Graco 4Ever vs DLX: What’s the Best Graco Car Seat?

Do you need the best all-in-one car seats? Do you plan on saving money and using only one car seat for all ages and stages? If you do, you're at the right place.

We present the best Graco 4Ever vs Graco 4Ever DLX car seat debate! Both are the perfect car seats with multiple similar benefits and overall design.

But there's only one winner. And who's that?

Find below.


Graco 4Ever vs. Graco 4Ever DLX Car Seat: The Final 2022 Comparison

1. Design and specifications

graco 4ever dlx vs extend2fit

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The Graco 4Ever convertible car seat and the Graco 4Ever DLX convertible car seat are the same in almost all factors.

However, the Graco 4Ever DLX is the next-generation car seat, so it has specific differences compared with the previous Graco 4Ever all-in-one car seat. So, let's see the differences.

The Graco 4Ever convertible car seat is an all-in-one car seat, similar to the Graco 4Ever DLX.

Both convertible car seats offer four modes of use:

- rear-facing car seat for kids 4-40 pounds of the rear-facing weight limit

- forward-facing car seat for children 22-65 pounds of weight limits

- high-back booster seat - belt-positioning booster seat for kiddos 40-100 pounds

- backless booster mode for kids 40-120 pounds of the maximum weight limit.

None of the convertible car seats offers the extended rear-facing mode supporting kids up to 50 pounds.

But, both models cover all car seat ages and stages, so you don't need to obtain any other car seats. The seats save your budget.

In addition, these two seats have similar specifications.

Namely, the Graco 4Ever and the Graco 4Ever DLX have the same proportions, measuring 20 x 21.5 x 24 inches, and both car seats weigh 22.75 pounds.

So, there are not many different points between the two models, and you can freely choose either the Graco 4Ever or the Graco 4Ever DLX.

Both convertible car seats are bulky. However, there are even heavier and more robust models, so these are not that heavy.

But, you may have some issues, as you cannot re-install and move between the vehicles quickly.

Still, they are 4-in-1 car seats, so naturally, they require more strength and robust uses during the installation and applications.

In addition, many experts recommend bulkier car seats in car accidents. They will stabilize and fix your children so that they will remain intact.

So, it would help to choose any of these two same-brand opponents.

I know there's no extended rear-facing method, but your little one will still have enough room and stability inside the car seats. You can quickly adjust them.

You can find numerous other models if you still want a convertible car seat with an extended infant seat. But your kid will be safe and in the forward-facing mode.

Both booster seats come with ten years of the lifespan, as they cover your kids from infancy to school ages. So, you can choose the best mode:

- rear-facing

- forward-facing

- booster mode

And make your kiddos comfy inside the seats. So, I will leave the choice to you, as these are not too drastic dissimilarities.

2. Safety features

Both seats are NHTSA and FMVSS-approved and safe for extended use in frontal, rear, side, and rollover crashes.

You don't have many car seats suitable for rollover crashes, but Graco models are close to being excellent.

Both models offer maximum protection and undergo rigorous crash tests to meet and exceed the rules and regulations.

The Graco 4Ever and the Graco 4Ever DLX both feature multiple layers of side-impact protection.

The Safety Surround Side-Impact Technology provides the best head protection for your little ones at each age and stage.

However, the models also have the EPS energy-absorbing foam around the shell and car seat frame.

The advanced EPS energy-absorbing foam of the convertible car seat redirects and absorbs all external forces, impacts, pressure, and attacks.

Thus, it protects your kid from external impacts. But, the primary support is the steel-reinforced frame.

The steel-reinforced frame is the central pillar of stability and safety. But that's not all.

Both car seats use the steel-reinforced frame and shell. So, the car seat will reduce and slow down the movement in the case of a car accident.

And, due to maximum safety features regarding head protection in all modes, the seats will keep your child's head, neck, spine, and torso stable and fixed. As a result, they cannot get hurt.

Of course, the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat even goes a step further, offering plush head and body inserts to help your kid find a better posture in the convertible car seat.

It will also add more safety standards. And both models include the five-point harness system to add more protection to your baby, keeping the body parts safe and sound.

Due to these inserts, the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat seems slightly more advanced than the regular Graco 4Ever. However, it doesn't mean the 4Ever model lacks these inserts - No!

It's only that the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat has slightly advanced body and head inserts, so that it might be a better option in the side, frontal, rear, and rollover crashes.

Still, it would be best if you didn't underestimate the Graco 4Ever, so you can again pick your favorite seat as you like.

3. Installation process

Both models are effective and effortless to install in either rear-facing, forward-facing, high-back booster mode, or backless booster mode.

Once you decide on the perfect model for your children's needs, you can install the seats with the LATCH system or the installation of the vehicle seat belt.

To use the LATCH system correctly, you will find the InRight LATCH system connectors that you must attach correctly with the car seat attachments.

So, you must hear the "click" sound and need only a few seconds to attach and install the convertible seat properly in the back seat of your vehicle.

However, the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat also uses the car's seat belt installation, thanks to the integrated belt lock-off system.

The integrated belt lock-off ensures effortless seat belt installation.

You must thread the vehicle's seatbelt through the properly marked belt path and tighten the seat for easy installation.

The integrated belt lock-off system works well in all modes - no matter whether in rear-facing, forward-facing, or booster seat setup. The seat belt is the best way to ensure an easy installation.

However, the Graco 4Ever also offers the same system, but the Graco 4Ever DLX is again slightly advanced.

In addition, the experts recommend the InRight latch system for installing the backless booster, forward-facing, and rear-facing installation.

You must use the LATCH strap correctly and connect all parts and attachments properly to ensure a secure installation.

But, you can use the LATCH belt for up to 45 pounds. It's increased, as previously it was only up to 42 pounds of maximum weight limit.

So, if you prefer LATCH or seat belt, you can choose the Graco 4Ever, the Graco 4Ever DLX forward-facing car seat, or even both!

But, it would help if you found the proper place for the installation and the installation type due to the chosen seat weight and modes of use.

Bur, regardless of your choice, you will get premium quality seats suitable for all operations and maximum safety standards.

The seat will have extra stability even in the highback booster and backless booster modes so that you can find your most reliable car seat quickly.

4. Comfort and convenience

Regardless of the rear-facing, forward-facing, high back, or backless booster modes, the Graco 4Ever and the Graco 4Ever DLX models will offer premium comfort standards to all kids.

Both models use the six recline positions for your little ones.

Among these six recline positions, you will find the correct recline angle and moderate the seats to choose the right positions for your kids.

Thus they won't feel pressured, restricted, or limited inside the seats. Also, you can recline the entire seat effortlessly with the proper angle.

As the two models use the no-rethread harness, they have ten positions of the harness adjustment points.

You can easily adjust the harness straps and moderate the system to match your kids' weight and height limits.

And, with the proper seat position, your little one will be relaxed and calm on the road.

However, the Graco 4Ever and the 4Ever DLX do NOT have the extra leg room like the Graco Extend2Fit model does, for instance. But, it doesn't mean they're not comfortable.

Still, if you prefer more room for your little ones, you can try multiple other Graco models.

Another advantage the Graco 4Ever DLX surpasses the Graco 4Ever is the fuss-free harness storage compartment.

The fuss-free harness storage compartment is, first of all, rubberized. It's created to make you quickly get your little one in and out of the car seat.

The fuss-free harness storage provides a no-slip grip on the harness system, making it more adjustable and convenient.

Finally, the fuss-free harness storage holds the new harness if you plan on using the Graco 4Ever DLX car seat in the booster modes.

Of course, the seats have built-in ventilation channels and breathable materials to keep your little ones cool, calm, relaxed, and unpressured in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes.

So, thanks to the harness storage, the Graco 4Ever DLX once again wins over the previous-generation Graco 4Ever seat.

And, you will find all suitable materials, ideal for the extreme car interior temperatures. Choose according to your needs.

5. Maintenance and cleaning process

graco 4ever dlx vs snuglock

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The Graco 4Ever and the 4Ever DLX offer machine-washable seat pads and seat cover. So, they will save your time and energy and be ideal for subsequent use and more freshness.

However, the Graco 4Ever DLX is again slightly advanced due to its machine-washable seat pad and the rapid-remove cover.

The rapid remove cover is an advantageous car seat cover, enabling you to quickly remove the body from the shell.

As you'll see, you can rapidly detach the seat pad and cover from the shell without uninstalling the seat.

However, for the plastic and metal parts, the manufacturer recommends using mild soap, cool water, and a damp cloth or wipes to clean the metal or plastic parts.

There's not too much difference between the seats here, so you can still opt for a better solution according to your preferences.

The only difference is the rapid remove cover in the Graco 4Ever DLX; you will get 60 seconds more when removing the cover.

6. Extra features

I love both models, thanks to their dual cup holders. Both seats have cup holders for your little ones, especially when they get too hungry or thirsty on the road.

I always prefer car seats with dual cup holders - or at least one, as my little angels can turn into little devils quickly if they're hungry and thirsty.

So, the cup holders are literally life-saviors since I can focus better on the road and keep them calm and relaxed in the seats.

I prefer both seats, as there's nothing extraordinary in this category.

7. Travel-friendly: Yes or No?

Well, both yes and no. Car seats are heavy, even though they weigh less than other similar models.

It might be challenging to re-install and remove the seats quickly between more vehicles, but they are ideal for everyday errands and similar uses.

What about aircraft?

This is another benefit you can get. Both seats are FAA-approved for use on the airplane. You will find the sticker confirming their service at the back of the frame.

However, you can not use them in the backless booster, high back booster, and similar modes.

The only FAA-approved use is either the rear-facing or the forward-facing harness mode. No boosters are allowed on the plane.

8. Budget-friendly: Yes or No?

Generally, Graco is not a high-end brand. However, you can pick multiple car seats if you're not on a tight budget and find various fitting models.

In addition, there are more higher-end brands - Nuna, Doona, etc., so Graco is not that expensive.

The Graco 4Ever has a price of $339, while the DLX has a price tag of $329. So it was $10 cheaper.

Moreover, it has a slightly more advanced design than the regular model for less price.

Of course, it's not a big deal, not at all, it's only ten bucks, but you can combine well and obtain an advanced seat for less money. So think about that as well.

Graco 4Ever: Pros and Cons


- All in one car seat

- Ten years of lifespan

- Quick installation with the audible click sound

- Fast conversion between the modes

- Cup holders

- Machine washable cover

- No-rethread harness

- FAA approval

- Maximum safety standards


- Need of an insert pillow to keep children from tilting forward

Graco 4Ever DLX: Pros and Cons


- 4-in-1 car seat

- Ten years of life span

- Maximum safety features

- Quick change of modes of use

- Rapid remove cover

- Fast installation with LATCH or belt system

- No-rethread harness

- Extra harness storage

- FAA approval

- Cup holders


- Too bulky even in the rear-facing method


Is the Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1 FAA approved?

Yes, it is, but only in the harness modes. So, for example, you cannot use the seat in the high back or the backless booster method, only in the forward-facing or rear-facing harness method.

What are DLX car seats?

These are the new-generation Graco all-in-one car seats, with three new features the regular 4Ever models don't have.

These include the rapidly removable cover, the harness storage, and the integrated belt lock-off for the quickest setup.

How long can you rear face in Graco 4Ever?

graco 4ever dlx vs platinum

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The weight limit is 40 pounds, and the maximum height is 43 inches. So, it would best accommodate your kids from six months to one year in the seat.

How long are Graco 4Ever car seats suitable for?

They have an expiration period of ten years from the date of manufacture. But, it serves all the only one seat you will need, covering kids from birth to school years.

Does the Graco 4Ever DLX recline?

Yes, it does. Same as Graco 4Ever, it has six recline positions for your best fit and needs.

Does the Graco 4Ever have a removable base?

No, the car seat does not have a detachable car seat base.

When can I remove the Graco 4Ever infant insert?

You can remove it when your baby no longer needs it. For example, if your baby's shoulders are above the lowest point of the harness setting without the insert, you can freely remove it.

Does Graco 4Ever have a steel frame?

Yes, it does. Graco seats generally have a steel-reinforced frame, so they will keep your little ones safe and sound on the road.

So, the Graco 4Ever vs DLX: Who Do You Choose?

Ouch, this is a tough battle, I must admit. But nevertheless, both models are extraordinary and more advanced than similar competitors and other brands.

However, the winner can be only one, so I prefer the DLX due to its three crucial features the regular 4Ever model doesn't have:

- The storage for the harness

- The quickly removable cover, and

- The integrated belt lock-off for an effortless setup.

But, other than that, they are pretty much the same, so choose as you like. I hope you can see the bigger picture and choose wisely.

You certainly won't regret them.

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