Let Me Help You Decide on Mockingbird vs UPPAbaby Vista (2022 Comparison)

It's 2022, and the popularity of UPPABaby Vista hasn't dropped a bit. That, to me, is a sure proof of quality.

Yet, as the years passed by, Mockingbird has upgraded its own stroller model, and it's certain that many families who cannot afford the pricey Vista have turned to the Mockingbird alternative.

So, today we'll compare these two models and try to answer the internet's burning question: Does the new Mockingbird stroller have the potential to replace the famous Vista?

Let's find out in this Mockingbird vs UPPAbaby Vista!


Side-to-Side Comparison


UPPABaby Vista






Around 27 lbs

Around 27 lbs



Front wheels



Not Included




Storage C√Ępcity

30 lbs

25 lbs




Buy UPPAbaby Vista V2 here: UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller

Buy Mockingbird Stroller here: Mockingbird

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller - JORDAN (charcoal/silver/black leather)*
  • Enjoy a softer ride pushing one child (or three!) over any ground surface thanks to a new spring-action all-wheel suspension and slightly softer tires.
  • Extended canopies on the toddler seat and RumbleSeat accessory include zip out fabric that provide even more shade from the sun. Mesh panels also make it easy to peek in while adding airflow.
  • A higher back and deeper foot rest on the toddler seat provide added comfort for growing children
  • With a sliding shoulder adjustment, the entire harness system can be tightened or loosened in a singular motion for a precise fit for growing babies.
  • Includes Bassinet and full size forward or parent-facing toddler seat with one-handed, multi-position recline. Performance travel system compatible with MESA Infant Car seat - direct attachment, no...


Before we start comparing these two models in order to lay out the differences between them, let's talk about the similarities.

So, both these models are convertible strollers that can support up to three children. They are compatible with bassinets, infant car seats, and toddler seats.

When it comes to infant seats, with the car seat adapters, they are compatible with different brands.

Both strollers weigh approximately 26 pounds, and they are pretty similar in size, unfolded and folded.

I wouldn't recommend them as the most compact strollers on the market, but they are not too bulky either. They are excellent for everyday use.

The stroller seats have five-point harnesses and multiple recline positions on both UPPAbaby Vista and Mockingbird.

And both brands have their own ride-along board to make riding a third child possible.

Design-wise, these two strollers are almost identical.

Extendable canopy, adjustable leather handlebar, a leather bumper bar are only some of the features they share.

But, there are some differences that explain to a large degree the huge difference in price they come at.


1. Price

Generally speaking, these two strollers are pretty similar.

Most people think Mockingbird just copied the UPPAbaby Vista V2, and that's not far from the truth. But the aspect where these two strollers differ the most is the price, so let's talk dollars.

The Vista model retails at $900, Mockingbird is available at half that price.

However, Vista includes the bassinet, and Mockingbird doesn't.

Also, you need an adapter to add a car seat to the Mockingbird, and Vista supports direct attachment. But does the price even out with the accessories? Not really.

Mockingbird bassinet is around $100, and the car seat adapter is $45, so even with this additional cost, it's still more affordable than Vista.

So, when we are talking about the price, Mockingbird definitely is a more affordable solution, even with the cost of additional accessories.

2. Design

Design-wise, these strollers are almost identical.

mockingbird or uppababy vista

Source: Youtube

The first version of Mockingbird did not support the conversion from a single stroller to a double, but the latest one does.

So, both strollers are single-to-double models that support your child's growth from infancy to toddlerhood.

Mockingbird supports two toddler seats with a capacity of 45 pounds each, while Vista has one toddler seat with 50 pounds capacity and one rumble seat with 35 pounds capacity.

On the other hand, Vista can handle two bassinets at the same time, and Mockingbird can support only one.

Furthermore, both models have leather details on the handlebar and the belly bar, but while the UPPAbaby Vista includes genuine perforated leather, Mockingbird has faux leather.

The canopies are pretty similar, but the Mockingbird canopy has a larger mesh window, so it offers more breathability.

And Mockingbird includes a magnetic sunshade that covers the entire seat, while Vista has an integrated extendable sunshade that offers less coverage.


mockingbird vs uppababy cruz

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mockingbird double vs uppababy vista

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They have similar wheels and similar baskets, but we'll talk about that in more detail soon.

3. Handlebars

As I mentioned, both models have leather handlebars, but only the UPPAbaby Vista has genuine leather.

Yet while handlebars don't differ that much in looks, the adjustability mechanism is totally different.

I would say that Vista is more suitable for taller parents than Mockingbird because it has a telescoping handlebar that slides up and down until you find the adequate height.

Mockingbird, on the other hand, has a hinge mechanism, so if you want to adjust the handlebar, you need to press two buttons on the sides and rotate it upwards and downwards, which is more effort-consuming.


the mockingbird stroller vs uppababy vista

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mockingbird stroller review vs uppababy vista

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4. Wheels and Suspension

Both models have polyurethane wheels; however, Vista's wheels are softer and larger. Therefore, they absorb shock better and offer a smoother ride on rough terrain.

mockingbird double stroller vs uppababy vista

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Another detail that gives Vista more credit is the all-wheel suspension system that makes it more maneuverable and generally smoother than Mockingbird, which has only a front-wheel suspension system.

Basically, when you push Vista over the bumps, the spring-loaded system that works independently for each wheel will absorb the shock and lower the transfer of the forces to your baby, while Mockingbird doesn't offer that much flexibility.

Another difference I can point out is that Mockingbird has one central parking brake, while Vista has the two standard color-coded brakes.

5. Storage Basket

When it comes to capacity, UPPAbaby Vista has a larger basket. It holds up to 30 pounds, while Mockingbird's can support up to 25 pounds.

However, Mockingbird's basket has a better design. How so?

Well, UPPAbaby Vista is this bar in the middle of the storage basket. It basically breaks the basket in two and basically makes it impossible to use a full capacity.

You cannot fit a diaper bag there or a large tote bag, and that's something that really annoys me.

That's why I prefer Mockingbird's basket, which is way more accessible and has almost the same capacity.


mockingbird vs uppababy stroller

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mockingbird single to double vs uppababy vista

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6. Seats

Now, both strollers have forward-facing seats with 5-point harnesses, but UPPAbaby Vista V2 is suitable for babies as young as three months, while Mockingbird, on the other hand, is suitable for babies at least four months old.

Both models have reclining seats, and you can change the configuration of a single stroller so that your child is either forward-facing or parent-facing.

Another difference is that while both strollers support bassinets, only UPPAbaby Vista V2 can be used for overnight sleeping.

7. Configurations

If you're using these strollers as double strollers, both models support 12+ configurations, so they are very versatile.

However, as I mentioned, only Vista allows you to attach two bassinets at the same time, and it supports two more configurations that Mockingbird doesn't.

Namely, when you attach the car seat to the upper position, the rumble seat can be installed forward-facing.

On Mockingbird, if the car seat is in the upper position, the toddler seat has to be installed parent-facing.

Also, on Vista, you can install the car seat in the lower position and the rumble seat in the upper position to give more space to your toddler.

Both strollers can support the third child. UPPAbaby Vista is compatible with their Piggyback board, while the Mockingbird offers a ride-along board that's intended for standing or sitting.

Therefore, Mockingbird offers more options when it comes to the ride-along board.

8. Infant Car Seat Compatibility

UPPAbaby Vista is compatible with UPPAbaby Mesa car seats without any car seat adapters. The seat simply clicks in and transforms the stroller into a travel system.

Yet with the car seat adapter, it's compatible with multiple brands such as:

- Chicco

- Peg Perego

- Maxi Cosi

- Nuna

- Clek

- Cybex

For Mockingbird, you'll need a car seat adapter for any car seat. On the bright side, this stroller is also compatible with all major brands such as:

- Chicco

- Graco

- Britax

- Maxi Cosi

- UPPAbaby

- Nuna

- Evenflo

- Cybex

9. Foldability

mockingbird vs uppababy cruz v2

Source: Youtube

As for the foldability, both models have a flat fold, and they are pretty much the same size when folded.

So I'd say they both fit a standard trunk.

However, they have a different folding mechanism.

Mockingbird features a one-handed fold, while Vista requires you to push two triggers on the frame and fold it down.

So, I'd say Mockingbird is slightly more convenient for folding because of its simple one-step fold.

10. Materials

When it comes to materials, you can assume the winner.

The more expensive model, of course, has higher-end materials.

Genuine leather, soft fabrics, and UPF 50+ Vista canopy definitely give off expensive vibes and help you live with the cost you spent on this baby gear.

However, besides the seat being a bit more structured than Mockingbird's, no significant difference is felt in practice.

Mockingbird looks just as stylish, feels soft, and lasts for a long time.

I haven't seen a single parent complaining about the durability and general quality of the Mockingbird.

And If you're eco-friendly, you will opt for faux leather over a genuine one.

11. Single to Double Cost!

So, let's say you want to ride more than one child in your stroller. How much will you need to invest in getting that second seat kit?

As I mentioned, Vista comes with a bassinet, but if your kids are close in age, you'll need the rumble seat, and it comes at an additional $219.

On the other hand, the Mockingbird second seat kit is sold for $145.

So, both the Mockingbird and Vista require additional cost, but Mockingbird again is a more budget-friendly option.

12. Quality and Durability

Vista's quality is undeniable. It's ridiculous to bring into question the durability of a brand so well-established and a product so highly rated year after year.

But, a pleasant surprise is that Mockingbird also portrays excellent quality.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and features a strong, durable structure that consumers are more than satisfied with.

Mockingbird: The Pros

The most significant advantage I can throw at Mockingbird is the quality-per-price ratio.

Among convertible strollers, this is a great stroller for the price, probably the best you can find. I genuinely think it has been flawlessly designed with all the extras high-end strollers include.

It has an adjustable handlebar, suspension system on the front wheels, reclining seat, a no-rethread harness on the seat, removable bumper bar, a peek-a-boo window on the canopy.

I could go on and on about the good features.

One detail I especially like about this stroller is the ability to unzip the fabric on the footrest.

It's a neat trick that helps me to keep everything clean and get rid of the breadcrumbs and dirt after our stroll.

I also like the full-size sunshade that's included in the offer.

It's nice that Mockingbird went the extra length to include the accessory for free, especially since the price is already very low.

Another incredible trait of Mockingbird is that both seats have the same weight limits.

This is excellent for parents with twins because their children can grow together and use the same stroller.

On Vista, the rumble seat maxes out at 35 lbs, so if you have twins, one child will have to give up the convertible stroller before the other.

UPPAbaby Vista: The Pros

What is more to say about this extraordinary stroller?

It's the embodiment of style, quality, and excellent engineering. You can stroll the rougher terrain without a worry on your mind and with real leather in your hands.

This stroller really provides a smooth ride; that is no myth.

Among reversible strollers, this is honestly one of the best-built models with premium materials and a strong frame.

The adjustable handlebar is perfect for taller parents because it has a simple sliding mechanism that allows you to find the perfect position in seconds.

It offers more seat configurations than Mockingbird and can be used for overnight sleeping in a bassinet mode.

This is a significant advantage for new parents because they don't need to buy a separate bassinet for sleep but can simply use the stroller they paid so much for.

Maneuverability is easy as ABC, and your child won't feel a single bump thanks to the aforementioned suspension system.

Mockingbird: The Cons

The thing that I don't really like about Mockingbird is the suspension system.

Yes, this stroller was designed as an affordable model, but I think most people would pay a little more for a smoother ride.

It is a great stroller, but sooner or later, you will come across rough terrain, and no one wants to struggle.

Another feature that could be upgraded is the handlebar mechanism.

I guess there probably are some people who prefer the hinge mechanism over sliding, but I am firmly sure there are very few of them.

I don't feel like there is much change in the height of the handle at all. You can simply adjust the position of it, but the height stays pretty much the same.

Vista offers much more flexibility here, and I do think taller parents appreciate it.

UPPAbaby Vista: The Cons

I already pointed out how frustrated I am over the bar in the middle of the storage basket. I simply cannot understand the point of it.

I like to go shopping when I'm taking my baby for a stroll, and it's very convenient when you can pack the groceries in the storage basket and use its full capacity, but here, you can't.

Another drawback is the weight capacity of the rumble seat.

I think the difference in weight capacity of the two seats is huge, we're talking about 15 additional pounds, and this makes a big gap between the kids.

If you're getting a double stroller because you have twins, this won't be the best option.

Finally, the price. I get it, you want to buy a high-end stroller, and you're willing to pay the high-end price, but this is just too much.

You'll need to get the second seat, you'll need adapters if you don't buy the Mesa infant seat, so the final cost is over $1000.

And for all this, you don't even get a parent tray or cup holders, for that matter.


To sum it all up, UPPAbaby Vista definitely is a better stroller.

It includes premium materials, a stronger frame, and a better suspension system; therefore, it is more suitable for rough terrain and provides a smoother ride than Mockingbird.

However, I have to clarify that it is not a jogging stroller since many people believe it is.

Despite its amazing suspension system, this stroller is not meant for jogging, and it should not be used for these purposes.

Now, back to Mockingbird, it doesn't have any design flaws I noticed, and it doesn't fail to deliver at any aspect that Vista does.

It's simply a budget-friendly alternative to Vista, and that comes with certain differences in the quality of materials, the overall functionality, and the smoothness of the ride.

But it's still a durable, well-built stroller that works just fine and grows with your children.

What Do Other Parents Think?

- I saw in the comments of one review video of the Mockingbird a very critical take on Mockingbird by a parent who said he dreads every time he needs to attach a Nuna Pipa car seat to it.

It's very hard to line up the seat with the adapter, especially when your baby is in the seat, and he is very annoyed by the fact that each time he wants to fold down the stroller, the adapters need to be removed.

I also noticed this, and Mockingbird requires you to remove the belly bar too because it sticks out too much, and It won't fit some trunks.

So while the folding mechanism itself is simple, the entire process is not that much.

- I have also seen countless Mockingbird owners commenting on the durability of the stroller. And people are generally more than satisfied with how this model holds up.

Some people even use it on rougher surfaces, and they say it's not that bad at all.

Yes, it's not as smooth as with Vista, but it's pretty good for a stroller in that price range. Not to mention the city rides, it glides!

- As for Vista, I haven't really found many critical comments.

In most cases, people are not satisfied with the locking mechanism that apparently loosens up after a while. When I say locking mechanism, I mean the brakes.

This is not that uncommon for strollers at all. I would even say that's the thing parents complain about the most. But given Vista's price, people expect more.

- Also, many parents decide to buy used Vista for half the price of the new one than settle for a cheaper alternative such as Mockingbird.

But, in these cases, you never know what you're getting.

Many parents have gotten the strollers without all the pieces or in bad shape, and this even happens on Amazon.

So, choose your baby gear wisely. You don't have to buy the UPPAbaby Vista at all costs.

My Advice

So, all in all, my advice is to go with Mockingbird if you're having twins and you're looking for a budget-friendly stroller that offers good quality and has the same features as more expensive alternatives.

And if the money is not an issue, go with Vista by all means.

This stroller is a classic, it will never go out of fashion, and it performs flawlessly on every surface, so you can never go wrong with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the UPPAbaby bassinet with Mockingbird?

I am not 100% sure about this, but I don't think you can fit an UPPAbaby Vista bassinet on a Mockingbird frame.

They have different adapters, and each brand has accessories of its own, so I don't think so.

It's recommendable to even try to fit Vista's bassinet on Mockingbird.

Look at the adapters on the Mockingbird bassinet, and then compare them to the Vista's. I don't think that it would work at all.

hello mockingbird vs uppababy

Source: Amazon

Can a baby sleep overnight in a Mockingbird bassinet?

No, unlike UPPAbaby Vista, Mockingbird cannot be used in a bassinet mode for an overnight sleep.

This is because Mockingbird's bassinet is not actually a bassinet but rather a carrier. And as such, it doesn't fulfill the official standards that make a stroller suitable for an overnight sleep. 

However, even the bassinet that UPPAbaby Vista comes with officially needs to be used with a proper stand, not the stroller.

So, if you want your baby to be 100% safe in a bassinet, you need to choose the right one and place it on a proper stand.

Can you put two car seats on the Mockingbird stroller?

Yes, with two car seat adapters, you can attach two car seats to the Mockingbird stroller frame.

However, Mockingbird offers more options for two infants.

You can use one infant car seat with adapters and one toddler seat with the infant inserts they sell separately. Or, you can use two toddler seats with two inserts.

But, if you insist on installing two infant car seats, you can do so, but as I mentioned, you need to buy two car seat adapters.

Unfortunately, you cannot use two bassinets at the same time.

For how long can your baby sleep in the UPPAbaby Vista bassinet?

UPPABaby Vista bassinet can be used for up to six months.

The weight limit is 20 pounds or when your little one can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first.

General recommendations are to keep your baby in a bassinet until they can lift themselves up.

You get a three-year warranty for the bassinet from UPPAbaby, but I couldn't find the expiration date.

Here, you can find the manual for the product with safety tips and additional information that you can find useful, and I possibly forgot to mention.

Final Thoughts

Is double the price worth it? Yes! Otherwise, people wouldn't be buying Vista up to this day.

This stroller is top-notch in all aspects, and it exhibits nothing but premium quality and flawless engineering.

It glides over surfaces, and thanks to its special suspension system, your baby doesn't feel a single bump you stumble across.

The additional seat is sold separately, but you do get the bassinet for the price.

However, if you're having doubts, and $1000 would be a serious hit on your budget, don't hesitate to get the Mockingbird.

The new Mockingbird double stroller is an improved version of the Mockingbird single stroller, and it's very durable and well-designed.

It won't be as smooth on the bumpy road as Vista, but it will last!

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