appealing in the safety department, there is one flaw.

The TurboBooster by Graco utilizes the child's weight and the car seat belt to achieve a secure installation. However, this could potentially result in unsafe installation, which many parents agree on!

In the safety considerations, many users find Graco Affix booster seat much safer and more stable when installed in the vehicle seat. This is because the Graco Affix uses a unique LATCH system as an anchor, which holds the booster tight on the back seat.

2. How well do they adjust?

You will find it practical that both the Affix model and the TurboBooster use the headrest for the adjustment system.

Once you pull the LATCH on the headrest, you can adjust the perfect height of it! It allows the booster seat to follow the growth of the child. This type of design is excellent for long trips when naps are inevitable.

The two models can quickly transform from a high-back booster seat into a backless mode. However, the only difference here is that you will wonder which is the better booster seat with a LATCH system?

Again, I have to go with the Affix one.

Once you start using the backless booster mode, you will notice that the TurboBooster is not that secure in the car seat, allowing the booster to slide away sometimes.

You will not have this problem with Affix, as the key features regarding the LATCH system prevent it from wobbling.

3. Which one is more user-friendly?

Once your kid starts using the booster seat with the LATCH system, you will probably want them to learn how to buckle themselves in.

Children can easily buckle in with both booster seat models without adult help! The children can adjust the buckle on the booster seat in under a few seconds while giving them the bit of independence they need!

Although both versions install easily due to the clear instructions, you might find it tricky to adjust the armrests in particular. In addition, they do not come with a rotatable design, so it can be a bit of a hassle trying to fit them in for each install.

Luckily, the height of the armrests can be easily adjusted so you can reach the straps and achieve a secure installation.

what is the difference between graco affix and turbobooster

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4. Extra features & hiding spots

What child does not like to have their hiding spot, even in the car? When traveling for more than two hours, you are bound to bring a few snacks for the ones in the back seat.

Graco Affix booster seat, Graco TurboBooster LX, and regular cup holders! This is a nice feature to find in any car seat, especially for big kids!

However, as the two boosters are so much alike in many categories, this is where they differ!

The Affix model includes two built-in cup holders and a pull-out drawer! Unfortunately, the cup holder on both sides cannot be folded, which is a huge disappointment! If you plan on installing a few more Affix seats in the back, you will have a tough time with the cup holder design!

Nonetheless, the pull-out drawer is such a cool feature to have! In addition, the hideaway compartment is great for kids who want to sneak in a few extra snacks and toys.

But, you should be careful of what your child puts in the compartment, as it is relatively small and can get stuck sometimes.

With the TurboBooster, you will also get two cup holders. In this case, I prefer the TurboBooster more since the cup holder can be easily stored away when not in use.

Sadly, there are no more secret hideaway spaces and other features your child would have loved! But, with what you get with Graco, there is not a chance your little one won't enjoy their travels.

5. What about comfort?

If you skipped over to the FAQs section, you would notice that Graco car seats are not the best in comfort. Well, at least that is a similar case with these two boosters.

Although the fabric is present on the skin and is non-irritation, you will notice the lack of bum padding. The plush fabric would have been a definite plus for a few more dollars, but sadly Graco's high back and backless booster does not offer it!

But don't go thinking that Graco boosters are not comfortable! There is still some comfort found in the high-back padding as well as in the armrests. Also, the multi-layered headrest offers excellent support for the growing child.

In comfort, they are similar. But, one feature they differ from is the recline.

The Graco Affix does have one recline position you can use, especially for long road trips.


Does the Graco Affix recline?

The Graco Affix only has a one-position recline option when used in the high back mode. Although Affix is not generous in the recline positions, the one they offer is beneficial for long trips.

It makes the seat much more user-friendly and allows easier transitions from forward-facing car seats to booster seats.

How wide is Graco Affix booster?

difference between graco affix and turbobooster lx

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The Graco Affix is 16.5 inches wide. Due to the slim dimensions of the Affix booster seat, you will probably be able to fit it in three-across installations.

However, the high-back booster seat spreads out to 18 inches at the widest point. This is made possible with the spread-out snack tray that adds another 2.5 inches to the overall design. So although it's fantastic for long travels, it might not be suitable for smaller vehicles.

Does the Graco TurboBooster have anchors?

One of the most user-friendly factors is that the Graco TurboBooster LX can be installed with or without the lower anchor connector straps. The lower anchors keep the seat with the LATCH system safe and stable even when the kid is not using it.

The straps are nifty safety features, especially if you want to ensure your kid is stable in their car seat.

In addition, since the overall design of the TurboBooster allows kids to buckle themselves in easily, the straps will prevent wiggling of the seat.

Is the Graco TurboBooster comfortable?

Like most Graco car seats, the TurboBooster LX lacks plush padding fabric, especially in the bum area. As a result, it's relatively comfortable but doesn't expect wonders out of it.

Graco does offer padded armrests and high-back support, but other than that, the seat is not that comfy.

How long are Graco TurboBooster good for?

Graco car seats and booster seats are good for at least ten years. Just like most car seats, they are helpful for 7-10 years with proper use.

Graco recommends you use belt-positioning booster seats and backless boosters for no longer than ten years, as their safety will be compromised after that period.

The plastic reinforced belt-positioned car seats are good for at least seven years. Note that you should not use the car seat past its expiration date.

Does Graco TurboBooster have LATCH?

Yes, the Graco TurboBooster does offer a one-hand LATCH system while your kid buckles themselves in.

What is the difference between Graco TurboBooster and TurboBooster LX?

One of the most noticeable differences between the two versions of Graco TurboBooster LX and TurboBooster regular is the one-hand LATCH system. The Graco TurboBooster LX booster seat with LATCH system does come with the one-hand LATCH system, while the basic version does not.

It may be a bit more of a hassle to install the seat with a LATCH system, but it's nothing to stress over. Overall, these two booster seats are very similar. Other than that, Graco TurboBooster LX is taller, so it's more suitable for bigger kids.

Is the Graco TurboBooster FAA approved?

No, like all booster seats, the Graco TurboBooster is not FAA approved! However, storing it in the overhead bin can still carry it for your trips.

Final Verdict

We put all the crucial features to the test, and here is the final winner!

Nothing beats a safe and stable installation, so due to the secure LATCH system that keeps the car seat in place, we declare the Graco Affix the true winner!

Not only does it offer a wobble-free installation, but it also features a secret compartment along with two cup holders. The Graco Affix and the TurboBooster are fantastic boosters your kiddo will love!

The price of the Affix and the TurboBooster is affordable, while the design is slim and lightweight for traveling.

The Affix is easily tightened with the straps so that you can enjoy a secure installation at all times. The kids can buckle themselves in, so they are one step closer to being independent passengers!

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