Do Baby Strollers Expire? How Long Do Strollers Last? Best 2022 Answers

Parents want the best for their children. So they choose the best car seats, baby stroller brands, and similar baby gear to meet the latest standards.

However, you may ask: Do baby strollers expire like car seats? And if they do, can you still use old strollers for your second child?

We discuss the stroller expiry date, what happens to used strollers, and the best methods to treat your baby gear.


Take away key points:

  • Strollers do not expire as car seats do
  • When purchasing a used stroller, consider its age, condition, and price
  • Taking care of your stroller will prolong its quality. You need to maintain it regularly to extend its lifespan
  • Use a new stroller once your old stroller begins to wear and tear
  • Old strollers can be recycled, sold, donated to charity events, or traded during baby events at retailers

When Do Strollers Expire? All You Need to Know

You can learn more in the guide below if you ever wondered whether the pushchairs have expiration dates. Look at the essential points for a better understanding.

What is the purpose of a stroller?

why do strollers expire

A baby stroller is designed with safety standards for the children's transport as the primary focus. Their specific function is allowing a baby/older child to sit on the construction and be pushed along.

You use a baby stroller to transport a child easily and securely from one place to another. In addition, you can find various stroller types:

- Double strollers

- Full-sized strollers

- Lightweight types - umbrella strollers

- Jogging strollers

- Car seat carrier

- Travel system - a combination of a stroller frame and a specific infant car seat designed for multiple travel types

Do strollers expire?

Strollers do not have an official expiration date, unlike car seats. The main reason car seats expire are product recalls, manufacturer's limits to crash tests, changing policies and regulations, wear and tear over time, participation in car accidents, etc.

For the pushchair, manufacturers use specific materials to make a durable and sturdy construction. For example, the stroller is often made of aluminum or steel frame, cloth fabric for the seat, and rubber/plastic/hood for the wheels and handles. Therefore, the units last for an extended period (for more than a few years).

Can a stroller be damaged?

Of course, all these materials can damage with time, depending on your lifestyle and more or less frequent use. Harm won't happen overnight, but you must take good care of your baby’s items to preserve their life. For instance, the more you use a pushchair, the shorter its lifespan. On the other hand, if you use the stroller occasionally, it will last for a couple of years.

Metal parts might rust or corrode, the cloth might rip or lose shape, and plastic can become brittle. So once you have a broken stroller, you will simply stop using it. However, regular maintenance can preserve the stroller's quality and lifespan.

Should I use a second-hand stroller?

do strollers have an expiration date

New parents often choose a new stroller for their baby. However, they might also go for a used stroller if they don't have enough money for the brand-new stroller. Many parents with two kids pick the already used baby strollers for the second baby to save money. In most cases, parents will find strollers purchased:

- within the last couple of years (for the first or the next child), 

- lightly used (during the neighborhood walks)

- stored correctly indoors. 

Most strollers will last for a few more years with the proper maintenance. However, there are other elements to consider when purchasing a used stroller:

  • The age of the stroller - buying an old stroller (two and more years old) might not be worth it. The stroller might not be as safe as the brand new stroller.
  • Stroller condition - if the stroller is used heavily, there's no point in buying it. It may not be as secure for your child as the new baby item. You must check with the previous owner if they have taken all measures and proper care, whether they have protected the stroller from falls, and if the baby stuff is in good condition.
  • Stroller price - it would be better to obtain a cheaper new stroller that may be in better condition than an old, used stroller.

However, when trying a second-hand stroller, you can place a toy or similar object inside and push it around the shop as a test drive.

Finally, use your common sense and see if the item you're buying makes you and your little one uncomfortable.

What are the maintenance tips for the stroller?

As a stroller has safety features and other amenities that will last for more than one child, you should keep the baby items optimal for safe use.

Here are primary steps to maintain the baby stroller and keep it optimal for babies and older kids:

  • Checking the brakes and wheels - examine the brakes and the wholesome wheel system to see if they're working correctly. If the brakes don't work adequately and the wheel system has issues, you can jeopardize your baby's safety in the buggy. You won't be able to park and lock the stroller properly.
  • Keeping the stroller in a dry, covered place - if you place it outside when not using it, the baggy's fabric will tear, and the seat won't be adequate for your babies. In addition, higher temperatures might damage the frame.
  • Properly cleaning the stroller - you can wash the buggy with mild soap and water when your baby is not using it. Apply a lot of detergent to the stroller, and use warm water to rinse the soap on the frame and fabric before the buggy dries.

Here you can find the AAP safety guide on how to find the most secure items.

When should a parent get rid of their baby stroller?

There is no strict rule on when you should get rid of your buggy. However, there is other stuff to consider:

- If your child outgrew the stroller and cannot use it anymore

- When the stroller starts to show wear and tear, so it might not be as safe as it was in the beginning

Where can you get rid of an older stroller?

do strollers expire like car seats

If your child overgrows the stroller and you need some extra cash, here is what you can do:

  • Sell the stroller at the local marketplace or online. There must be parents in need of a stroller willing to pay for a good product.
  • Recycle the buggy. You can find multiple places in your local area that recycle old strollers. You can also add a few dollars more and buy a new stroller.
  • Donate the stroller at charity events or local shelters. The officials can help all parents in need, especially those who need to transport kids around. Don't worry - there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your stroller away, as long as it's in good condition.
  • Trade the stroller during baby events at retailers. There are multiple special events during the year where you can trade your old baby gear, save coupons and buy new baby equipment for your needs.

Stroller benefits

There are multiple positive effects the pushchair offers, including:

  • Pushing little ones instead of carrying them in arms all the time
  • Extra storage for all parent and children's necessities
  • Freedom to run other errands while watching babies closely
  • Exercising or jogging with kiddos
  • Keeping babies safe and comfortable, protecting them from harmful UV rays
  • Combining with a safety seat for a specific travel system


How old of a stroller can you use?

You can use a stroller that is a couple of years old as long as it's in good condition, the brakes and wheel system function well, and there is no damage to the frame or seat.

do graco strollers expire

Does the Graco stroller have an expiration date?

No, a Graco stroller doesn't have an expiration date. However, a Graco car seat with the stroller will expire in the travel systems (after 7-10 years).

Does UPPAbaby have a lifetime warranty?

No, the UPPAbaby doesn't have a lifetime warranty on child seats and similar products, only a limited one. However, a stroller won't expire, but other products will, so you must register on their site and check the dates for each product.

How do I check my expiration date?

You can check the expiry date on child restraints on the labels at the back or the bottom of the seats or study in the manual. However, you cannot find the expiry dates for strollers, as they don't have such labels.

How much should I sell my used stroller for?

You can set the price to 40-60% of the original price and sell faster.

Where to donate used baby strollers?

You can visit the official Goodwill website and find the local drop-off locations for donating your baby gear.

Final Thoughts

Strollers don't expire and will last for a certain period of years. You must maintain them regularly to preserve their quality and prolong their use.

In addition, you can inspect the buggies to see when it's time for a new one. Finally, check various upcoming local events to help parents in need with strollers.

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