Nuna Mixx Next Stroller Review (Updated 2022 Review You Can Trust)

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Our pursuit for a perfect everyday stroller has become a full-time job, with so many new models coming every year.

One of the latest gems of the industry, Nuna Mixx Next, has caused quite a confusion among parents with its high price and questionable performance.

Today, I'll try to resolve the dilemma and break down this model to conclude whether it lives up to its price.

Stay with me to find out all about it in my Nuna Mixx Next stroller review!

Quick Summary

Nuna Mixx Next is a luxurious high-end stroller suitable for newborns and toddlers.

It's known for its upgraded all-wheel suspension system that offers a smooth ride on all terrains and a more compact fold that families love.

Most parents say this model is the best of two worlds: light as a travel stroller but durable as a high-end everyday stroller.

1. Value for Money: 4/5

Price-wise, this stroller is within the UPPABaby Vista range, and it definitely has a premium design that corresponds to the price.

But practically, I don't think it's 100% worth it, given that it can be tricky to steer.

2. Maneuverability: 3/5

Due to special free-flex suspension on the rear wheels and progressive suspension technology on the front wheels, this stroller glides on all terrains.

But, it is very bouncy and flexible, which makes it a bit tricky to maneuver.

3. Convertibility: 4/5

The stroller can be easily converted into the travel system due to the ring adapter that comes with it. It's also compatible with bassinets.

But, you cannot transform it into a double stroller.

4. Quality: 5/5

Quality-wise, this stroller is top-notch.

It includes a leather handlebar, bamboo inserts, rubber tires filled with foam, and black chrome wheels.

It's well designed and available in six beautiful variants.


The price: around $700
What I Like About It
  • High-quality design
  • Excellent engineering
  • Flat position recline
  • All-season seat
  • Full-size canopy
  • Leatherette bars
  • Lightweight design
What I Don't Like About It
  • Bouncy
  • thin vertical struts
  • Slightly flimsy

A Few Words About It

What we have here is a lightweight single stroller from the Nuna brand, engineered to provide a smooth ride on all terrains.

It's compatible with bassinets and can be converted into a travel system. But the reason why most parents love it is the compact fold.

On the other hand, the reason why I find this stroller exquisite is its suitability for infants, even without the bassinet or Nuna car seats.

The secret is in the recline, which goes down to a flat position and offers optimal support to your baby during his/her afternoon nap.

But, there's more to it than lie-flat recline.

This stroller is made of top-notch materials, and it has a Greenguard certificate, so it's perfectly safe for your baby and the environment.

General features

nuna mixx next travel system review


Nuna Mixx Next is a third generation of the Nuna Mixx line of strollers.

While it definitely comes with a series of improvements, I am still skeptical of whether this stroller lived up to the expectations.

I've tested it for a while, and I'm not impressed, to be entirely honest.

On the other hand, the stroller has some undeniable qualities, so I'll try to stay impartial and share what I've learned about it.

First things first, this is a relatively light and compact stroller.

It's compatible with bassinets infant car seats and has a flat recline, so it's very newborn-friendly.

I do like that it supports newborns even without the infant seat. This is not very common for strollers of this kind, so I was pretty impressed with this detail.

The best trait this stroller has to offer must be the new and enhanced suspension system. The ride is very smooth on all terrains, so it's a great model for walks in nature.

What is more, both front and rear wheels are very durable and well-connected, so they won't fail you when things become challenging.

Also, I was amazed by how easy it is to fold this stroller.

Due to the L-shaped chassis and triggers on the handlebar, the entire stroller folds down in a second, and the size fits most trunks.

In fact, you can fold it down with the seat attached and in both forward-facing and reversed positions.

However, the flexibility of its design also makes this stroller a bit wobbly. Even in their promo video, you can see how the entire stroller is a bit loose.

The core of the issue seems to be the free-flex suspension but also the thin vertical struts that connect the upper and lower part of the stroller.

That being said, although it is incredibly flexible and well-equipped in terms of wheels, this model is not that easy to maneuver.

At least it wasn't for me. But let's talk about each feature in more detail.

nuna mixx next stroller review


1. Design

Nuna Mixx Next is a single stroller suitable for newborns and children up to fifty pounds. It doesn't support a second seat and cannot be converted into a double stroller.

It's bassinet-compatible and pairs with all Nuna PIPA™ series infant car seats.

The seat on the stroller is equipped with a five-point harness, and it features a true-flat sleeper recline.

Actually, the seat has five recline positions, so it's easy to find a perfect angle for your little one.

One thing I really love about the seat is the all-weather design.

Namely, you can remove the seat fabric, and there's a mesh layer underneath with a five-point harness as well, so you can customize it as the weather changes.

This is very useful in summer because my child has a very high body temperature, and I'm always worried about overheating.

review nuna mixx next


Now, one of the weak points of this stroller is the leg rest. It's weak and flimsy, so I doubt it can offer decent support to a toddler, let alone a fifty-pound child.

The canopy is great, though; it offers fantastic coverage and has a ventilation panel for air circulation as well as a peek-a-boo window.

2. Convenience

The Nuna Mixx Next has an adjustable telescoping handlebar. Just like Vista, it has a sliding mechanism, not the hinge. So, taller parents are gonna love it.

The handlebar has a leatherette cover and the bumper bar as well. I have to say that it's very convenient for holding and has a nice feel to it.

Also, the shopping basket has a pretty good capacity, holding up to approximately 10 pounds, and it has two compartments for better organization.

I also like that the basket is easily accessible and very spacious.

Another feature I love is the folding mechanism.

Out of all strollers I tested, this one is the simplest to fold, and it has a self-stand design. The folded dimensions are 34.6 inches x 23.6 inches x 22.04 inches, so it fits most trunks.

3. Wheels

The front tires have eight inches in diameter, while the rear wheels have 11 inches in diameter.

The chrome black wheels have rubber tires, are foam-filled, therefore resistant to punctures, and perfect for rough terrain.

The mechanics of the wheel configuration is also on-point, and with upgraded suspension, you're up for a very smooth ride, that's for sure; however, because of the flexibility that these new features offer, it is not at all easy to steer this stroller with one hand.

This improved suspension makes it very bouncy, and it can be annoying to some degree. So, I am not a big fan of it.

4. Materials

All Nuna products meet the standards for the GreenGuard certificate, including Nuna Mixx Next. What this means is that this product has extremely low chemical emissions.

This also means that this stroller does not include harmful toxic materials that might hurt your child.

In fact, a removable insert is made of bamboo blend fabric.

At the same time, the handlebar and the bumper bar are covered with lux leatherette, a substitute for genuine leather.

5. Functionality

When it comes to engineering innovations, this stroller shows some high-end traits.

First of all, the no-rethread harness includes a self-guiding magnetic buckle that effortlessly draws the straps back in place.

Then, the ring adapter allows easy conversion to a travel system, and the one-touch brake system gets into play when you need to park the stroller.

Also, with a five-position recline system, your sleeping baby will be enjoying the ride every time.

What we don't like about it?

The first thing that needs improvement is the leg rest.

For a model in this price range, an umbrella-stroller-style leg rest is just disappointing.

It is an adjustable leg rest but very flimsy, consisting of textile between two struts and no hardware to offer some structural integrity.

Next, while the canopy offers great coverage, it is not sturdy enough for a stroller of this kind.

This stroller is built for bumpy terrains, but the canopy falls back whenever the bouncy nature of the stroller comes to play.

So, it seems like the overall design of the stroller is not matched with the canopy's design.

Also, the canopy gets in the way whenever I try to unfold the stroller, which is another annoying detail.

And lastly, the overall feel of the stroller is very bendy and bouncy. I am aware that the suspension system was designed to offer flexibility, and it serves its purpose.

But, on the other hand, it resulted in a lack of stability. I don't like that I can't control the stroller sometimes and how flimsy it seems in my hands.

Nuna Mixx Next vs. Nuna Mixx

Although these two models seem identical, Mixx Next is actually an upgrade that came out as a response to customers' complaints and remarks.

There are no drastic design changes, but there are a few improvements that genuinely made this stroller easier to use.

Let's start, shall we?

Nuna Mixx Next vs. Nuna Mixx


*Mixx on the left, Mixx Next on the right.

Both these strollers feature the same design and same features.

The newer version, Nuna Mixx Next, is slightly heavier, weighing 28.3 pounds, while the original Nuna Mixx weighs 27 pounds, but they are both relatively lightweight and great for different terrains.

Now, the dimensions of the strollers unfolded are identical, but their folded dimensions differ. And this is the first upgrade that Nuna Mixx Next portrays.

The Mixx Next has a redesigned rear axle that folds into the stroller while the back wheels are retracting into the frame.

Therefore, when folded, Nuna Mixx Next is shorter than Nuna Mixx by about six inches, so it will be easier to fit it into your trunk due to a more compact fold.

Nuna Mixx Next vs. Nuna Mixx folding


*Mixx Next on the left, Mixx on the right.

However, because of this special folding mechanism, Mixx Next is actually taller when folded, so I'm not sure if you're really saving any space.

Nonetheless, one thing parents didn't like about the Nuna Mixx was that it had no self-stand mechanism when folded.

So, the new version can stand on its own when folded, and we love it!

Now, if you look at the best-selling strollers, you'll hardly find plastic wheels on any of them.

Nuna Mixx, despite its ambitious price tag, has plastic front tires, and parents didn't like it.

For that reason, Nuna added another upgrade and made Nuna Mixx Next with all four rubber tires. The wheels are foam-filled but with a rubber exterior and chrome rims.

As for the wheels, while both models are excellent for uneven terrains like snow, gravel, bumpy sidewalks, Mixx next has an advanced suspension system in the rear wheels that absorbs shock and offers an even smoother ride than Nuna Mixx.

This has also made the stroller more flexible and easier for maneuvering.

In fact, Nuna advertises this model as easy to maneuver one handedly, but I don't agree with this. When a stroller is that flexible, it's way harder to steer it with one hand only.

Another handy addition is the harness system, or to be more precise, the harness buckle.

Nuna Mixx Next includes this magnetic harness buckle that retracts the straps, so you don't have to buckle each up individually.

It's not that big a change, but it's a nice addition that helps you get your kid ready for a walk faster.

Now, both strollers are compatible with every Nuna infant car seat:

- Nuna Pipa

- Nuna Pipa Lite

- Nuna Pipa Lite R

- Nuna Pipa Lite LX

- Nuna Pipa RX

And the last difference between these two models is that Nuna Mixx Next is available in a brand new color combination, the black-brown combination called Timber.

So, there you go, a few small improvements go a long way.

I can't confirm they made a drastic difference, but one thing I can say for sure, Nuna listens to the customers, and that is definitely proof of a user-oriented business.

Alternative to Nuna Mixx Next Stroller?

how to fold nuna mixx next stroller


A good alternative to Nuna Mixx Next could definitely be UPPABaby Vista or UPPABaby Cruz.

Vista is around $300 more expensive, but it does come with a bassinet, and it supports more infant car seats, so it evens out.

The points at which Vista is slightly superior to Nuna Mixx Stroller are durability and stability. It also includes a suspension system, but it's definitely not as bendy as Nuna Mix Next.

It also supports another toddler seat, so it converts into a double stroller. And it has a better leg rest and generally sturdier structure.

What lifestyle is Nuna Mixx Next good for?

I can't say that this stroller is good for everyone. It is an everyday stroller, and it definitely has amazing qualities and premium materials.

Overall, it's well-built and quite durable. However, while all parts individually show great durability and strength, the way they are connected is not making this stroller very stable.

I would recommend it for active parents who need a solid all-terrain stroller that is not too heavy and has a spacious shopping basket.

It's good for summer because of the all-season seat that keeps your child cool, so I recommend it for vacations.

Due to its special suspension system and great wheels, I think it will work well on the beach, and it is on the lighter side, after all, so it won't add too much to your luggage.

What accessories are available for this stroller?

The bassinet is sold separately and costs around $200. So when you add the cost of the bassinet, you get pretty close to the price of UPPABaby Vista.

The cup holder is also sold separately, as well as the rain cover, a wheeled travel bag, a diaper bag, and a bassinet stand.

Nuna also sells a second seat, but you cannot attach it to this model, that's for sure.

Summary: Do we recommend this stroller?

All in all, this is a nice stroller. It's very stylish, well-made and it includes only the highest-quality materials.

When it comes to convenience of use, there are many advanced features that make your life easier and, most importantly, make the ride comfortable and enjoyable for your little one.

However, for this price range, I think you can find way better strollers than this one.

UppaBaby Vista, for example, also has a fantastic suspension system, great design, high-end materials, and it converts to a double stroller.

This model is great for different terrains, but it's slightly odd to maneuver, and I don't think it lives up to its potential. It's bumpy and flimsy, and once you pay the price, you want it to be perfect.

So, while this stroller is great, I am afraid you'll get frustrated with it after a while. So, only buy it if flexibility and all-terrain use is the most important detail for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nuna Mixx next worth it?

Well, yes and no.

If you take materials, style, and advanced engineering in question, it is. This is a high-end stroller with premium materials and a fantastic design.

On the other hand, if you check other strollers in the same price range, it's not.

There are convertible strollers with just as good a suspension system and just as fine materials for the price.

Take UPPABaby Vista, for example, it converts into a double stroller, and it has far more stability and sturdiness than Nuna Mixx Next.

It is $300 more expensive, but it includes a bassinet too, so it all evens out.

Is Nuna Mixx Next an all-terrain stroller?

Nuna Mixx Next is an all-terrain stroller.

In fact, Nuna went a step further with this model and incorporated a new and improved suspension system.

It's the so-called free-flex suspension that's even more effective in absorbing shock and providing a smooth ride.

The suspension system is incorporated into the front and rear wheels, but the front wheels have a progressive suspension technology.

With large rubber wheels, you have no reason to worry about the bumps and curves, and since the tires are foam-filled, the wheels are not prone to punctures or will ever get flat.

Can you put a newborn in the Nuna Mixx stroller?

Yes. This is one of the wonderful advantages that Nuna Mixx next offers.

It's compatible with a bassinet and an infant car seat.

But even without the infant car seat attached, this stroller is ready for infants due to its flat recline.

Also, it includes a no-rethread five-point harness with an advanced magnetic buckle, so it's faster and safer to buckle your baby up.

It includes inserts not as thick as those on infant car seats but decent, and the reversible seat offers numerous different configurations.

Which car seats are compatible with Nuna Mixx Next?

Which car seats are compatible with Nuna Mixx Next


Nuna Mixx Next is compatible with all Nuna car seats for infants.

The exact models you can pair it with are Nuna Pipa, Pipa Lite, Lite R, Lite LX, and Pipa RX.

As for the other brands, I couldn't find the information about it, so It's not entirely impossible that you can pair this stroller with some other brand of the infant car seat, but any Nuna Pipa car seat is a sure match.

Does Nuna Mixx Next come with a car seat adapter?

Yes, Nuna Mixx Next comes with a car seat adapter that allows you to convert this stroller into a travel system.

This is a ring adapter, and it enables quick attachment of the infant car seat in only one step.

However, this adapter doesn't work with other car seat brands. At least I couldn't find a confirmation that it does anywhere online.

How has the Nuna Mixx Next been updated from previous models?

The stroller hasn't changed that much in comparison to the previous version - Nuna Mixx.

The biggest difference was made with the new upgraded suspension system that made an impact on the maneuverability and flexibility of the stroller in general.

But when it comes to design, aside from the folding mechanism and the wheels, nothing changed.

The front wheels have rubber tires now, as opposed to plastic ones that the previous version had. And the new rear axle was redesigned so that it folds into the stroller, retracting the rear wheels.

So, when folded, the new stroller is shorter than the original version but also slightly taller.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I like this stroller. It's not the best stroller I've seen in this price range, but it is definitely worthy of attention.

What I like about it is the design, the style, and the engineering.

I haven't owned a stroller with such an advanced suspension system. Nuna definitely did a good job with that.

However, I don't like this much suspension. It can be that it's only me, but I like to have control over my stroller.

I don't like when it's too bouncy and bendy. It makes it feel cheap.

If we refer to other parents' comments, though, they are pretty indecisive.

I've seen both positive and negative reviews, so I guess it's a matter of preference if you need a lighter stroller for all terrains, though, so for it.

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