When Baby Can Sit in a Stroller: Best 2022 Advice for All Parents!

Strolling with a baby for the first time is an exciting experience for parents. But, first, you must keep your baby safe and sound inside the stroller.

But, the looming question is: When baby can sit in a stroller?

The guide advises when it's the right time to place your baby in a stroller, how to use strollers correctly, and stroller safety tips before buying one for your little one.


Take away key points:

  • A baby can sit in a stroller without a car seat when they are old enough to keep their heads and bodies upright (between five and seven months old). They don't need extra support to sit in an upright position.
  • Infants around three months old need a stroller and a car seat with multiple recline options to keep them safe inside. They can only hold their spine in the right position but need extra support to maintain the correct body postures.
  • Bassinets are the safest models for newborns and premature babies, as they ensure lying flat on a firm surface and offer correct body positions.
  • Infants are also OK with the travel systems as long as you follow the official rules and place them in age-appropriate restraints.
  • Please check out extra safety tips to prevent injuries and accidents related to stroller misuse.

When Can a Baby Sit in a Stroller: What You Need to Know

Stroller safety tips are critical to preserving your children's security while in strollers. So, let's discuss multiple stroller types, and see the proper time to place babies in each.

What's the best baby stroller for infants?

when can a baby sit in a stroller

A stroller that ensures newborns lying fully flat is the best option for your little ones. This is a bassinet stroller and is ideal for newborns to four months old kids, as you can fully recline it. While riding in the bassinet attachment, the infant's head remains in a safe and comfortable position. Children lie fully flat to prevent sudden infant death syndrome - SIDS.

In addition, the flat surface also protects kids' bodies from the five-point harness straps, as most bassinets have the central support strap. The strap prevents rolling and holds your baby in place.

Of course, you can remove the carrycot attachment, but you cannot use a car seat to carry your infant. And, safety measures prevent children from sleeping in the carrycot attachment, as the inner surface is softer, not as the recommended bassinet or crib mattresses.

Newborn babies have limited motor skills. They don't have developed head and neck control for self-support. Newborns only can move from side to side. So, the bassinets are the best option for infants.

Can you place a newborn in a regular stroller?

No, you cannot put a newborn baby in a regular stroller. Placing an infant in a seat-type stroller would cause the child to fall forward and out of the stroller during the stroll.

A convertible stroller is a better choice, as it sees your baby from birth to toddler years and can recline fully. So, it's better to use bassinets for infants.

Can you place a newborn in a travel system?

Yes, you can use a travel system with a newborn, and many parents use travel systems for the primary stroller types.

The system includes an infant-only car seat to attach to the stroller base, making the transition from your car to the stroller quicker. In addition, the travel system comes with a reversible seat, allowing your kiddo to face you until they're ready to sit up in the stroller.

An infant car seat is designed for infants of all ages, and it's created specifically to fit newborns in the stroller and motor vehicles. It would help if you had an infant car seat before leaving the hospital with your newborn.

However, rear-facing car seats support children up to 35 pounds, so as the baby grows, the car seats are impractical to use with the travel systems.

The AAP recommends using infant car seats for extended periods when babies are 50 pounds. Then, the infant car seat will be OK for car rides, but not for the travel system when your baby outgrows the allowed size limits. You will need another stroller to ensure the children ride safely.

When can a baby sit in a regular stroller seat?

when can a baby sit forward in a stroller

Once your baby can sit upright without falling forward, it's safe to use a regular upright stroller. This usually occurs once the baby reaches six months of age. The units offer multiple recline positions, keeping up with your growing children.

Infants might require an upright or reclining seat depending on their level of development. For instance, six to seven months old babies can sit upright with proper body and back control. As a result, they will prevent neck injuries and ensure correct stroller use.

On the other hand, at most three months old, babies have good head control and enough muscle strength for support in the stroller seat. So, until your baby reaches the milestone above, fully reclining strollers are the safest options for your little ones.

What is the right stroller for premature babies?

Premature babies and infants with special health care needs may not find the regular stroller seat suitable until months later.

The best stroller selection includes a stroller seat with a five-point harness to keep children safely inside the strollers. The bassinet is also a safe stroller for young babies, allowing them to lie flat on a firm surface and ensuring the child's safety inside the stroller.

In addition, many strollers have a footrest, a parent tray, and extra storage space to place necessary baby gear - a sippy cup, a diaper bag, etc.

Finally, choosing a stroller according to the child's age and weight limits is critical to prevent tipping and similar stroller injuries.

When can a baby use an umbrella stroller?

Umbrella strollers are more suitable for older infants (six months and older) and toddlers (1-4 years), as the strollers offer minimal support, so kids must support their own head and back. In addition, the strollers provide a seat and a safety harness, yet, no storage basket or leg support room.

Due to their "umbrella" construction, the strollers are more compact than other types and are ideal for public transport. However, the umbrella type is a good stroller for long strolls, as it's a lightweight stroller but not so stable. These strollers might easily tip over if parents attach baby equipment to the handles. Additionally, you should be careful with folding options so as not to pinch your fingers.

You can find some of the best models here.

When can a baby use a jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers are ideal for a baby at least six months old and older, as they can hold their spine and body upright and safely sit in the stroller. Jogging strollers are also perfect for active parents without needing a babysitter.

However, jogging strollers are not for a baby younger than six months since they do not fully recline, and the baby cannot sit upright. But, due to the car seat attachment and all-terrain wheels, this is the safest option for jogging with your baby (when they're ready).

Various studies have shown that a two-handhold jogging stroller gives a baby a more stable ride and is more comfortable for parents. Here you can find the best jogging stroller for your needs.

When can a baby use a double stroller?

If you have more than one child, you can consider only one stroller (double) for them all. Of course, the stroller must meet the baby's age and manufacturer's weight guidelines to prevent stroller accidents.

Experts agree you can use double strollers when your babies can sit upright (around six or seven months old), and you can cover your infant and toddler's needs. However, most strollers of this type do not offer fully reclinable methods, so your younger infants need an attachable car seat.

These units are significant, but you can find the options that are easy to push, quick to fold and carry and pass through most doorways. See some of the best items here.

Preventing stroller injuries and accidents

The first step to ensuring your child's security is to follow the manufacturer's instructions and choose the age-appropriate stroller and car seat. However, here are additional safety tips to keep children safe:

when can a baby sit in an umbrella stroller
  • Always use a harness system to ensure a car safety seat in the stroller. Children can suffer severe injuries when falling out of the seat attachment and stroller. As the kids fall on their heads, they may also suffer a skull fracture. So, a complete harness system is a must!
  • Do not attach additional gear to the stroller handles. Busy parents like to bring other baby gear and attach it to the stroller, especially during stroller shopping. However, extra weight causes strollers to tip over and hurt children. Instead, look for those models with an appropriate storage basket.
  • Check the stroller brakes to prevent moving. You must lock the brakes during breaks to prevent your stroller from suddenly rolling. Also, close the construction to avoid sudden collapses and children's injuries.
  • Fold the stroller when not in use. After finishing all errands, remove the baby, and fold the stroller to keep it out of reach. You will prevent finger pinch injuries.
  • Ensure stability of the unit. Ensure the stroller has a broad base to prevent tipping over if your children lean on one side. In addition, ensure the car seat is reclined to meet your baby's needs, and the stroller will not tip backward.

Here are extra tips for choosing safe strollers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can a baby sit in a stroller without a car seat?

A baby can sit in a stroller without a car seat when they are between five and seven months old, as they can keep their heads and bodies upright without extra support. However, if they're not ready, please keep them in the reclined car seat in the stroller.

Can strollers be used for newborns?

No, regular strollers cannot be used for newborns. However, you can use bassinets for newborns and infants up to three months old to lie flat on a firm surface. Once they can hold their heads up without extra support (three months old), they can use the reclined car seat in the stroller frame.

When should I stop using a bassinet?

You can stop using a bassinet after your baby overpasses it (around six months old), as the AAP states.

What type of stroller is best for a newborn?

when can a baby sit in a bob stroller

The bassinet stroller type is the best for newborns, as it allows your children to lie fully flat and find the best sleeping position.

When can a baby sit in a Bob stroller?

A baby can sit in a BOB stroller when they are eight weeks old. However, you need to attach the age-appropriate infant car seat with the corresponding adapter for maximum safety standards.

Please note that kids who cannot hold and keep their heads and bodies upright need extra neck and head support to ride safely and comfortably in the stroller.

When can my baby sit in a Bugaboo stroller?

For multiple Bugaboo strollers, the seats can be used from six months old children to those up to 50 pounds (extended rear-facing position).

In addition, you can find numerous models offering bassinets for newborn use. So, all Bugaboo strollers are created for use from birth to growing children who don't want to sit in strollers anymore.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are numerous age and developmentally-appropriate strollers for all children.

Ensure your little ones use the correct restraints to eliminate potential high risks and prevent injuries.

Finally, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines, and don't rush to place kids in higher-level seats and strollers if they are not ready yet.

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