Britax vs Clek: Which Brand Is a Better Choice in 2022?

Clek stands for one of the high-end car seat brands on the market.

And the reason why their seats are so pricey is mainly because of the combination of the most rigorous safety features that comply with European and American standards.

On the other hand, we have Britax, a mid-range brand that is just as big on safety but slightly more affordable.

So, which brand is better?

Today, we'll compare Britax vs Clek in order to find out how these brands differ and why there is such a big gap in price between their seats.


Brand History

Clek is a Canadian, family-owned business with a background in the automotive industry.

Their experience in the automotive industry jumpstarted an idea to create child car seats that would embody the same safety features and comply with European standards.

Inspired by Sweden, where children are riding rear-facing until they are four, they wanted to create a similar restrain system in North America. And voila, they have been doing it for years.

Britax also has a history in the automotive industry, making safety vehicle belts and motorcycle accessories until they merged with RÖMER.

It is a German company that was making seat belts as well, but later launched their first child car seats.

Britax RÖMER nowadays differs from Britax in the USA, but both branches essentially come from the same company.

In fact, Britax, later on, acquired two more car seat manufacturers, Safe-N-Sound and Steelcraft, and started their business in the USA as Britax Child Safety, Inc.


All child restraint systems sold in the United States need to meet the federal flammability standard (FMVSS 302).

This standard requires seats to be flame-resistant either naturally or by being treated with flame-retardant chemicals.

Now, both Britax and Clek are free of brominated and chlorinated chemical fire-retardants. But Clek has a more versatile choice of materials when it comes to the seat cover.

Namely, Clek has divided its products fabrics-wise into three collections: Cleck Essentials, Clek Performance, and Clek Premium.

Cleck Essentials is free of brominated and chlorinated fire-retardants, and it's a lightweight polyester-spandex blend.

Clek Performance collection is also free of brominated and chlorinated fire-retardants and includes C-Zero Plus Performance Fabric by Crypton® that is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It is moisture and stain-resistant, and odor resistant.

Clek Premium is free of all added fire retardants and made of natural Merino wool and TENCEL® (natural cellulose), so it's breathable, hypo-allergenic, and soft.

Britax, on the other hand, also uses fabrics that are free of brominated and chlorinated fire-retardants.

Most of their seats include Thermo5™ fabric, a blend of 30% bamboo charcoal with polyester. This fabric is very breathable, moisture-resistant, and doesn't include any chemicals.

Their Nanotex products, mainly strollers, are treated with fire retardants but no heavy metals, PFOS, PFOA, or phenols. Nanotex also has silver-ion technology, so it's odor-free.

What is more, unlike Merino wool, the fabrics that Britax uses are machine-washable and dryer-friendly. So, maintenance is super-easy.

Final Verdict: All in all, Clek has a wider palette of materials to choose from; they are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and hypo-allergenic.


clek fllo vs britax boulevard

Most brands that make baby equipment tend to have everything on their offer: from car seats to strollers and travel systems.

Clek, though, is an exception.

This family-owned brand is focused on car seats solely, and their manufacturing can be brought down to a few high-quality car seat models only.

a. Car seats

- Britax: infant car seats, convertible seats, all-in-one seats, and booster seats

- Clek: infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats

b. Strollers

- Britax: everyday and double strollers

Clek: /

c. Travel systems

- Britax: fourteen travel systems

Clek: /

Final Verdict: Britax definitely has a more versatile offer, making everything, from rear-facing infant car seats to double strollers, while Clek has seven car seat models in total.


Both Graco and Clek feature the latest engineering innovations, ensuring first and foremost safety but also intuitive installation and straightforward adjustments.

Both brands combine the best of European and American standards, so the basic design of the seats is generally very similar.

a. Britax


Pioneer in many things, Britax was one of the first brands that started using ISOFIX technology for straightforward car seat installation.

Nowadays, most car seats include a LATCH installation system, but leading the way towards innovation and smart engineering is something that Britax will remain known for.

ClickTight System

Although ISOFIX genuinely made the installation process much easier and more precise, Britax did not eliminate the need for seat belt installation.

In fact, to help parents install the seats as easily and precisely with a seatbelt, they patented the ClickTight installation.

It is a three-step process that helps parents install the seat without a struggle.

The first step is to open the seat, the second to pull the seatbelt through, and the third to close it.

SafeCell Technology

As for the patented safety features, SafeCell Technology is definitely something we know Britax for.

It is a specially designed crumple zone located in the car seat base that absorbs the impact forces in case of an accident and keeps your child's body safe and protected.

Its design and shape remind me of a beehive.

b. Clek

REACT™ Safety System

REACT™ Safety System is probably the patent Clek is the proudest of. It is a special safety system that's integrated into every Clek convertible car seat.

It acts as a crumple zone and reduces the forces that are transmitted to your child in a frontal collision.

Basically, as Clek explains, you get rear-facing safety features in a forward-facing position.

Rigid latch system

The "R" in the REACT™ stands for a rigid LATCH system that's an inevitable part of every Clek seat. 

Basically, Clek put a lot of thought into designing a LATCH that will be durable and strong and, at the same time, simple to use.

Since correct installation is a step parents struggle with the most, this revolutionary design helps minimize the chances of incorrect installation and injury.

Anti-rebound bar

The anti-rebound bar is a trademark of Clek, for sure.

As I mentioned in the introduction of the brand, they picked up some safety features from European-designed child car seats, and one of them is the anti-rebound bar.

It stabilizes the seat and prevents rebounding in a front-facing collision and rotation in a side crash.

Clek is not the only brand that uses the anti-rebound bar, but they consider it one of their trademarks.

Final Verdict: The car seat design of both brands is incredibly innovative and centered around safety. They have similar features, so it is hard to choose a favorite in this category.

Safety Features

Clek has generally become a synonym for safety in the car seat industry.

That is because this brand performs rigorous testing of its own and scores fantastic results on independent tests that third parties perform.

However, Britax doesn't fall far behind either.

a. Britax

Britax car seats meet or exceed the FMVSS 213 federal safety standard. They perform rigorous testing to ensure their car seats are in compliance with the latest safety standards.

For example, Britax is one of the brands that swear by energy-absorbing foam.

However, unlike other brands that incorporate EPS into their side impact protection only, Britax seats have a deep foam-lined shell, foam-lined headrests, and side-impact cushions that all work in synergy to keep the crash forces away.

A design like this one ensures your child is safely cradled in this foam-protected bunker, so even if an accident happens, the impact forces won't get to your baby.

When it comes to the safety features Britax invented, the most well-known one is their SafeCell™ technology.

What does this mean?

Well, there are three main components that comprise the SafeCell™ technology: impact stabilizing steel frame, impact-absorbing base, and two layers of side-impact protection.

What does this practically mean?

Well, imagine you get in an accident; the steel frame will be able to endure the impact forces and maintain the structural integrity of the seat.

At the same time, the impact-absorbing base will act as a crumple zone, doing exactly that: absorbing the impact forces.

At the same time, the double side impact protection will guard your child's head and neck.

And Britax seats include a patented V-shaped tether with staged-release stitches proven to limit forward movement.

And some of their infant seats have anti-rebound bars that also contribute to the overall safety and stability of the car seats.

And if you're using the car seat without the base, you can rely on the European belt guide for secure and precise installation.

b. Clek

While Clek meets and exceeds the FMVSS 213 federal safety standard, too, it also learned a lot from the European design and Swedish car seat laws, delivering a bunker-like product that is the safest on the market.

For example, Clek Oobr, a high-back booster seat, has scored the best results in Baby Gear Lab's comparative testing in this category, beating UppaBaby, Diono, and Chicco. How?

Well, the first thing that's a staple of Clek's is the rigid, heavy-duty structure.

That is why at the core of every Clek car seat is a durable steel and magnesium sub-structure that holds the entire seat together and ensures long-lasting use.

Then, the shell is packed with layers of energy-absorbing foam, imitating the crumple zones in the cars.

The foam keeps your child protected in everyday rides but also in crashes since it absorbs the crash forces and keeps your baby intact.

Although many car seats have anti-rebound bars, Clek seats include steel anti-rebound bars that are stronger and more effective.

They limit the movement of the seat in crashes, preventing injuries.

Plus, Clek infant car seats include a steel load leg that additionally controls the movement in crashes and provides more safety to your child.

In fact, during FMVSS 213 independent crash testing for LATCH (UAS) installation using the load leg, Clek Liing has scored some excellent crash test results, which can be seen in the graph below:

Another safety feature typical for Clek is the extended rear-facing use.

Influenced by the Swedish car seat safety law that requires to keep children rear-facing until the age of four, Clek has designed their rear-facing car seat to have more leg room and higher weight limits to allow them to sit rear-facing for longer.

Their rear-facing seat has a maximum weight limit of thirty-five pounds.

While the convertible seat can be used in a rear-facing position until your child weighs fifty pounds and in a front-facing position until sixty-five pounds.

Also, Clek convertible car seats have multiple headrest positions, while their rear-facing seats have seven recline positions to ensure your baby is comfortable.

They have a special recycling system for both convertible car seats and rear-facing seats, so when you can no longer use your infant seat or convertible car seat, you can give it to Clek recycling, and all reusable materials go back into the supply chain.

Final Verdict: Although Britax Boulevard has scored better results than Clek Foonf in Baby Gear Lab's crash testing, I think that Clek overall has better safety features.

From the seat fabric to the steel anti-rebound bar, everything is high-grade and durable. So while both brands have amazing safety qualities, I'll go with Clek as the safer alternative.


a. Britax

All Britax's harnessed car seats are FAA-approved, therefore appropriate for flying.

But, you might want to think twice before you bring one of their car seats on your trip because they are on the heavier side.

But, they made up for the heavy car seats with their travel system selection.

Namely, Britax B-Lively & B-Safe travel system is an honestly good travel system that weighs around twenty pounds but has all the premium features you want to see in a stroller.

It has all-terrain wheels, a suspension system, and a foldable design. The folded dimensions are 29"In length x 23"In width x 12"In height, so it's great for traveling.

Another thing that makes Britax seats great for traveling is that they have a machine-washable cover.

When you're traveling, the seat gets in contact with many different surfaces, so it is great if you can clean it easily afterward.

b. Clek

Clek harnessed seats are also FAA-approved and suitable for flying.

What is more, all car seats of theirs feature a narrow design, so they allow you to fit three across, which is super-useful when you're carpooling or taking all your kids on a trip.

Clek also has a travel bag that helps you pack the seat conveniently if you won't be using it on a plane.

Now, given that Clek car seats also include steel frames like Britax's, they are not the lightest option for traveling either.

But they are among the safest car seats on the market, so it's worth it.

Final Verdict: Both brands are not on the light side, so they are not the first choice for traveling. But they are FAA-approved and can be used for flying if necessary.

Britax vs Graco: Summary Table













Safety Features






Over Rank




Is Clek safer than Britax?

Both of these brands make high-tech and high-quality seats that have passed rigorous safety tests and are made following federal standards.

So, to answer this question is not that simple, but if we have to answer, we'll go with the Clek.

Even though Clek's price is on the higher end, you may rest assured that you get your money's worth.

The main features that make Clek stand out are advanced side impact protection that pairs great with the metal load leg protection, an anti-rebound bar, and a steel frame.

Clek Foonf vs Britax Boulevard: Which is better?

As we already discussed, deciding which of the two high-end seats is better is certainly not an easy task.

Clek Foonf has a base made of steel and magnesium, which not only makes it sturdy and safe but it also makes it flexible.

Also, if you are looking for a seat that your child will be able to use for a few years, Clek Foonf is a better choice as it has a taller shell and it will last longer.

But, Britax Boulevard did score higher on Baby Gear Lab's crash testing, so apparently, it is safer.

Clek Fllo vs Britax Boulevard: Which is better?

For this one, it seems that the Britax Boulevard is people's choice as it has a much higher rate pick and much more recommendations than the Clek Fllo.

There are many reasons to choose Britax Boulevard, such as its ClickTight technology that makes it so easy to install that it only takes a minute.

Also, Cool N Dry fabric helps keep your child dry as it improves airflow.

Regarding safety, Britax is pretty famous for its high safety standards, and its steel frame guarantees that your child will be kept safe.

One last thing that makes it a popular choice is its price as it is much more budget-friendly than Clek Fllo.

Clek Oobr vs Britax Highpoint: Which is better?

clek foonf vs britax boulevard

Britax Highpoint is easier on the wallet as it is much more affordable than the Clek Oobr; also, its easy installation helps out a lot.

The Britax Highpoint has a three-layer of side impact protection, and also it has a steel frame which makes it one of the safest models out there.

The headrest on the Britax Highpoint can be adjusted in ten different positions, which guarantees that your child we'll be comfortable.

However, Clek Oobr has passed the Baby gear Lab safety testing as the best car seat in this category, so it has an advantage.

Does Britax come with accessories that are more varied than Clek?

Neither of these brands lacks the accessories; you can be sure of that. Some are more useful than others, but each and every one of them serves a great purpose.

When it comes to quantity, and versatility Britax wins this round.

The Britax is fully equipped with sun shields to keep your child in shade, mirrors, and seat protectors; it even comes with cup holders.

But when it comes to transportation and storage, Britax got you covered with seat covers, organizers, and bags, and last but not least, Britax comes with a travel cart which will make your life so much easier.

Does Clek last longer than Britax?

High-tech and high-end craftsmanship mean a long-lasting lifespan.

Since both of these brands have greatly resistant frames and are made with materials that can withstand prolonged use and have great wear and tear resistance, you can rest assured that either choice will get you years and years of use.

Now that we cleared that, let's get back to the question. 

According to the research, on average, Britax seats last between six and ten years, while Clek seats have an expiration date of 9 years.

Is Clek's infant car seat better than Britax's?

Each of these two brands will get you everything that you need when it comes to comfortability, security, or easy transportation, and in some cases, the easiest installation there is.

Now with that out of the way, the better seat for our research is Britax.

Britax is the people's favorite; it has all the luxury that the Clek does; it also has the most advanced protection, so you can easily sleep knowing that your child is safe and sound.

Also, when it comes to the price, Britax is less expensive than the Clek.

Is the Clek convertible car seat more comfortable than the Britax?

clek foonf vs britax one4life

When it comes to long journeys, safety and comfortability are the two most important things to look out for. And in both categories, Britax and Clek deliver.

Britax has a taller and wider base which means extra room for your children and also longer use as your children will be able to use it as they grow.

Britax is also padded with softer padding making it more comfortable and easier for your child to fall asleep, but Clek includes a variety of natural materials that are softer on the skin and more breathable.


As you can see, these two brands are pretty similar in every category.

Yes, Clek does have that high-end reputation, and they are most definitely big on safety. But Britax delivers just as well in every category, so it's not too far behind Clek.

In fact, their prices are not so different either, but since Britax has more models overall, it has models that are more and less heavy on your wallet, while Clek has seven high-end models in total. 

Either way, whichever brand you choose, you can't go wrong.

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