The Best Stroller Footmuff to Keep Your Little One Warm (Top Pick Stroller Bunting Bag)

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Going for a stroll with a toddler in cold weather seems like a mission for a superhero.

How many layers of clothes should they wear, how to protect them from the wind? How the heck do you fit a blanket into your stroller seat?

And yet, there's one simple answer to all these questions - a footmuff.

A stroller footmuff is like a mini sleeping bag with holes for harness straps and solid insulation to keep your little one warm.

It doesn't impede your child's safety since it allows the usual buckle-up method, and it's perfectly shaped and sized for a stroller.

Keep reading to find out what the best stroller footmuff is, and check out five more alternatives.

Our Favorite Stroller Footmuffs - Overview

$CozyMe Warm Cuddly Weather ~ 1.8 pounds

Fantastic water-resistant footmuff for winter, with oxford exterior and fleece lining. The best budget option for three seasons. Hard to recline the seat with footmuff.

Suitable for: Multi-brand stroller compatibility.

$funlife Weather Proof Outdoor ~ 1.54 pounds

The most cost-efficient all-weather footmuff with water repellent exterior, coral fleece lining, and polyester filling. It's easy to put on and breathable. Doesn't turn into a hoodie as advertised.

Suitable for: Multi-brand stroller compatibility.

$ — Orzbow Warm Bunting Bag ~ 1.72 pounds

Probably the safest stroller footmuff on the market material-wise. It's breathable, non-toxic, and OETX-certified for healthy materials. The zipper breaks easily.

Suitable for: Universal.

$$$ — BABYZEN Footmuff ~ 1.85 pounds

This is a high-quality Yoyo footmuff, designed for their strollers exclusively. It includes sherpa lining and a fully removable cover, so you can adapt it for all seasons.

Suitable for: Slightly tight. Compatible with YoYo only.

$$ — Bugaboo Footmuff ~ 2.16 pounds

Here is another high-end stroller sleeping bag from Bugaboo, compatible with some of their strollers. It's water-repellent and warm, made of high-quality materials. Doesn't fit all strollers from this brand.

Suitable for: Compatible with Bugaboo only.

$ — JJ Cole Original Bundleme ~ 1 pounds

Here's the most popular bundle on the market, incredibly lightweight but warm and comfy. It includes faux shearling on both sides. Makes the seat super-snug.

Suitable for: Universal.

My Top 6 Stroller Footmuffs

CozyMe Warm Cuddly Weather - The Best Three-Season Footmuff
  • Brand: CozyMe
  • Price: $
  • Material: Waterproof oxford
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Greatest benefit: Temperature control

If you're looking for a budget-friendly stroller footmuff to keep your baby warm in autumn, winter, and spring, this is your stop.

Here we have one popular high-quality footmuff that has excellent temperature control, so you can modify it to the weather.

First things first, this bunting bag is windproof and water repellent.

What is more, there's a string hidden in the cell phone pocket, and when you pull it, you transform the bag into a hoodie to keep your little ones even more soft and cozy.

Now, the insulation comes from fleece lining, known to be one of the warmest materials for sleeping bags.

However, there are side and bottom zippers, so you can open the bag partially or completely for more space and better temperature control.

There are nine harness slots, making sure you can buckle up your baby safely, and it broadens the palette of strollers this footmuff is suitable with.

Due to the unique three-layer design, the footmuff stays in place and keeps your little one comfortable.

Parents who tried it out agree the quality is great, but the fit is not the greatest.

  • Three season footmuff
  • Water-resistant
  • Warm fleece
  • Nine harness slots
  • Not universal fit

funlife Weather Proof Outdoor - The Best Budget-Friendly Bunting Bag
  • Brand: FunLife
  • Price: $
  • Material: Waterproof oxford/polyester
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Greatest benefit: Easy in and out

Here we have a model almost identical to the CozyMe model. However, this is an even cheaper offer with all the same benefits.

Supposedly, this is a universal bunting bag with nine harness slots that make it suitable for almost every standard stroller.

However, parents in the Amazon comments say it doesn't fit the BOB stroller or UPPAbaby Cruz.

One reason why I love this bunting bag is the weather-resistant exterior that makes it windproof and rainproof, hence excellent for colder weather.

It's filled with polyester and has some fleece lining.

Just like the CozyMe model, it has a removable footrest, so you can wide open it for more breathability and temperature regulation. You can also open the side zippers.

One advantage many parents stress is the central opening. It makes it super-easy to put your child into it and is also very convenient for diaper changing or exit.

The flaw of this model is that although the brand claims it includes a strap that transforms it into a hoodie, this model doesn't actually have that strap.

It's pretty misleading, given that many parents bought it for this option specifically.

  • Affordable
  • Warm
  • Water-resistant
  • Great to keep baby warm
  • It doesn’t transform into a hoodie

Orzbow Warm Bunting Bag - The Best Environmentally Friendly FootMuff
  • Brand: Orzbow
  • Price: $
  • Material: Polyester/velvet/cotton
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Greatest benefit: 100% Non-toxic materials

If you're looking for a reasonably priced universal bunting bag that's warm, water-resistant, yet non-toxic, here's a product for you.

Looking for all-natural materials might seem like too much. Almost no brand makes all-natural footmuffs, but this gets close.

It has OETX 100 certification materials which means it's safe for use, non-toxic and healthy for your little one and the environment.

Like two previous models, this one also has a central zipper, so it's easy to put your child in and out.

However, the customers do complain that the zipper breaks easily.

Nonetheless, this bunting bag has five strap positions, so it's compatible with different strollers and easy to set up.

I like that it has a velvet lining because the material is so soft and gentle on the skin but also breathable, so your baby will feel super-comfortable.

You can wide open the foot area, so it's easy to get to the baby when it's time to change the diaper.

And the back of the bag is non-slip, so it stays in place.

  • Affordable
  • Non-slip
  • Non-toxic
  • Warm and breathable
  • Convenient
  • Zipper breaks easily

BABYZEN Footmuff - The Best High-End Stroller Footmuff
  • Brand: BABYZEN
  • Price: $$$
  • Material: Sherpa fleece
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Greatest benefit: Stylish design

An embodiment of French style and fashionable design, this Babyzen high-end footmuff will upgrade your stroller outlook and keep your little one warm.

It's designed to fit all YoYo strollers, but some customers say it fits other brands too. It depends on the size and shape of the device.

Made of high-quality sherpa fleece, this bunting bag is incredibly soft and warm. Plus, it's not only intended for cold weather.

You can fully detach the apron, and the hood is reversible, so even in spring and fall, you can regulate the temperature and make the stroller comfy and cozy for your baby.

The footmuff is pretty lightweight. It folds and unfolds with ease, and you can wash it in a washing machine.

Of course, it includes slots for a five-point harness, so your little one is still buckled up, although in a footmuff.

This mini sleeping bag is available in three beautiful pastel colors: peppermint, ginger, and red.

And according to customer reviews, it really features fantastic quality and beautiful design.

  • Stylish
  • Detachable apron
  • Reversible hood
  • Easy to fold
  • Machine washing
  • Tight

Bugaboo Footmuff - The Best Polyester FootMuff for Cold Weather
  • Brand: Bugaboo
  • Price: $$
  • Material: Polyester
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Greatest benefit: Waterproof micro-fleece shell and warm interior

Here we have another high-end footmuff, entirely made of polyester, very stylish and comfortable.

It's meant for cold winter days, yet due to the removable cover, you can use it in warmer weather as well.

This model has two side zippers.

As we commented before, the central zipper is way more convenient for entrance and exit, but this design allows easy fold-down of the cover for temperature regulation.

Interestingly, this weather-resistant footmuff includes bamboo charcoal fabric, a material that repels water and keeps your child warm and dry.

When compared to the previous models, this one is slightly heavier, yet it's probably because it includes more insulation, hence providing better protection.

It's compatible with Bugaboo Cameleon, Chameleon 3, Bee, Bee3, Donkey, Gecko, and Frog. And it's available in eight honestly stunning colors that perfectly fit into the Bugaboo strollers.

Another advantage is an adjustable pull cord that allows you to reduce the width of the opening and modify the footmuff to fit your child perfectly.

Parents complain about the compatibility that's very specific and doesn't even include all Bugaboo strollers, let alone other brands.

  • High-quality design
  • Warm
  • Adjustable
  • Fold-down cover
  • Easy to attach
  • Not compatible with all bugaboo strollers

JJ Cole Original Bundleme - The Lightest Stroller Footmuff on the Market
  • Brand: JJ Cole
  • Price: $
  • Material: Faux Shearling
  • Machine washable: Yes
  • Greatest benefit: Lightweight

The last product for today is the most popular stroller footmuff on the market, the JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, a lightweight bunting bag suitable for car seats and strollers.

Unlike the previous models, the JJ Cole Urban Bundleme is entirely made of faux shearling. Therefore, it is machine-washable but not waterproof, so you can't use it when it's snowing or raining.

As I mentioned, this model is compatible with car seats.

Namely, you can remove the back panel and allow your child to lie directly on the seat. However, it does include slots for the five-point harness straps.

It's suitable for babies between zero and twelve months, and since it's a universal footmuff, you can install it on all standard strollers and car seats.

The material retains heat, so it will keep your baby warm, and it's incredibly soft and plush, so it's just as comfortable.

When compared to the previous models, this bunting bag is the lightest of all.

One negative feature is that it is not weather-resistant, so It's definitely not the outdoor solution for rainy weather.

And parents complain about the safety measures since this bundleme is not tested in the car seat, so it's not recommended by CPS technicians. 

  • Lightweight
  • Soft and comfy
  • Safety harness slots
  • Universal fit
  • Removable back panel
  • Not waterproof

The Buyer's Guide

1. How to choose the best material for a stroller footmuff?

best lightweight stroller with footmuff

To keep the temperature trapped inside the bunting bag, you should choose a waterproof, wind-resistant shell and cozy warm interior with thick insulation.

That being said, polyester, nylon, and 500D oxford fabric are the best outer shell materials since they are used for sleeping bags, hammocks, and outdoor equipment.

When it comes to the materials that go next to your baby's skin, they should be breathable, hypo-allergenic, and soft. You can never go wrong with cotton, velvet, or wool.

However, more and more bunting bags include fleece, or micro fleece, as well as sherpa, which are 100% synthetic materials, yet also breathable and gentle on the skin, so they are not a bad solution either.

Cozy fleece can be used for lining and insulation, but real adventurists know down is the best insulation there is.

2. Is weight an indicator of quality?

Do not rely on weight too much.

If the footmuff is too heavy, it won't be comfortable for your little one. The best stroller footmuffs weigh between one and two pounds.

Everything above that weight can be too bulky for your little one.

Also, if the footmuff is heavier, that doesn't mean it has more insulation. Maybe it's simply made of heavier materials, while the insulation is very thin.

3. Where should the zippers be?

Side zippers are better when you want to use the stroller footmuff in seasons other than winter.

Zippers placed like this allow you to roll down the cover partially or entirely and regulate the temperature.

On the other hand, the central zipper allows easier entrance and exit, as well as an easy diaper change.

So, think about your priorities.

4. Moms to the rescue

Check out some awesome videos that moms and professionals made to help you install a footmuff safely with a five-point harness.

- Babyzen Yoyo

- Bugaboo

- Universal Footmuff

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a stroller footmuff?

best baby stroller footmuff

If you love outdoor walking with your little ones in winter, you need to keep them warm.

Instead of using a regular blanket that can be very bulky and inconvenient for fitting into a stroller, you can buy a footmuff and comfortably accommodate your little one in a stroller as usual.

Therefore, for cold days, you do need it; in summer, not really.

Are stroller footmuffs safe?

Stroller footmuffs have strap slots; therefore, you can safely buckle up your child in a stroller and protect them from the cold without impeding the safety.

On the other hand, it has not been proven that these can be used in a car seat safely.

CPS technicians do not recommend using footmuffs in a car seat because they haven't been tested with them installed.

So, while you can use them in strollers, avoid using them in car seats.

Are stroller footmuffs universal?

There are universal fit stroller footmuffs, but predominantly each brand makes footmuffs for their own strollers.

Some models don't even fit all models from that brand, but only specific strollers, so that's something you should check in advance.

Also, there are toddler-size footmuffs and models for babies between 0-12 months.

How do you keep a toddler warm in a winter stroller?

best footmuff for graco stroller

There are many techniques to keep your little one warm in a stroller in winter.

The best way is to use a stroller footmuff since it is designed for this purpose exactly, doesn't interfere with five-point harness systems in any way, and has a waterproof outer shell.

An alternative way is to use a blanket or to dress your child in many layers.

For covers and blankets, use materials with a high-temperature rating, that is, materials that retain heat.

What is a bunting bag for a baby?

Bunting bags are like small sleeping bags for babies. They have a warm insulated interior and usually a waterproof exterior.

Usually, there is an anti-slip layer, too, enabling the bag to stay in place in your stroller.

Some bunting bags have an adjustable pull-cord that transforms them into a hoodie, so your child is even more protected from the cold.

These bags are also called footmuffs, and they include slots for harness straps, so you can safely restrain your little one.

What is the best stroller footmuff in 2022?

My personal favorite is the funlife Weather Proof Outdoor footmuff.

It's budget-friendly, waterproof, and features an anti-slip design.

You can use it with numerous brands, and it has excellent ratings on Amazon, so parents love it

What is more, it will protect your little one from cold, since it's designed for winter use and due to the soft interior it's very cozy.

Weather Proof Oudtoor Walking Universal Stroller Bunting Bag with Reflective...*
  • ★NEAT FEATURES:@SAFE:The bright reflective strip helps you to be safety and seen better in the dark. @KEEP IT CLEAN:Foot area equipped with waterproof fabric helps easy clean dirt off.@WARM: pull...
  • ★100% SAFE & UNIVERSAL BUNTING BAG FITS ALL STROLLERS: Multi-harness for you to choose according to your baby height and the type of stroller. Allow stroller safty belt latching your baby directly,...
  • ★UNIQUE DESIGN for more conveninent &better temperature control & use longer for baby grow: middle zipper, easy for baby in & out,opens from top to bottom,also bottom to top,both ways. bottom...
  • ★FOUR LAYERS ANTI-SLIP DESIGN STROLLER WINTER BLANKET: @Top pannel can pull over on strollers.@back panel has elastic band to fasten on stroller. @ footmuff back panel is equipped with silicon...
  • ★WEATHER STRAP&ANTI-PINCH&ANTI-COLD DESIGN: Weather straps cover all zippers to prevent wind go through zippers,central weather strap has anti pinch desin to prevent baby chin got hurt from zipper....


To sum it all up, the essential features to look for in the best stroller footmuffs are a cozy interior, warm insulation filling, and resistant outer shell.

Your stroller sleeping bag shouldn't interfere with the safety harness, and it should have an anti-slip back panel to stay in place.

It's better to look for a universal footmuff than a branded model because you can use it interchangeably.

I hope you enjoyed my reviews, and if you have additional questions, don't hesitate to write to us!

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