Nuna Mixx vs UPPAbaby Vista: Choose the Best for Your Baby!

Years have passed since the UPPABaby Vista first appeared, and we are still waiting for a new stroller to take it off the throne.

Nuna, as a brand comparable to UPPABaby by price and design, naturally comes as the strongest competition.

So, parents often can't decide between their Mixx Next and Vista V2.

Although these two strollers are not even in the same category, I'll accept the challenge and try to help you decide between Nuna Mixx vs UPPABaby Vista.

But since Nuna Mixx Next is the latest version, I'll use this one for comparison with UPPABaby's latest Vista V2.


Side-to-Side Comparison


UPPABaby Vista V2

Nuna Mixx Next





Single to Double





Adjustable handlebar



Weight limit







nuna mixx vs uppababy vista accessories


Although these two models are not in the same category, they are frequently compared and often a matter of debate between parents.

However, I believe that the main reason why parents can't decide between these two models is the high-end design and undeniable quality that both strollers portray.

Nuna and UPPAbaby are renowned car seat brands known for high quality and advanced engineering.

Therefore, customers' trust comes naturally for both brands, and each new product they release seems to gain immediate interest.

That being said, both Nuna Mixx Next and UPPABaby Vista are well-designed strollers with premium materials, a stylish exterior, and advanced engineering.

Both models have a sturdy frame, full-coverage canopy, and all-wheel suspension system.

They have a similar adjustable handlebar with a sliding mechanism. And both models have a leather cover on the handlebar and bumper bar.

Another feature that these two strollers share is a simple and compact fold. They have spacious storage baskets, and even the basket design seems pretty similar.

As for the seats, both strollers include a reversible seat with a five-point harness and adjustable leg rest. But while Vista V2 can support the second seat, Nuna Mixx Next can't.


Comparing Nuna Mixx, or even the later version, Nuna Mixx Next, with UPPABaby Vista V2 doesn't seem quite fair to me.

Vista is a convertible stroller with the potential to support up to three children, while Nuna Mixx is a single stroller.

But, since parents are putting these two in the same arena, let's do it.

1. Price

Price is a delicate matter when it comes to these two models.

UPPABaby Vista is definitely the more expensive one, but when we take all the accessories into consideration, they cost the same.

For example, UPPABaby Vista V2 retails at about $900. For this price, you get a stroller and a bassinet.

Also, the stroller supports the direct attachment of the infant car seat, so you don't need to buy a car seat adapter.

Nuna Mixx Next is available at $700, but it doesn't include the bassinet. Their Nuna bassinet costs around $200, so it comes down to $900 too.

Basically, they have the same price range.

However, Vista can support an extra seat, while Nuna Mixx can't, so if you're planning two kids, Vista is a more cost-efficient choice.

2. Design

When it comes to design, the first and obvious difference is that UPPABaby Vista V2 converts into a double, while Nuna Mixx doesn't.

Nuna Mixx weighs the same as Vista, but the newer Mixx Next is slightly heavier. The size is about the same, and the overall design is also quite similar.

If we look at the canopy and the bumper bar, though, we'll notice some differences in design.

Vista has a slimmer and sturdier canopy.

On both models, you can unzip the third panel and provide full coverage, and they both have ventilation panels. But, where Vista proves superior is the structural integrity.

The canopy on Nuna Mixx Next is a bit flimsy and tends to fall back, while Vista has a strong, sturdy canopy.

The bumper bar on Vista is higher and closer to the body, while on the Nuna Mixx Next, the bumper bar is in a lower position and more square-like shape.

uppababy vista vs nuna mixx next


When it comes to leg rest, both strollers have adjustable leg rests, but Vista's is again sturdier and more purposeful.

However, with Nuna Mixx Next, you can pull the leg rest up, unbutton the fabric on the leg rest, and button it up to the stroller to create a boot of sorts for your baby.

3. Seats

One thing I love about Nuna Mixx Next is that it's newborn-ready without any attachments.

UPPABaby Vista V2 starts at ten pounds, and it maxes out at fifty pounds. On the other hand, Mixx Next has the same maximum weight limit, but it can be used for newborns.

The secret is in Mixx Next's recline that goes all the way down to a flat position and the inserts that offer good support to a small baby.

UPPABaby Vista also has a multi-position recline, but the way the seat is designed doesn't support a newborn properly.

Another detail that's great about Nuna Mixx Next is the all-season seat.

Namely, there is an outer layer that keeps your baby warm, but when the winter is gone, you can take it off and let your baby enjoy the mesh beneath. Vista doesn't offer anything similar.

Both stroller seats have five-point harnesses, but Nuna Mixx Next includes a special magnetic buckle that retracts the no-rethread harness straps and facilitates buckling.

All in all, seats are pretty similar, but I feel like Nuna Mixx Next offers more padding and definitely better support for a newborn baby, while Vista cannot be used for babies under 10 pounds.

4. Seating Configurations

UPPABaby Vista V2 is one of the most versatile strollers on the market.

It offers 12+ configurations and supports bassinets, infant car seats, rumble seats, and even a piggyback.

Nuna Mixx Next also has many different configurations, but naturally not as many as Vista because it doesn't support more than one seat.

However, the seat is reversible, so it offers more seating configurations than most strollers.

5. Handlebars

The handlebars are almost identical.

Both strollers have telescoping push handlebars with adjustable height, so they're equally convenient for taller parents.

Yet, Vista is slightly easier to adjust.

It has a push-button in the middle, so you can adjust it one-handedly, while Nuna Mixx has two buttons on the sides, so you need to hold them and pull the handle.

However, while Vista has genuine leather covers on the handlebar and bumper bar, Nuna Mixx Next includes leatherette covers.

It's hard to notice the difference because the faux leather on the Nuna is high-quality and durable.

nuna mixx 2 vs uppababy vista


6. Wheels and Suspension

Now, both strollers have excellent wheels.

Nuna's front wheels have 7,5 inches in diameter, while Vista's measure 8 inches, and the back wheels on Nuna measure 11 inches, while Vista's measure 11,5.

So, Vista's wheels are slightly larger, but the difference is really minimal.

As for the materials, Vista includes polyurethane wheels, slightly softer than their previous version, while Nuna Mixx Next includes rubber, foam-filled wheels, while their previous model Nuna Mixx had plasticky front wheels.

The main reason why these two models are so popular is the suspension system.

Both Vista and Nuna have all-wheel suspension systems with all-terrain wheels, so they guarantee a comfortable ride.

Still, Nuna Mixx Next includes a new Free-Flex technology on the rear wheels, while front wheels have progressive suspension technology.

This improved technology makes the entire stroller incredibly bendy.

So, although it definitely helps you conquer the rough terrain and give an incredibly comfortable ride to your child, it's a bit tricky for maneuvering because of its bendy and flexible design.

So, I prefer Vista in this aspect.

7. Storage Basket

Single strollers naturally have smaller baskets than double strollers.

UPPABaby Vista has a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs in the storage basket, while Nuna Mixx Next has a ten pounds basket capacity.

However, I do feel like Nuna's storage basket is easier to access and better organized.

It's split into two compartments, which does make it hard to store a large bag of diapers, but it keeps it neat.

On the other hand, although Vista includes this huge storage basket, there's a bar in the middle of it that actually prevents you from using the full potential.

8. Brakes

When it comes to the brakes, both strollers have a different thing going on.

Nuna Mixx Next has a single brake pedal, right in the middle of the rear axle, unlike most other strollers, so it's very easy and quick to use.

Vista has a single pedal brake on the side, color-coded, but also new brake indicators on the front wheels.

nuna mixx vs uppababy vista configurations


9. Infant Car Seat Compatibility

Both strollers can be converted into a travel system with adequate infant car seats.

UPPABaby Vista stroller is compatible with UPPABaby Mesa car seats without the car seat adapter. It supports a direct attachment, and the seat clicks right into the frame.

However, with the seat adapter, which costs around $50, you can attach car seats from brands like:

- Chicco

- Clek

- Cybex

- Peg Perego

- Nuna

- Maxi Cosi

On the other hand, Nuna Mixx Next supports only Nuna infant car seats, the following models: Nuna PipaNuna Pipa Lite LXNuna Pipa LiteNuna Pipa Lite RNuna Pipa RX.

10. Foldability

Both strollers have a similar size when folded, and the mechanism is pretty much the same. 

However, while Nuna Mixx didn't have a self-stand option when folded, the new Nuna Mixx Next has this option, so it's even closer to UPPABaby Vista.

To fold down Vista, you need to extend the handlebar to its highest position, pull up the triggers, and fold the frame towards you. It can stand on its own.

For Nuna Mixx, you need to fold the seat, then pull the triggers on the frame and fold the entire frame away from you like a clamshell. The new Nuna Mixx Next version can stand on its own too.

Both strollers have a more or less compact fold, so they fit standard car trunks. But I wouldn't say they are really space-saving because I've seen way more compact strollers.

11. Materials

Nuna Mixx Next features a GreenGuard certificate, so it provenly creates low emissions, which is proof of high-quality non-toxic materials.

Vista also includes the highest quality materials, UPF 50+ canopy, and genuine leather accents.

But, if you want to be more eco-friendly, you should opt for Nuna Mixx Next which has high-quality leatherette and vegan-friendly faux leather.

It's good to know that Vista offers four complimentary fabric swatches, so you can customize the design and change the covers if you feel like it.

UPPABaby Vista - Pros!

If we're playing favorites, I am on the UPPABaby Vista side.

I love this stroller because it's incredibly well designed, very stylish, and durable.

It comes with a three-year warranty and expands over time, so you can plan more children and reduce the cost of baby gear.

What makes Vista superior to Nuna Mixx Next besides its convertible design is the overall sturdiness.

Vista has a great suspension system, so it's made for rough terrain rides, but the balance between the spring-loaded suspension system and the strength and stability of the frame is better than Nuna Mixx.

It's not as bendy and flimsy as Nuna Mixx, and it seems more sturdy and durable to me.

Also, with Vista, you get a bassinet which is certified for overnight sleeping.

You'll need a bassinet stand, but still, it's very comforting to know you don't need a cradle; you can use what you have.

And with the second seat, there are countless configurations, so this stroller genuinely offers versatility.

Another advantage of Vista is the car seat compatibility.

Yeah, you'll need the adapter, but it's good to know you can choose outside of their brand, and if you already have a certain infant car seat, you can use it.

Nuna is limited to their own offer, and some parents might find that a dealbreaker.

All in all, the UPPABaby stroller has been on the market for a while now, and it still has a fantastic rating, so to me, the test of time is what really proves the quality of a product.

And Vista certainly passed it.

Nuna Mixx Next - Pros!

Although I've chosen my favorite, I can't deny that Nuna Mixx Next has some great advantages of its own.

For example, the stroller reclines to a flat position, and the leg rest can be buttoned to the frame to create a snug seat for a newborn.

This is a huge advantage because most strollers are not newborn-ready without any attachments, so I am honestly impressed.

Next, the all-season seat is another feature that I haven't seen before. It has a thick fabric insert for winter weather and a mesh seat underneath for summer.

You can purchase a rain cover to equip the stroller for fall, and you have yourself a single all-weather stroller.

Now, I am not a fan of their new suspension system, but I can't deny that it provides a smooth ride.

The stroller definitely glides over any surface, and it's perfect for bumpy roads because your child honestly won't feel a thing.

The folding mechanism is definitely an improvement in comparison to their previous model Nuna Mixx.

Now, the rear axle folds into the frame and rear wheels, too, so you'll save yourself six inches or so in space, which is a nice improvement.

It can also stand on its own when folded, so it's just as portable as Vista now.

It's true that you can't buy a rumble seat, but you can buy a bassinet stand and a bassinet. The cost will get you to the price of Vista, so the overall versatility of this model is not bad at all.

Finally, I love that this troller includes the highest-quality materials, safe for your little one but non-toxic to the environment too.

UPPAbaby Vista - Cons!

nuna mixx stroller vs uppababy vista

As for why I wouldn't buy Vista, the first reason is obvious - the price.

I am not saying that this stroller isn't worth it, especially when we consider the single-to-double convertibility. But, most families cannot afford it, so it's not accessible.

The next thing I don't like is the storage basket.

I spoke about it in my UPPABaby Vista review, so you can read more about it there, but basically, the bar in the middle of the basket is a design flaw if you ask me.

Also, the entire point of this stroller is to convert it into a double, but the rumble seat has a lower weight capacity than the main seat.

This is not a huge issue, but it means that one of your children, if you have twins, will have to use a piggyback after some time.

Nuna Mixx Next - Cons!

The crucial reason why I don't like the Nuna stroller that much is its bendy structure. It definitely offers a smooth ride, but the maneuvering is kind of odd and hard to control.

It looks like the frame itself is very sturdy, and the pieces are durable, but the vertical struts that connect the lower and upper part of the stroller are very thin, and that seems to cause the issue.

Another detail I don't like is the canopy. It offers good coverage, but it's not stable enough. It keeps falling backward, especially when you stumble upon a bump or uneven road.

And when you think about it, this stroller was made for rough terrain, so they should have designed the canopy to fit the purpose.

Overall, it's a high-quality stroller, but it's a bit too pricey for a single stroller that's not very space-saving and too bendy.

The Verdict

So, to sum it up, I think Vista V2 is showing a better quality-per-price ratio. Its convertible design and versatility pay off in the long run, so I feel like you get your money's worth.

That being said, Nuna Mixx Next is not at all bad. It's also a high-end stroller with premium materials and advanced engineering. But, compared to Vista, it's less cost-efficient.

What Do Other Parents Think?

About Nuna:

- More than one parent has complained about the depth of the stroller seat on Nuna Mixx Next.

They say the seat is too narrow for the child to sit upright comfortably. It always looks like the child is slipping off, and that's what parents are incredibly annoyed with.

Also, the sides of the seat offer almost no protection from the wind, so some parents stress this as another problem.

- Generally, parents are satisfied with the overall quality of the stroller, how it's built, and materials.

But when it comes to performance, many parents said the stroller is overpriced. It's bendy and even squeaky after a while, one parent wrote.

About Vista:

- Parents are more than satisfied with Vista's quality and performance. But I've seen a lot of comments saying that it's not very intuitive for users.

You get accustomed to it after a while, but the way it folds down and unfolds can be tricky, and a couple of parents said they cinched and pinched their fingers trying to unfold it.

- Another detail that parents don't like about Vista is the weight. It's too heavy and hard to carry, according to many commenters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which model is more expensive: Nuna or UPPABaby?

UPPABaby is more expensive if you refer to the price tag only. It was around $900, and it included the stroller and a bassinet.

On the other hand, Nuna Mixx Next is around $700, but it comes without the bassinet. The additional cost for the bassinet is around $200, so it all comes down to $900 too.

With that in mind, both strollers are equally expensive when we compare them with identical accessories.

But if we refer to the offer straight out of the store, Nuna is slightly cheaper.

Is there a better stroller than UPPABaby?

nuna mixx 2 vs uppababy cruz


To each his own, they say. I think that UPPABaby Vista V2 is one of the best strollers on the market.

It has stayed at the top of the parents' list for years, and the performance is genuinely flawless. But there are more expensive and probably better-designed strollers.

To decide which model is the best on the entire market, you need to set the standards we judge this model by.

If we are referring to the quality per price ratio, I think that Vista is a 10/10.

But, there are cheaper models that work just as well, such as Mockingbird. So, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Is Nuna a high-end brand?

Yes, Nuna is one of the high-end baby gear manufacturers with an exclusive premium offer.

They are known for high-quality products with stylish designs and premium materials.

Their prices really are at the higher end, but they are not the most expensive brand out there.

I'd say they are pretty even with UPPABaby, maybe slightly more expensive than Peg Perego, but cheaper than bugaboo, for example.

Why is the UPPAbaby so popular?

I think that the main reason why UPPABaby is so popular is the quality and durability of its products.

If you put their products next to mid-range ones, you can genuinely tell the difference.

The materials, style, and quality of craftsmanship are obvious. Their baby strollers and car seats are very neat and well-engineered.

And they offer long warranties and complimentary swatches, so they show integrity and build trust, which is what we all care for.

Final Thoughts

There we go. That's was all from my Nuna Mixx vs UPPABaby Vista review, and I hope I helped.

Once again, I am saying that this might not have been a fair comparison, and you should look at two convertible strollers to get the most objective picture.

Nuna Demi Grow stroller is a good counterpart to Vista, so look into it.

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