The Best Kidsembrace Car Seat Review 2022! Don’t Miss a Single Detail!

Has your kiddo overgrown their convertible car seat? If you answer yes, it's time for a new level!

You need to pick the best booster car seat for your little one! But, you cannot select it randomly - it has to be safe, comfortable, and stable for your child.

That's why here you can find all the exciting info about the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat. So why is it so perfect?

Well, read below.

Quick Summary
kidsembrace spiderman car seat review

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The KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat is an ideal choice for all parents who don't want to spend money on both convertible and booster seats, yet they still prefer safety and comfort.

1. Easy to install: 4.5/5

with LATCH connectors & instruction manual, but not for all vehicles

2. Safety features: 5/5

5-point harness for extra stability, LATCH connectors, and FMVSS standards

3. Support: 4.7/5

There are certain flaws with the cushion

4. Comfort: 4.7/5

The pillow is not so soft

The price: around $200

What we like
  • Washable seat pad
  • 2-in-1 design
  • Large cup holders
  • Side-impact protection
What we don't like
  • Cumbersome & bulky
  • No adjustable armrests
  • Thin seat cushion
  • Hard to set up in some vehicles

Overall Rating

Overall, the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat is undoubtedly worth your attention since, unlike many car seats, it has a giant construction and a 2-in-1 design.

Thus, you can use it for an extended period as a forward-facing and booster seat.

Moreover, the seat is safe since the 5-point harness, adjustable headrest with side protection, and LATCH system combine well to keep your child safe and sound during rides.

Finally, it fits airline rules.

And, if you check the link, you will find a superb price (around $200) to match the quality, performance, and safety benefits.

So, hurry up and don't miss this unique chance!

KidsEmbrace Marvel Spider Man Safety Vehicle Combination 5 Point Harness High Back Booster Car Seat...*
  • COMFORT: Contoured seat with high back and 2 convenient cup holders; Orange strap LATCH system; Suitable for ages 12-120 months and 22-100 pounds
  • MULTI-POSITION: 2-position crotch belt and 3-position adjustable-height headrest with energy-absorbing EPS foam; 5-point harness adjusts with 1 hand
  • SAFETY TESTED: Rigorously tested to exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 213) and IIHS “BEST BET BOOSTER” which is the highest-ranking
  • VERSATILE: Forward-facing for 22-65 pounds or 29-49 inches; Converts into belt-positioning booster for children over 4, 40-100 pounds, or 38-57 inches
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Installs with or without LATCH connectors and top tether; Weight: 15 pounds; Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.5 x 19 x 29.5 to 32.5 inches

What Makes It So Supreme?

kidsembrace car seat safety review

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1. Design & Construction

As you might see, the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat differs from all other booster seats since it offers favorite cartoon heroes for your younger children!

Namely, you can find numerous seats with Disney, Marvel, DC, Nickelodeon, and other characters, and make your kid excited! At least, my kids are always mesmerized by design.

But, this KidsEmbrace seat offers an excellent adventure for your boys since it's a Spiderman car seat.

However, you can find a Batman seat, Dora the Explorer, and other female KidsEmbrace seats that your daughter loves as well. So, start your search now!

However, let's focus on its crucial benefits.

First, you know that the KidsEmbrace seat has a 2-in-1 design. Thus, it serves both as a convertible seat and the harness booster car seat.

Now, if you need a forward-facing car seat, your kids are between 22 and 65 pounds of weight and 29 and 49 inches of height.

However, if you have older and bigger kids, you'll need it as a high back booster seat. In that case, your kids weigh between 40 and 100 pounds and are between 38 and 57 inches tall.

Thus, you can adjust the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat according to your kids' needs. It's highly flexible and easily adapts to your demands.

You can also follow the NHTSA and AAP's recommendations to decide how you will use the booster seat best.

But, you need to know that the booster car seat cannot transform into the backless booster car seat since it won't be safe for your little ones.

So, you can rest assured they will have maximum safety and security inside the booster.

2. Proportions

You can observe right away that the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster seat has specific proportions.

It's pretty unique, with a thin, narrower seat but wider armrests.

It seems light; however, its character design makes it too cumbersome and bulky. I wouldn't say I like it, but it still operates well.

Also, the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat takes too much of your vehicle seat with the fixed cup holders. Thus, it's not the best option for three-across, so you should check some alternatives.

In addition, it would be best if parents measured their vehicle seat and interior before they bought this booster seat.

Namely, you don't want narrow space on the vehicle seat, so keep the receipt in case you need to replace it and measure the interior to ensure it will fit.

Unfortunately, the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat will not fit all motor vehicles and their interiors.

3. Safety & Security

kidsembrace car seat safety review

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Don't forget, the booster car seat was proclaimed as the "Best Bet Booster" by the IIHs, for safety fun.

Also, the car seat meets and exceeds all FMVSS standards and regulations to be completely safe & secure for extended use and longer rides.

Of course, you want maximum stability and safety for your little one. Therefore, you can freely choose the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat.

As you might notice, the booster car seat comes with a 5-point harness system for extra security and stability for your kid.

Also, the 5-point harness is comfortable, easy to use, and safe for your children.

The 5-point harness includes two position options on the child's shoulders and two-position points on their hips. Thus, they cannot slide or slip during the ride.

In addition, the 2-in-1 harness booster car seat includes the lap belt path - a single harness buckle to connect between the child's legs.

So, once you install the 5-point harness and the booster car seat correctly, your child will have unmatchable safety and security!

You will love the 5-point harness mode is highly flexible; therefore, you can carry all the adjustments with only one hand.

Hence, you will find a 2-position crotch belt with the crotch buckle fit to follow your children's growth and adjust to their needs.

However, this is not the end.

As you can find, the 2-in-1 harness booster car seat also contains a 3-harness mode for extra stability.

The harness slots adjust the shoulder belt straps. Ensure that the shoulder belt is in accordance with your child's weight and height.

So, the shoulder seat belt should be slightly above the child's shoulder.

Additionally, the shoulder harness straps must be through the harness slots close to and above the children's shoulders.

If the harness slots are below the shoulders, you need to use the car seat in the booster mode.

4. Comfort Zone for Children

The KidsEmbrace booster car seat provides the three-position adjustable height headrest.

Thus, the headrest contains side-impact protection and absorbing foam, the high-quality EPS, for extra safety in car accidents, more comfort, and a relaxing atmosphere. My kids adore it!

You will find the height adjustment button and raise or lower the headrest, following your child's needs and head position.

The button is placed at the seat's back to prevent unexpected operations, yet it's easily reachable. So, you can press and hold it to change the headrest position.

The headrest will allow the proper placement of the seat belt shoulder straps and keep your children in the appropriate place.

5. LATCH Connectors & Installation

Why is this benefit so essential not only for this car seat but also for other car seats?

Well, regarding the KidsEmbrace car seat, the LATCH system contains connectors and a patent-pending high-position top tether construction, providing extra protection, stability, and security while your children are inside the car seat.

Hence, you can secure the car seat using either the vehicle's lower anchor connectors and ropes or a vehicle seat belt.

However, all motor vehicles produced in the USA from 2003 have the lower anchors.

So, here, the car seat offers a LATCH system or the lower anchors when you install it as a 5-point harness forward-facing car seat or a booster.

Also, the KidsEmbrace car seat benefits the lower anchor belt with the lower anchors and their connectors. Also, the top tether fits the system with the top tether hook.

But, bear in mind that some vehicles have manuals with ISOFIX system, referring to the LATCH system.

But, still, you cannot entirely rely on the LATCH system as the only safety feature when using a belt-positioning booster seat.

You need to include the vehicle seat belt for your booster seats as well since the LATCH system cannot really keep your booster seats safe alone.

Another crucial point to remember is that when you don't use the LATCH system, the lower belt path and lower anchors should be placed at the booster's bottom, onto the LATCH storage location.

In most cases, motor vehicles come with the LATCH system that's already routed through the belt path.

But, in case your car doesn't have this, you need to route it through the belt path before you install the booster seat for your kids.

Next off, remove the LATCH connectors and lower anchor belt from their storage place on the left.

The following step is to pull the LATCH belt out and back through the LATCH path on the opposite side.

Finally, inspect if the lower anchor isn't twisted and everything is regular. That's pretty much it, with the LATCH installation.

6. Installation With the Vehicle Seat Belt

kidsembrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat reviews

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To properly install the booster seat with the seat belt, you need to place the car seat on the vehicle seat and manage the red recline if you need it.

However, many parents find it helpful to line up the back of the booster with the car's seat. So, you will find the orange top tether (woohoo!) and hook it onto the tether anchor loosely.

Next off, put the seat belt through the path and buckle it.

Also, make sure you lock the vehicle seat belt! This is not included in the instruction manual, which is a HUGE drawback!

Then, pull it tight and fill the slack back into the retractor.

Unlike other booster car seats and cars, there's no direct way to access the belt path with this booster seat.

But you can find the small hole in the plastic shell and pull the belt out of this area while pressing down on the booster seat to make it more stable and make it easy to install.

Finally, it would help if you tightened the belt so that the car seat won't move at all in your car and pulled the top tether tight.

It might be a bit hard to manage the top tether properly because its final part might be a bit shorter.

So, you can try various alternatives or stick to the LATCH installation system if you want easy-to-install booster mode car seats.

But, as mentioned above, the seat might be too cumbersome for a smooth ride since it has fixed and large cup holders and an excellent yet peculiar design with wide and narrow parts.

And, don't be afraid - due to the extensive design, you can always see the seat in your rear view mirror.

This might be odd for some parents (including me), but you'll get used to it.

7. Reclining Options

You will be thrilled to know, the KidsEmbrace products have recline foot options.

This benefit is created to add more comfort and offer your children a more relaxing atmosphere and calmness.

Thus, you can see that both forward-facing car seat mode and booster car seat mode contain this option for sitting upright or in a reclined position.

So, the booster car seat follows your kid's correct body posture.

8. Crotch Buckle

Now, the crotch buckle on the 2-position crotch belt with the KidsEmbrace has a peculiar trick that only a few booster car seats have.

But, don't be discouraged, and let me explain.

Namely, when you use the crotch buckle closest to the child, you need to shorten the buckle strap and thread the metal anchor through the top of the farther slope.

This helps the car seat to fit its most minor occupants, but it's still frustrating that there isn't a longer length available in the slot that's closer to the child.

However, the KidsEmbrace brands have numerous changes regarding their car seats; therefore, I'm confident they will improve this booster car seat as well.

So, we all must be patient.

9. For All Travel Types

kidsembrace car seat reviews

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I'm pretty confident you're also interested in this benefit.

Of course, you may set off on a longer or shorter journey by your car or another vehicle, and your kids can enjoy comfortable rides.

But, what if you want to travel across the continent or ocean? Well, I proudly inform you that it is possible!

You already know, the seat meets and exceeds all FMVSS and regulations so that you can use it for motor vehicles and aircraft.

So, when you use it in the forward-facing mode, the KidsEmbrace car seat is FAA-approved, and it offers excellent traveling features, especially if you have a late-night flight and your kids need a longer sleep.

So, you will install the seat with the FAA-approved equipment and moderate it to fit your children's needs and demands.

Sleepy kids can be challenging - don't ask how I know.

However, you can use the seat in the harness mode only. You can find the label on the back of the seat.

But, due to its widest point and the narrower construction, it still might not be the best solution for your flying needs.

So, you can always focus on some other seat.

10. Warranty

Finally, the seat is crucial since it comes with a one year limited warranty period.

This is a bit tricky since some parents claim that the warranty period might be more extended, while others claim it's more than enough.

So, it's up to you to decide whether you like it or not.

However, it's essential to remember that the seat expires after seven years of use. You can find the date of the expiration on the label on the seat's shell.

Additionally, the info is embossed to the plastic part on the back of the forward-facing or booster seat.

So, there's still room for improvement, and it would be really nice if the KidsEmbrace brand added the actual expiration date to the label.


If you have a car accident, make sure you change the seat instantly since the seats that suffered crashes are no longer safe.

They might have hidden inner cracks or other invisible damage that will cause severe injuries to your child if you still use them.

So, change the seats immediately!


Is KidsEmbrace safe?

Yes, the seat is perfectly safe since it comes with harness modes, an adjustable headrest with side-impact protection, adjustable harness straps, and the LATCH installation system.

Therefore, it will keep your child stable inside the seat, and the very seat will be secure in the MV during the ride.

Does KidsEmbrace pass all safety crash tests?

Like every car seat on the market, the KidsEmbrace passes all the safety crash tests.

In addition, the Kids Embrace car seats are tested with the European Regulations Safety Standard and meet and exceed the standard.

The car seats are manufactured with high-quality materials and reinforced with a High Impact Protection system.

Every one of their models needs to undergo rigorous testing before they are ready to hit the market.

What are the best-selling Kids Embrace girl car seats?

The best-selling Kids Embrace girl car seat is the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat in the Cinderella model.

This high-back booster seat offers a 5-point harness secure system that keeps your little one safe until she is ready for a seat belt!

The endearing Cinderella design is not only charming to the eye, but it's also quite comfortable for long rides!

Has the KidsEmbrace car seat ever been recalled?

Yes, the KidsEmbrace car seat has been recalled.

In 2016, the KidsEmbrace Friendship Series combo booster was recalled in Canada due to the lower latch connector system, which was too long for installation.

It did not meet and follow the legal requests, making installation unsafe and almost impossible! In addition, the faulty booster failed to pass the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

The boosters that have been recalled included the Cinderella, Spiderman, and TMNT Leo models. However, the car seats are safe with the installation of the vehicle seat belt.

What are the child-size limits for the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster seat?

To use it as a forward-facing seat, your child must be:

- 22-65 pounds of maximum weight

- 22-49 inches of maximum height

To use it as a belt-positioning booster seat or harness booster seat, your child must be:

- 400-100 pounds of maximum weight

- 38-57 inches of maximum height

How to install a KidsEmbrace car seat?

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The KidsEmbrace car seat is effortless to install once you follow all the necessary steps!

For starters, thread the latch or the car's seat belt through the belt path.

Make sure all the harness straps are straight and there are no twist points. Next, use the first latch and place the top tether over the seat and engage the second latch.

The car seat should be tight on the car seat; with this step, you might need to use force.

Next, clip the tether to the back of the car seat and tightly secure it. After this step, make sure the car seat does not have any access movement.

How do you fit a KidsEmbrace car seat?

You can fit a Kids Embrace car seat by safely installing it in the vehicle's back seat.

The Kids Embrace car seats installed with the three-point car seat belt offer the same amount of secure installation as the ISOFIX base.

To install the car seat correctly, you must follow the manual steps on proper installations.

Always ensure your Kids Embrace car seat is tightly secured to the vehicle's seat and does not offer movement.

You might need to use force to install it properly, but it's only to ensure you get a stable fit in your vehicle.

Is the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 booster seat easy to use?

Yes, it is easy to use.

Namely, the seat easily slides onto the shoulder part of the vehicle seat belt, and then you can adjust it to your child's height and proper body posture.

However, if you want to use it in backless mode, you should follow the instruction manual to complete the process entirely and adequately for a trouble-free ride.

Can I use a Kids Embrace car seat on a plane?

Yes, you can use the Kids Embrace car seat on a plane.

In addition, the Friendship Combo harnessed booster seats are certified to use on aircraft.

However, it's safe to use only in a forward-facing position with a position where a lap belt is tightly secured.

Additionally, you will need to bring in the manual when traveling as some airlines might require verification.

How long are KidsEmbrace car seats suitable for?

The KidsEmbrace seats gave a 7-year long lifespan. Therefore, you still change them after their expiration date.

But, if you had a car accident, make sure you replace your seats immediately and use new ones for your kids.

How do I clean my Kids Embrace car seat?

The Kids Embraces car seat pad is easy to remove and can be machine washed with cold water. Make sure you do not put it in a warm water cycle and don't use any bleach!

As for the headrest pad, it can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. Unfortunately, this one is not machine-washable and cannot be taken off.

The other plastic and metal components are also suitable for spot cleaning.

Final Thoughts

And, this is the end, my dear parents!

I hope you liked the review and found numerous exciting facts regarding the KidsEmbrace 2-in-1 harness booster car seat.

From my experience, the seat is safe and secure due to all features as mentioned earlier - harness and LATCH, even energy-absorbing foam.

You might find it challenging to install for the first time - which was my case, but once I got used to it, I survived, and now it's a piece of cake. 🙂

So, hurry up and order it now; I bet you won't regret it!

KidsEmbrace Marvel Spider Man Safety Vehicle Combination 5 Point Harness High Back Booster Car Seat...*
  • COMFORT: Contoured seat with high back and 2 convenient cup holders; Orange strap LATCH system; Suitable for ages 12-120 months and 22-100 pounds
  • MULTI-POSITION: 2-position crotch belt and 3-position adjustable-height headrest with energy-absorbing EPS foam; 5-point harness adjusts with 1 hand
  • SAFETY TESTED: Rigorously tested to exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 213) and IIHS “BEST BET BOOSTER” which is the highest-ranking
  • VERSATILE: Forward-facing for 22-65 pounds or 29-49 inches; Converts into belt-positioning booster for children over 4, 40-100 pounds, or 38-57 inches
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Installs with or without LATCH connectors and top tether; Weight: 15 pounds; Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.5 x 19 x 29.5 to 32.5 inches
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