UPPAbaby Cruz Vs Vista: How to Make a Smart Purchase?

If you are a parent-to-be and want to invest in a high-end grow with my stroller, I got you!

There is no better and reliable choice than UPPAbaby!

The brand focuses on offering high-quality baby gear that satisfies the parents' needs and cares for the safety of the little passenger.

Now, you will find that when you search UPPAbaby stroller online, two of the most famous models will pop up: the UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista stroller.

The great strollers have terrific features and a luxurious design that will make heads turn on the street!

But, although they look the same, they are far from it!

From the price tag to the functionality of the strollers, Cruz and Vista are spectacular opponents!

Let's compare them and see what stroller fits your needs the most!


UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista: The Basic Features


UPPABaby Cruz V2

UPPABaby Vista V2


25.5 pounds

27 pounds

Stroller Dimensions

37.5"L x 22.8"W x 40"H

36"L x 25.7"W x 39.5"H

With The Stroller Folded

16.5"L x 22.8"W x 33"H

17.3"L x 25.7"W x 33.3"H

Weight Capacity

From three months to 50 pounds

50 pounds in the upper toddler seat and 35 pounds in the rumble seat; up to 20 pounds in the bassinet

As you can see, both the Vista and the Cruz stroller are similar in dimensions and weight.

The difference is in the bigger wheels with Vista while having a more narrow and compact frame.

In addition, you can use both stroller seats right from birth if you purchase the UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat, which offers extra body, neck, and head support for the little ones.

1. Price Point

uppababy cruz vs vista price point

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First things first, let's compare the prices as they can often be the biggest determination on whether the stroller is for you or not.

If the budget is tight, you want to choose the UPPAbaby Cruz.

It costs a bit under $300 less than Vista, which is a huge difference!

If you are a parent of one, there is no need to splurge around; better save those $300 for another baby gear item you can use in the long run.

Considering one of the biggest advantages of the Vista stroller is the bassinet, it's a good idea to stick to the Cruz model if your baby is older than three months!

2. What's Included in the Purchase?

The UPPAbaby Vista includes:

  • A bassinet with a storage bag
  • Bug shield
  • Toddler seat ( also includes a storage basket and a bug shield)
  • A bumper bar

The UPPAbaby Cruz includes:

  • A bumper bar
  • Baby Seat
  • Bug shield and a rain shield
  • 3. Seat Configurations

    These are one of the most versatile strollers you can get!

    Both the Cruz stroller and the UPPAbaby Vista V2 one have reversible seats.

    Meaning, you can turn the seat to face you if you have a younger child, so you can always keep an eye on him.

    However, if you have a curious toddler, the facing the world option will be the best!

    The two strollers are compatible with the bassinet, but the only difference is that with the UPPAbaby Vista V2 model, you will get one with the purchase.

    Both strollers also have great car seat compatibility, but I'll get to that later.

    The UPPAbaby Vista V2 stroller has endless seat configuration abilities!

    It's a fantastic stroller if you have up to three children!

    The only issue is that all of the nifty accessories, such as the Piggyback Ride Along with Board, cost extra, which ends up being quite expensive.

    However, you can add one of the brand's most famous infant car seats, which is the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat.

    Other than that, with Vista strollers, you can add two bassinets, two rumble seat models, or two toddler seats!

    The seat function options are the biggest benefit of the Vista strollers!

    If you are a parent of one, I suggest getting the Cruz model.

    You can get the bassinet if you have a newborn, and the functions are similar to the Vista stroller-minus the double stroller option, of course.

    4. Foldability

    uppababy cruz vs vista weight

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    Thank God both of the strollers are foldable!

    If you love to travel, you will need a foldable stroller.

    Getting in and out of public transportation, catching a cab, or just getting out of the hotel requires your hands to be busy all the time.

    Not to mention you or your partner have to push the stroller around.

    The UPPAbaby strollers offer a one-hand fold that collapses the stroller in under a few seconds!

    The best thing is that it stands alone when folded, so you can carry the baby in one hand and access the storage with the other.

    The standing fold also prevents your perfect stroller from getting dirty!

    With the Vista stroller, you will have to take out the second seat if you want a compact fold.

    Other than that, both strollers can be folded with their main seats in.

    However, consider that UPPAbaby strollers are a bit bulky, and they might not fit into everyone's trunk.

    This should be noted, especially if you plan to take an Uber or a Taxi.

    5. Wheels, Brakes and Maneuverability

    uppababy cruz vs vista 2022

    I love the fact that the strollers have front-wheel suspension with shock-absorbing qualities!

    However, here is where they differ.

    The Vista stroller features larger wheels, which makes navigating a bit better than the Cruz model.

    However, this can also be a blessing and a curse considering that the Vista did not perform very well for narrow streets.

    The all-wheel suspension Cruz comes with smaller front wheels that allow for easier maneuverability in store aisles, narrow streets, passages, and quick-turning.

    As for the brake, both strollers include back foot brakes that are easy to reach and manage.

    The bottom line, both strollers work wonders on bumpy terrains as well as smooth roads.

    If you are a parent of more than one kid, the Vista model is a clear winner as its larger wheels can easily handle the heavier weight.

    However, the Cruz single stroller is terrific in lightweight and maneuverability if you don't want to wrestle with both a bulky stroller and a cranky toddler.

    6. Weather Prepared at All Times

    When it comes to being prepared for all weather situations, I have to give Vista an upper hand.

    If you are a family traveling, chances are you will find yourself in unpredictable weather, so it's nice to be prepared at all times.

    For this reason, the bassinet on the Vista model includes a zip-out liner and a boot cover!

    Likewise, the canopy on the stroller has fantastic coverage and consists of a peek-a-boo window so you can check on the kids.

    It's well-ventilated for sunny days and even features an inner gray sunshade for extra coverage.

    In addition, it has a UPF rating of 50+, so you can travel in warmer climates as well.

    The same is featured on the Cruz stroller as well, and it also includes a rain shield.

    7. Car Seat Compatibility

    uppababy cruz bassinet vs vista bassinet

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    Luckily, you can attach the UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat on both strollers without the need for an adapter.

    The infant car seat clicks easily on both strollers and can be released with a press of a button.

    On Vista stroller, you can attach two infant car seats which is an excellent benefit if you are a lucky parent of twins!

    You can also get a separately sold car seat adapter. The stroller is compatible with Maxi-Cosi, Nuna-Pipa, Chicco KeyFit, Peg Perego, and Cybex with the adapter.

    Car seats compatible with both strollers:

    Travel-Friendly Features

    The UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz stroller has a close battle when it comes to travel-friendly options.

    But, let's see which stroller is a better one.

    The Vista V2 stroller has a bigger storage capacity as it is a somewhat larger stroller for starters.

    In the Vista basket, you can put up to 30 pounds, while the Cruz features a 5 pound less storage capacity suitable for one child.

    Overall, you can put a medium-sized diaper bag and still have room to sneak in a few toys and snacks.

    However, you will need more storage space for multiple children, so Vista is a clear winner for traveling with a big family.

    In addition, you can use the bassinet storage bag as well!

    On the other hand, it is significantly larger and heavier.

    Cruz is a tad bit lighter stroller which will come in handy for traveling with only one child.

    Drawbacks of UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

    The obvious downside of the Cruz stroller is that it cannot accommodate a second seat like Vista can.

    But, of course, this only becomes a problem if you have more than one kid.

    In addition to being less expensive than Vista, Cruz does require extra experience if you want a bassinet, piggyback board, and a parent organizer.

    The all-wheel suspension is terrific, but their overall size is smaller by a few inches than the Vista model.

    So although it's easy to maneuver, it's not as good on uneven terrain as the other UPPAbaby stroller is.

    uppababy cruz vs vista v2

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    Drawbacks of UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

    The Vista stroller is significantly less expensive than the Cruz one.

    However, the price difference is mainly because this stroller includes a bassinet and the option of a toddler seat, and a rumble seat option.

    The multiple seat configurations are worth paying for more, but only if you have or plan on having a big family.

    Other than that, I would advise you to save your money.

    The weight difference is noticeable, but the Vista is around 1.5 pounds heavier and wider, so it won't do as well on travels and narrow streets.


    1. Is Cruz or Vista better?

    which is better uppababy cruz or vista

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    UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista are two of the most popular strollers on the market.

    However, they are very different from one another.

    UPPAbaby Cruz is lighter with a narrow frame, so it's fantastic for city walks as well as store aisles.

    In addition, it's easy to navigate, and the price tag is lower than on Vista.

    However, if you prefer a heavy-duty stroller with the ability to convert it into a double stroller, then Vista is the better choice.

    2. What is the difference between Cruz and Vista?

    The main difference between UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista is the seat configuration, price point, and frame design.

    Vista is a larger stroller and can accommodate two car seats, while Cruz has a single-seat design.

    At the higher price point, Vista includes purchasing a bassinet, so you don't have to purchase one separately, while the Cruz does not include one.

    However, Cruz is the better option for city walks as the frame is much more narrow, and the overall design is lightweight compared to Vista.

    3. What age can you use UPPAbaby Cruz?

    UPPAbaby Cruz is suitable from three months until your baby is 50 pounds of weight.

    However, if you purchase the separately sold infant insert or the bassinet, you can also use the Uppababy Cruz with newborns.

    4. Is UPPAbaby Cruz good for travel?

    should i get uppababy vista or cruz

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    Yes, UPPAbaby Cruz is an excellent option for traveling!

    The foldable design offers compact dimensions that won't take too much space in the trunk.

    You can even purchase the UPPAbaby Cruz travel bag if you are air-traveling.

    It's made out of thick and durable nylon that offers maximum protection for your stroller.

    Plus, it comes with attached wheels, so it offers a smoother ride at the airport.

    5. Does the Vista bassinet fit on the Cruz?

    Yes! The Uppababy Vista bassinet fits on the Cruz stroller and vice versa.

    So the bassinet is the same for both of the models.

    The only difference is that it's included in the price with the Vista, while with the Cruz stroller, it's sold separately.

    Final Words

    We have reached the end of our UPPAbaby Cruz vs. Vista comparison!

    So, what do you think, which stroller fits your family needs the most?

    I have a favorite of my own, and it's the Vista one!

    It is so much ampler than Cruz in terms of storage space, and as a parent of three, I appreciate the numerous seat configurations I can use!

    It does cost more, but it's an investment you won't regret.

    There were no significant drawbacks in terms of bad functionality or poor manufacturing.

    On the contrary, UPPAbaby delivered one of the most outstanding stroller options you can get for traveling and everyday use!

    Feel free to tell me what's your ultimate choice!

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