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Add-On Products

A child restraint is intended to only be used as it comes from the box. Do not add anything to the child restraint unless directed to do so by the car seat manufacturer.

Retailers sell many products that can be added to or used with a car seat. These products are not regulated by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards so there are no crash standards for these products. It is uncertain how they will change the effectiveness of a child restraint in the event of a crash. Read the instructions for your child’s car seat. Adding products from another manufacturer may void the warranty on your child’s seat.

Examples of add-on products include:

  • Vehicle seat mats that go between the child restraint and vehicle seat to protect the vehicle seat.
  • Harness covers that add padding between the strap and baby’s neck can compress in a crash leaving the harness too loose..
  • Mirrors can become a projectile during a crash.
  • Toys that can be hung from an infant seat handle or attached to a car seat.
  • Seat belt tighteners.
  • Child restraint covers add cushion between the child and the car seat.