Evenflo vs Graco: Which is Better? 2022 Comparison for Newby Parents

As a newbie parent, you have probably heard about various baby gear recommendations.

I bet you even spend hours and hours on the internet, looking for a solution that will help you decide on the best brand of baby car seats and follow-up accessories.

One of the top brands you will find is Evenflo and Graco. They offer a variety of car seats, strollers, and others for everyone's budget!

But, they differ in performance, looks, and overall ease of use and quality. So, which is the one you should invest in?

The choice is easier than you think!

By comparing these trustworthy brands, you will see how each one performs in separate categories.

It's time to read this Evenflo vs Graco review and pick your go-to baby gear brand that will serve you for years!


Evenflo vs. Graco: Safety as Top Priority

You see it all the time. Brands promise the best safety features you could currently get, but they usually compromise other values instead.

Well, when it comes to safety, there is one brand you cannot go wrong with! So let's find out which one!

The Evenflo brand offers infant car seats, convertible car seats, strollers, and their most well-known DLX All-in-One convertible car seat.

On the other hand, we have the Graco car seats, which boast safety!

Every one of their car seats is constructed with care and thought to detail. So not only are they the safest car seats, but they also offer better comfort.

Additionally, none of the car seats from Graco and Evenflo go without passing crash testing. So, what do they have in common?

evenflo vs graco vs chicco

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Which is the safer car seat brand?

For starters, both brands offer infant and toddler car seats with side impact protection and a 5-point harness that keeps them adequately restrained.

Evenflo car seats are tested 2x at the Federal Crash Test Standard if you want to get technical.

In addition, they include various safety features that include an expanded zone of protection, rollover testing, and side-impact protection.

Plus, all Evenflo car seats with a 5-point harness are FAA-approved so that you can take your little one on their first airplane ride!

Evenflo is one of the leading brands in the car seat industry that applies the utmost importance to dynamic rollover tests. As a result, the majority of their infant seats, as well as convertible car seats, have been rollover tested.

Graco is relatively similar in the safety category. However, I do have to give it a slight advantage. Graco car seats are frontal crash-tested, ensuring high safety ratings in all categories.

Many of their rear-facing car seat models are equipped with an anti-rebound bar, offering just one more layer of protection.

They offer other safety features such as TrueShield Technology, Safety Surround technology, and ProtectPlus.

Ultimate WinnerGraco

Which one is the master of comfort?

Comfort is a tricky thing when it comes to car seats.

How exactly do you pick a car seat that is comfortable enough yet does not limit the baby's movement due to all the extra padding?

When looking for comfort, you have to check for a few features-a plush machine-washable seat pad, recline positions, and kids-favorite cup holders.

The kiddies value these features in the long run, and parents are pleased to see their little one comfy in the car seat.

Both car seat brands offer great comfort in their various car seat models. But, honestly, the Graco ones retake the win.

They come with an infant insert suitable for the little passenger, and the insert is easily removed as the child grows.

The recline positions are necessary to have in all types of car seats. For instance, the Extend2Fit by Graco offers six recline positions and a 4-position extension panel.

On the other hand, the Evenflo convertible car seats also offer recline positions, but they are somehow limited.

For example, the Evenflo Symphony convertible car seat has three positions in the rear-facing seat and only one position in the forward-facing car seat mode.

However, it offers dual cup holders, making every trip way more fun!

Ultimate Winner: Graco

Ease of use & installation process

Easy installation is the key, whether you are dealing with a convertible car seat, forward-facing, or a rear-facing car seat.

Technology has come a long way for us to enjoy easier installations.

Therefore, the right car seat must be effortless to gain our trust. With this in mind, Graco seats are more accessible to install than Evenflo.

Let's observe a few factors that make Graco car seat installation better and easier.

We have user-friendly recline positions that work amazingly as the child grows!

In addition, unlike other car seats, the Graco seat will allow for more effortless headrest adjustment, ensuring your child always reaches a proper fit.

The Graco 4Ever DLX car seat offers a single adjustment lever that is easier to maneuver. Although the Evenflo convertible car seat includes the exact mechanism, I find that the entire process is much smoother with Graco.

Additionally, both car seat brands include a LATCH system that allows for quick and secure installation of any toddler car seat!

Comparison of Car Seats & Travel Systems

1. Graco vs. Evenflo: Infant car seats

evenflo vs graco stroller

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To decide between these two brands in the infant car seat category, I have picked two of the most popular models.

The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 is our first competitor. This car seat has various safety features, such as a hassle-free three-step installation.

First, it ensures you have correctly installed the rear-facing car seat without much fuss.

The Click Connect system ensures you can use this car seat and many others by Graco with strollers! In addition, it allows you to create a travel system and save money along the way!

The rear-facing seat includes LATCH system connectors and the American belt path, which means you can safely install this car seat in automobiles worldwide!

It is on the heavier side, like most rear-facing car seats, but it sure is nifty for traveling with an infant!

Its competitor is the similar Evenflo SafeMax.

The SafeMax Evenflo car seat is 2x Federal Crash tested and includes side impact protection and structural integrity levels.

Additionally, this rear-facing car seat offers an anti-rebound bar to ensure infant safety.

This Evenflo rear-facing car seat can be used with the Evenflo Pivot Modular travel system and provide the perfect solution for your baby's first city stroll.

2. Evenflo vs. Graco: Convertible car seats

For convertible car seats, we will be looking at two of the most popular models-the, Evenflo SureRide DLX and Graco Extend2Fit.

These convertible car seats include the 5-point harness, LATCH system installation, cup holders, and a rapid removal cover. However, where they do differ is the built quality.

For instance, Graco is much safer and better built due to the steel frame construction, energy-absorbing foam, and effortless latch system installations.

Plus, Graco's weight limits are much more extensive than the Evenflo convertible car seat.

The Graco convertible car seat includes extended rear-facing rides due to the 50-pound limit. The installation is relatively easy compared to Evenflo, so we have a clear winner in this category!

3. Evenflo vs. Graco: All-in-One car seats

evenflo vs graco safety

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All-in-one car seats are a terrific investment nowadays!

You invest your money at once and use one car seat for the rest of the growing period! These types of seats must have all the necessary features for a growing child.

Let's compare the top models.

With Graco 4Ever, you will get an EPS energy-absorbing foam, ProtectPlus technology, a backless booster mode, and a steel-reinforced frame.

The Evenflo Symphony Elite also offers safety features for the growing child. However, the entire design of this convertible car seat is a bit awkward.

It's relatively wide so that you won't have much room left for other passengers, the weight limits only go up to 110 pounds, and there is no backless booster mode.

Additionally, we love the fact that Graco always offers affordable prices as well as luxurious comfort!

Even while looking at the convertible car seat, you can see that it's much more comfortable than Evenflo!

The two-car seats are similar, yet so different in smaller details that make a big difference!

4. Evenflo vs. Graco: Booster seat

Evenflo Maestro and Graco Tranzitions are tough competitors. Nevertheless, these are the best car seat booster models by each brand.

However, Evenflo lacks the ability of a backless booster, so it has a big disadvantage right from the start.

The Graco booster seat offers the 5-point harness even during forward-facing within the 65-pound range. This is a terrific safety feature that not many booster seats are included.

Evenflo still stands tall in the game, offering a budget-friendly harnessed booster. However, like in many categories, Evenflo has a challenging installation, tricky non-threadable harness, and not the best comfort.

5. Travel Systems

Lastly, we will be taking a look at the travel system category.

For starters, Graco offers a variety of travel systems - from compact strollers and full-size strollers to jogging strollers that can keep you looking fit.

A few models, such as the Graco Modes Pramette travel system, include a 3-in-1 design that parents love! With this stroller, you will get a bassinet, a stroller, and an infant car seat carrier!

It offers a one-hand fold and a lightweight design, perfect for traveling!

With Evenflo, we can always rely on innovative gear that will make you look like the coolest mom in the neighborhood!

One of the most recognizable models is the Pivot Xpand travel system. It features the SafeMax infant seat, a modular frame with six modes, and a reversible mode that allows your baby to face you or the world!

Both of the brands offer quality strollers with good car seats. However, it's more of a personal preference of what you will pick.

You can find a suitable model with Graco and Evenflo, whether you are looking for a convenient, budget-friendly travel system or a grand duo!


Is Evenflo compatible with Graco?

No, unfortunately, Evenflo is not compatible with Graco strollers. However, you can use the Evenflo Parallel Tandem Stroller with the Graco SnugRide with the adapter.

The compatibility of these two brands is not the best. If you want a stroller compatible with Graco and Evenflo, your best option is to get a universal car seat carrier.

Is Evenflo a safe brand?

Yes, Evenflo is a safe brand, following all of the crucial Federal Safety Standards.

In addition, they were 2x tested and continue to enhance every baby gear product with the latest technology system.

Additionally, Evenflo includes the following safety technologies for their car seats: rollover testing, expanded zone of protection, side-impact protection test, temperature test, and certified use in aircraft.

Evenflo has added one of the safest installation processes, including the SureLATCH installation and SureSafe installation.

Graco vs. Evenflo: Which has a better infant car seat?

Safety-wise, both Graco and Evenflo offer spectacular infant car seats.

However, Graco offers more features, a delicate fabric that is gentle to the baby's skin and a bigger weight limit.

Graco offers a better seat if you want to invest in an infant car seat and have your baby ride in the rear-facing position.

Graco vs. Evenflo: Which has a better booster seat?

Both Graco and Evenflo offer booster seats with exceptional weight limits.

This means you won't have to purchase a separate booster each time your kiddo reaches a new weight and height limit.

However, Graco does offer a slightly better choice and quality of booster seats.

In addition, thanks to Graco's ProtectPlus technology, the booster will keep the child safe even during rollover accidents.

Is the Graco convertible car seat more comfortable than the Evenflo?

evenflo vs graco wagon

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Yes, Graco convertible car seat is more comfortable than Evenflo is.

For instance, the Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat can be used as an infant car seat as it offers a 50-pound weight limit which allows for extended rear-facing use.

Not only this, but the Graco car seat also offers removable and washable head and body inserts that keep the little one's snug in their car seats.

Evenflo Big Kid Amp vs. Graco TurboBooster: Which is better?

The Graco TurboBooster showed to be a trustworthy pick for many parents. However, the Evenflo Big Kid booster does not fall behind by much.

This booster seat makes installation easier as it offers flip-up armrests and is slimmer for three across installations. It will be a fantastic choice for traveling with kids.

However, the Graco booster seat is a bit wider in profile. Although it may not be suitable for smaller cars, it is great for bigger kids. However, Evenflo's Big Kid Amp booster seat is notorious in the market.

Even though it is declared as side-impact protection tested, the booster does not do much for the child's safety.

Evenflo All-in-One vs. Graco 4Ever: Which is better?

The Graco 4Ever DLX car seat offers a bigger weight limit of 120 pounds and allows you the extra option of a backless booster seat.

On the other hand, the Evenflo All-in-One car seat can only be used for up to 110 pounds in a high-back booster mode.

Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable one-and-only car seat with a backless booster seat, the best choice is getting the Graco 4Ever DLX.

Graco vs. Evenflo: Which has a longer expiration time?

All car seats have a similar expiration date of 10-12 years. You can find the label usually on the shell of the car seat.

After the expiration date has passed, the car seat should be discontinued as it is no longer considered safe.

Graco and Evenflo also have similar weight-limit ranges, which can sometimes indicate the expiration date.

Even Graco recommends you should cut the shoulder straps and harness and make the car seat not functional after expiration.

This will prevent people from digging the car seat from the trash and using it again. But, you can also give in your old expired car seat at the famous trade-in event.

Is Graco safer than Evenflo?

Due to the increased safety features, Graco is safer than Evenflo. However, both the car seats offer similar results regarding child safety.

One of the differences that make Graco a winner over Evenflo is the ProtectPlus feature which is beneficial for rollover accidents.

Additionally, all of their car seats must pass the Federal Safety Standards before being released on the market.

The Final Winner

If you stayed until the final part, you already know who the winner is!

It was not a challenging decision to make, knowing Graco is one of the most formidable competitors.

But, along with Chicco and Britax, Graco is among the safest and most well-built car seat brands.

One of the most impressive things about Graco is that it offers budget-friendly prices and exquisite quality and design.

However, it's impossible to deny the quality that Evenflo brings to the table. Although their car seats take some time, they are still reliable and within a similar price range to Graco.

No matter which car seat brand you opt for in the end, you will not make a wrong decision. Both competitors offer terrific car seat models that fit every family's needs and pockets!

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