Is It OK to Let Baby Sleep in Stroller? (Best 2022 Advisor)

Parenthood brings multiple questions to answer and different lessons to learn. A baby's safe sleeping time and place are certainly of them.

You must wonder: Is it OK to let baby sleep in stroller? And if yes, can a baby sleep in a pram overnight?

We discuss the crucial factors to consider when your baby falls asleep in a stroller/pram, dos and don'ts, and how to protect your baby from SIDS when falling asleep.


Take away key points:

  • Little ones can only nap in strollers and not sleep for too long
  • A family must create a safe environment for their kids to fall asleep safely
  • Always place kids on their backs in the cribs or bassinets for maximum safety features
  • Stick to the sleep schedules to avoid the loss of sleep
  • Read pros and cons before deciding whether or not to put a baby to sleep in a stroller

Should Babies Sleep in Strollers? What You Need to Know

Newborns haven't yet developed a circadian rhythm, a biological process helping us sleep at night and be awake during the day, as the experts state. So, it's not unusual to see a baby sleeping in a stroller/pram.

However, it would be better to consult the experts and determine how much sleep in the stroller is allowed for your baby.

Let's see the expert advice.

is it safe for babies to sleep in stroller

Safe sleep for babies

Safe sleep for children represents putting your infant to sleep in ways to protect them from sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS occurs in babies less than one-year-old. It's also called crib death since babies often die in their crib.

Where should a baby sleep?

The safest place for your infant/toddler is a crib or a bassinet. If you have multiple kids, place each in their own bassinet or crib. Then, follow the tips below to keep your baby's sleep secure:

  • Put your baby on its back on a firm and flat surface.
  • Put your baby in their own crib/bassinet.
  • Ensure the crib or bassinet meets the safety standards
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
  • Remove all electrical wires or hanging window cords near your kids.
  • Do not use sleep positioners.
  • Do not let kiddos sleep in a car seat, stroller, carrier, or swing.
  • Remove all toys, crib bumpers, and similar objects from the crib. Even if breastfeeding, remove all pillows and beddings before you start feeding in case you fall asleep.
  • Don't use cribs with drop-side rails.

Is it safe for a baby to sleep in the stroller?

The short answer is no; it is not safe for a baby to sleep in the stroller for an extended period. However, babies can take a short nap while strolling, so the stroller is only safe for a short nap.

There's no need to worry about the baby's safety if they fall asleep in the moving stroller. In addition, experts state that you can let your child sleep in a bassinet-style pram if you have a newborn. Bassinets allow children to lie flat to find the best body position.

You should not worry even in the traditional stroller types when the babies take short naps. Instead, strollers can make daytime naps more comfortable, making a dark and quiet room for infants. So, if you notice that your baby sleeps in the stroller, there's no need for an alarm.

Is a car nap OK for a baby?

can i let my baby sleep in the stroller

A car nap is OK, as long as you don't let your children sleep for an extended time in car seats. Your baby is restrained in a harness, so their bodies will naturally relax once they're asleep.

However, children's chins can come in contact with their chest, resulting in suffocation. Therefore, you should wake your child up and move them to the crib as soon as possible.

Pros for stroller sleep

Babies falling asleep can benefit you in various ways. However, they do not prolong their sleeping time in strollers. Here are some of the positive effects of a baby's sleep in strollers:

  • Adaptable baby - helping your little one know how to sleep outside in a stroller or pram will teach kids to be more flexible. Of course, the baby's sleep schedule is crucial for their health, but if a baby can sleep outside, they can sleep everywhere. This gives you more opportunities to finish your errands and enjoy the warm weather if you're running late and away from home. Napping babies won't be cranky, and you can complete all chores quickly.
  • More freedom for parents - while your baby's napping, you will have enough time for yourself. You can relax, stroll with your friends, enjoy your coffee break, go shopping, etc. However, you will be confined to your house when following the sleeping schedule of newborns at home. You cannot go out if you're home alone and must wait until your baby finishes their full sleep cycle.
  • Improving your health - while your baby gets enough sleep in their strollers, you can exercise a bit to maintain optimal body condition. You might be too tired to run all errands, and make the perfect atmosphere for your baby, so one nap is enough to return to your old self from time to time.

Cons for stroller sleep

Before you take your child out for a short nap, you must consider the adverse effects. Below are some of them:

  • Messing children's sleeping schedule - Don’t let babies fall asleep too frequently in strollers/prams, as you can affect their sleep routines. Stick to the baby's sleeping schedule; otherwise, it takes days to repair it.
  • Loss of self-soothing ability - Children can calm themselves down and quickly fall asleep. Sometimes, you must create a quiet atmosphere and use a light blanket and a pacifier. However, when toddlers become accustomed to falling asleep in the moving stroller, it will be hard for them to self-soothe.

How to put your baby to sleep safely?

The tips below will show you how to preserve your baby's safety while putting them to sleep:

can a baby sleep in stroller
  • Put your child on their back during bedtime - it's not safe for a baby to sleep on their tummy or side. But, if they roll to find the best position, it's OK to change positions during the nap.
  • Dress kiddos in light clothes - it's OK to swaddle your baby until they can roll on their tummy; however, once they do so, do not swaddle them. Never cover their head and face with blankets and similar objects to avoid suffocation.
  • Have a warm bath - place kiddos into their cribs or bassinets once they're warm and cozy. They won't wake up from their sleep and risk their healthy napping time.
  • Give kids pacifiers - pacifiers can prevent SIDS. If a mother is breastfeeding, wait for three to four months before you give your child a pacifier. Mothers should not worry if the pacifier falls off the child's mouth. Just don't hang them over the kids' necks.
  • Do not use cardiorespiratory monitors to reduce SIDS - there's no evidence that the monitors will help monitor the heart rates in infants. They might help kids with health and breathing issues, but they may not be practical with healthy kids.


How long can a baby stay in a stroller?

Your baby can stay in a stroller for an hour, respectively.

Can my baby sleep in his pram at night?

No, your baby cannot sleep in the pram overnight. They can take a short nap while outside, but you must put them to bed at night for more sleeping hours.

When can a baby lay in a stroller?

A baby can lay in a stroller when they're three months old and be able to support their head and chin.

Why won't my baby sleep in the pram?

You might have changed their nap schedule, so it's too early for naps in the pram. Or, your son/daughter might prefer their crib or bassinet better than the pram for longer/shorter naps.

How do you make a pram more comfortable?

is it bad to let baby sleep in stroller

To make a pram more comfortable, you can:

- Add pram comfort blankets

- Use cushion support for their heads and bodies

- Apply shoulder strap covers

- Use pram liners

Final Words

As you've seen, parents should not let the little ones sleep for more hours in strollers, only for short naps - an hour at maximum.

Parents should also follow children's sleep routines and determine bed time and night time rules to eliminate the risk of SIDS.

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