The Best Nuna Rava vs Evenflo 360 Comparison in 2023! Must-read!

When looking for the best convertible car seat for your more minor or medium child, there are multiple factors to consider.

The car seats must be, above all, safe, comfortable, quick to install correctly, and travel-friendly.

For this reason, we have compared two popular models: Nuna RAVA vs Evenflo 360 convertible car seats for your little ones.

But, who's better of the two? Find below!


Nuna RAVA vs Evenflo Gold 360? The Best 2022 Contrast!

1. Design and configurations

What's so specific about the two car seats? There are multiple benefits, but let's start from scratch.

Both the Nuna RAVA and the Evenflo Gold 360 are convertible car seats.

They offer multiple car seat positions, including:

- rear-facing position for kids 5-50 pounds/4-40 pounds of maximum weight limit

- forward-facing position for kids 22-65 pounds of maximum weight limits

- belt-positioning booster seat for kids up to 120 pounds of maximum weight.

However, there are crucial differences in their design.

Many car seats offer only 35 pounds of maximum weight limits for the kids using them. However, the Nuna RAVA offers an extended rear-facing mode for the infant car seat, up to 50 pounds.

On the other hand, the Evenflo 360 doesn't have such an option in the infant car seat for the rear-facing child. The maximum weight limit for the rear-facing infant seat supports 40 pounds.

You know that the NHTSA and the AAP strongly recommend keeping the child rear-facing in the infant seat as long as possible, as it's the safest car seat for them.

So, I vote for Nuna this time.

Both convertible car seats use the same support in the forward-facing car seat. But, the crucial difference between the two is that the Evenflo 360 is the all-in-one car seat.

Therefore, it will also offer a booster seat mode for kids up to 120 pounds. Unfortunately, the Nuna RAVA doesn't have such an option, as it's a regular convertible car seat with two modes.

In addition, the Evenflo 360 is a rotating car seat, with 360 rotating degrees for convenience and better use, while Nuna doesn't have that feature.

The Nuna RAVA offers 16 x 19 x 25.2-31 inches of proportions, while the Evenflo 360 has the following measurements: 21 x 19.8 x 25.9 inches.

Nuna weighs 27.2 pounds, whereas Evenflo weighs 29.6 pounds. So you see, the Nuna RAVA is narrower and weighs less, so it fits three seats in the back seat of the vehicle.

However, it is still bulky, and it won't be as easy as it seems to transfer and move between the vehicles quickly.

The Evenflo 360 is even bulkier and heavier, so installing and re-installing the convertible car seat between more vehicles will be challenging.

So, both models are travel-friendly but not as smooth as they should be. But, you do want a bulkier car seat in an accident, so we must give them plus for that.

I would choose Nuna for the extended rear-facing car seat since the Evenflo 360 is a fully convertible car seat, plus a revolving car seat and booster seat.

It also offers higher height and weight limits for your little ones. You can use it in all positions and modes, except for the backless booster seat.

It saves time and money since you don't need to purchase a new car seat for every car seat age and stage. But, I will leave the final decision to you.

evenflo revolve 360 vs nuna rava

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2. Safety features

According to the Consumer Reports, both the Nuna RAVA and the Evenflo 360 are the top convertible car seats for their safety standards.

Both car seats meet and exceed all Federal Safety Standards and undergo multiple safety features to keep your little ones safe and sound while in the seats.

The Nuna RAVA uses multiple layers of side-impact protection and a steel-reinforced frame, making it stable and supportive while on the road.

The car seat also benefits from the energy-absorbing foam to redirect and collect the energy from the crash forces and keep your child's head, neck, spine, and other crucial body parts intact and stable.

In addition, you will find the anti-rebound bar as the top safety feature when using the seat in the rear-facing method.

And the laid-back leg room adds an extra two inches for more extended rear-facing use, adding additional support to forward-facing services. So, the convertible seat is highly safe for illustrative uses.

On the other hand, the Evenflo all-in-one car seat uses the tether strap to add more stability and better fixation of the chosen seating position - rear-facing and forward-facing.

The anti-rebound base will limit the crash impacts, pressure, and forces in the rear, frontal, and side crashes.

The steel frame makes the Evenflo 360 a particular seat for reducing the movements and adding more support and stability in a particular seating position.

And due to the energy-absorbing EPS foam, the all-in-one seat will also offer your children the best safety and security standards.

However, the seats are also similar to the five-point harness, adding extra security and support for the kids using the accommodations on the road.

So, it also creates a better load leg for the growing children.

As both car seats provide maximum safety standards and supportive load legs, I will let you pick your better solution again.

3. Installation process

The safest place for the car seat installation is the center seating position in the back of your vehicle. You can place it behind the driver or the passenger seat if you cannot.

You should never install any seat in the front seat, but if you must, you must turn off the airbag system. If not, the pressure and forces will literally kill your little one.

Since we compare two convertible seats, you can install them in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions.

But, the Evenflo 360 also keeps the booster seat positioned and secured in the vehicle.

Once you decide what mode you want - rear-facing, forward-facing, or booster, you can install your seat in two ways, either using: vehicle seat belt system or LATCH system

Still, Nuna recommends using the vehicle seat belt system as the primary mode for the correct installation to avoid LATCH complications.

The vehicle seat belt will fit more seating positions.

In addition, the Nuna RAVA utilizes the Simply Secure Installation system that is:

- muscle-free - True Tension doors ensure an ultra-secure without the struggle, even for older persons and grandparents

- hassle-free - simple instructions ensure the smoothest installation

- bubble-free - recline angles clearly state and confirm the best riding angles

So, you can thread the belts through the belt paths and tighten them for maximum stability and security.

On the other hand, unlike other car seats, the Evenflo 360 is a rotational seat, and the 360-degree rotation offers you a locking option for both rear-facing and forward-facing modes.

Thus, the seat swivels, separating the car seat and its base for the quickest installation of the base and seat in general.

Not all-in-one seats are rotating car seats, only the Evenflo 360. So, it comes with the seat belt-tensioning "LockStrong" bar to ensure maximum stability and security of the seat.

However, the seat can only be used with the LATCH connectors in the booster mode. And, you will find the dual-zone level indicator for the rear-facing use to find the best angle.

Again, it's pretty challenging to choose the better installation process.

Both are extraordinary and quick, but since the Nuna RAVA offers a narrower design, it might be more accessible to fit more vehicles.

4. Convenience and comfort

Both car seats offer the no-rethread harness for your little ones, but the Evenflo surpasses Nuna. It uses fourteen harness positions, following your children's growth and development.

It also beats Nuna in terms of recline positions.

The Nuna RAVA offers only ten recline positions, while the Evenflo 360 offers fourteen recline position modes, four of which are in the rear-facing modes.

Besides, the seat rotates to find the best angles and best fit, which Nuna lacks due to traditional design.

In addition, the Nuna offers two buckle positions for the harness covers and overall harness adjustments, while the Evenflo 360 uses three buckle positions.

Of course, both seats are excellent for the machine-washable fabrics, saving your time and energy and keeping them clean and fresh for subsequent use.

In addition, you can store the harness, chest clip, and buckles all in the Evenflo 360 on the seat while converting it to the booster mode.

However, the Nuna RAVA offers only natural, flame-resistant materials without any flame-retardant chemicals, so it's both user and eco-friendly.

And the breathable materials have a cooling effect due to ventilation panels. So, your kids will be cool, calm, relaxed, and optimal in the Nuna RAVA seat.

But, I would still give my vote to Evenflo due to more reclining positions and those indicators to find the proper fit for the rear-facing and forward-facing modes.

But, since Nuna RAVA is narrower, I like it since it's quicker to fit and match positions. So, you can choose as you want.

5. Extra features

evenflo 360 vs nuna rava

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Never go on a long-distance trip if your car seat doesn't have cup holders. These are critical if you always have hungry and thirsty kids like mine.

So, I always prefer cup holders over those models without such a feature.

Luckily, both our models have two cup holders. The Evenflo 360 has removable cup holders, is dishwasher-safe, and is convenient for subsequent use when they get dirty and messy.

On the other hand, the Nuna RAVA also uses two foldable cup holders. They can easily fold away and create more space when installing the seat, so it fits three across.

So, you can pick your best solution according to your and your children's needs.

6. Travel-friendly?

As I've mentioned before, both car seats are suitable for motor vehicles. In addition, they are travel-friendly in a way that you can use them for everyday errands, long and short distances.

However, they are both too bulky and more robust to install and re-install between more vehicles.

So, they are not so travel-friendly for your vacations. You should check other convertible car seats suitable for travel and similar activities.

And about the aircraft?

The Nuna RAVA is allowed to be used on the plane. However, you can use this car seat in the harness mode.

On the other hand, unfortunately, you are not allowed to use the Evenflo 360 on the airplane.

The main reason is that the car seat is rotational, requiring the tether in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions.

In addition, many reports suggest it might not even be possible to install it on the passenger seat on the plane.

So, check all FAA rules before you take your car seat to the airport. You will avoid complications.

I still pick Nuna as the first choice!

7. Budget-friendly?

The Evenflo 360 has a regular price of around $400 on Amazon. However, many claim its MSRP is $379.

On the other hand, you can find Nuna on its official website for the cost of approximately $500. So, the difference is significant but not too big.

Now, families who are on a tight budget should pick the Evenflo model since you get more uses for less money.

But, since you cannot use it on the plane, I suggest you add more money and go for the Nuna RAVA.

It's only my preference, but you never know when you'll travel across the ocean. So, it's better to be fully prepared in advance. 🙂

Nuna RAVA: Pros and Cons


- Excellent crash test results

- Quick setup with the seat belt

- Premium quality materials

- Convenient for extended use

- Comfortable

- Fitting multiple vehicles and three across

- FAA-approved

- Ten years of lifespan


- Too expensive

- Too bulky

- More minor crotch buckle positions than Evenflo

- Buckle might be stiff and fit some children

Evenflo 360: Pros and Cons


- All-in-one design, fitting all ages and stages

- Money-saving

- More budget-friendly than Nuna

- Better recline and adjusting positions than Nuna

- Rotating options for a better fit

- Quick installation

- Maximum safety standards

- Ten years of lifespan


- Even bulkier than Nuna

- Not FAA-approved

- Tricky to move around between more vehicles quickly


Are 360 car seats safe?

Yes, 360 car seats are are. Generally, they are safe when you only use the swivel function to take your baby in and out of the car or when switching from rear to forward-facing positions.

Thus, it's a safer feature to have.

Does the Nuna RAVA rotate?

No, Nuna RAVA doesn't rotate. The convertible car seat only offers two positions, so it only reclines at various angles. However, it doesn't have a swivel function, so it will not rotate at all.

evenflo gold revolve 360 vs nuna rava

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How long can my child use the Nuna Rava?

Regarding expiration, it has a 10-year expiration date from the date of manufacture.

You can use Nuna Rava for the following conditions:

- rear-facing convertible with seat belt 5-50 pounds

- with lower anchor belt 5-35 pounds, and 49 inches or less - recommended use up to at least two years of age

- forward-facing convertible with seat belt 25-65 pounds

Is Nuna RAVA FAA-approved?

Yes, Nuna RAVA is FAA-approved. You should find the label stating that the seat is suitable for motor vehicles and aircraft. It should be at the back of the seat or somewhere near the bottom.

What stroller is compatible with Evenflo 360?

Unfortunately, none of the strollers is compatible with the Evenflo 360. In addition, the seat is not a regular infant car seat but a convertible with the rear-facing method.

So, it won't fit any of the strollers due to the overall design and proportions.

So, Nuna RAVA vs Evenflo 360: Who Do You Choose?

Hopefully, the article helped you learn more about the seats and our two competitors. So, who's your final winner?

My choice is still Nuna RAVA. Why?

Well, the Nuna RAVA checks all the boxes for multiple parents. It is quick to use, clean, simple to install, highly regarded for safety and security, and comfy for a growing child.

Consumer Reports also agree, ranking it the top car seat on the list. You can check it if you need.

I'm not stating that Evenflo is not good; it is excellent, but Nuna is still more advanced.

Let me know if you agree or disagree.

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